2014.07.31 – What’s up with the petition and lack of site updates?

I was just asked what’s going on with the petition and what’s the future of the site. Please bear with me, as this is sort of a long explanation.

The petition will continue to garner signatures. My intention was to get at least 2000 signatures before sending it the first time, but I can’t change the number. It will only continue to grow after the goal has been reached. This is so that people can continue to sign and show support for their cause. I don’t know if the band will ever actually see it even if it does get sent to them and their label, but I’m hoping it turns into something of widespread support where the band just hears about it one day, checks it out, and can’t believe their fans put together this as an effort. It will be ever-continuing, just like Seether-Online. Even if it’s just inching along, it’s still going to chug along.

If “Fine Again” was the Little Train That Could, Seether-Online would be the fan site equivalent. It’s been a LONG road. I acquired the site in 2011 and began to make the largest number of updates possible (happy three-year anniversary of the old message boards being taken down, btw). That event was what started it. That’s where I began to re-create archives of hundreds of documents, audio files, pictures, etc. I had a bunch of supporters who were behind me 100%. Then again, I also had people who would rather have strung me up and beat me bloody.

What’s going to happen to Seether-Online after this summer? I couldn’t tell you. Life has it’s way of taking its toll, and I don’t have as much free time to work on it as I once did. I will at some point get every archived file online. It probably won’t be soon, but that’s because there’s hundreds of files I still haven’t put online. I’m no longer watermarking videos. It’s a waste of time. I’ve only had a few people steal directly from the site and put it on YouTube anyways. The picture galleries were always a pain to maintain, so… I guess I’ll get around to them when I can. Audio bootlegs and videos are what’s namely on the list right now.

And what about me? Well… let’s just outline the last year of my life. I’m an art education major. I was looking forward to my senior portfolio class to paint and dive into my art. It turned into a hell where I couldn’t express myself, my profs were more interested in their own exhibitions, I pissed off pretty much everybody in my class… department… college administration. I was told my work wasn’t good enough for exhibition. As soon as that got finished, I started pottery and found something to work through as an outlet. That was quickly derailed by getting the boot from an online forum of friends at the Street Team. (I apologize for those of you who had to hear me rant about it.) I have since joined another faction group called “Seether” where I intend to stay. I was literally in hell this year, and that rejection of myself was quite possibly the last straw, if there were any straws left to begin with. It made me wonder why I’m even doing this site in the first place? If promoting Seether was actually helping anyone else like they’d helped me? I burrowed through another semester of hard work. My father kept griping at me when I’d visit that making pottery wouldn’t make me any money. I kept freelancing web design. My college almost screwed me out of going to Germany. (Read that as applied to four different programs because they couldn’t notify me when they canceled each one.)

Finally got out from under that weight and noticed my computer was bogging down massively. This would have been around the time I unsuccessfully tried having a pottery sale. My laptop–my baby–needed to have its fan replaced. None of the companies I emailed got back to me with a quote. I figured I only had three months to go until I left for Germany, and I’d leave it home and buy a new one when I got back. Much to my dismay, it kept freezing for no reason. I work with computers all the time. I’m a whiz. I shouldn’t have been in so much denial about the fact that my hard drive was dying. It froze up one afternoon and I smacked it. That’s all it took to deliver the final blow to an already wheezing laptop. It’s a shame because it treated me so well for so long, and they don’t make computers like that one anymore. So that happened, along with recovering my data. I’m under legal obligation not to disclose how much the recovery was, however, the total between that, my new laptop, and my dentist bill topped out around $3000.

And then there’s the fact that my grandpa’s got a year left before his cancer takes him from me. My best friend’s on the last of his four legs as well. Man’s best friend, and my only friend when I was a hopeless teenager. Counter that with how many people have died on me this year already.

I’d love to have time to spend 15 minutes a night posting new things, but it’s not going to happen for awhile. Costs for running the site exceed what I can offset with ads and donations. That’s how the site’s funded. I’m not jumping ship, I’m just realizing how short life really is. If you really like the site, shoot me an email on Seether-Online’s Facebook. I’ll try to respond when I can. I do it for you guys. I do it for the band. Mostly, I do it with the hope that somebody somewhere relates to the things Shaun says and realizes they’re not alone.

Peace, love, and Ramen noodles guys. I’m doing the best I can for you.

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