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Watch the Triple Threat Tour full show!


Join the VIP fan club to watch Seether’s entire set on the Triple Threat Tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s back and it’s online on the main site.

Once again, if you could help spread the word, please share with others on street teams, forums, with others at live concerts, and any other way to promote Seether and the fan site, that would be awesome.

2015.09.23 Newsletter and Pepsi Smash


Pepsi Smash has returned to Seether-Online. Click on the image to load the video page. More videos to come. Television performances will be coming first, followed by interviews.


As of last week, resumed being fully functional. As some of you might know, the site fell into a year-long hiatus. Well, now that’s over! Seether-Online is bringing you several updates each week. Photos, videos, MP3 downloads, and more.

Wanna check out the new stuff? Many of the old TV appearances have returned online, and this time, they’re here to stay! The video section will be getting constant updates to ensure that Seether-Online still has all the goods to feed your Seether needs.


We’ve also updated the forums. They’re here to stay as well. The In-Focus Artist is also where we strive to interview bands and give them a chance in the limelight. Every 1-2 weeks, we will try to have a new featured artist. Have a band? Want an interview? Send an email to, or like Seether-Online on Facebook and send a direct message.

Not Getting Enough?

Last week, we introduced the Members Only VIP Access. All you need to do is keep spreading the word about the hottest Seether fan site on the net.


What’s Coming:

  • Triple Threat Tour video for members only
  • Full concert download from Seether’s summer tour
  • More photos and artwork for the image gallery
  • An updated Seether video interviews

Once again, thanks for being the amazing Seether fan you are. Keep playing it loud, and I’ll keep delivering the content.


2015.09.22 September Updates

Take a look below at the latest Seether updates. If you missed them, go ahead and click on the links, and they will take you to the respective videos. There’s Seether at the Nokia Unwired Hard Rock Live event, several events on Conan and Leno, and the Golden Gods Awards from Revolver. Keep checking back for more videos. They will be posted shortly.









2015.09.09 VIP Access and the New Forum

Hi, Seether fans. It’s Chris here. I’ve been doing some major updates, some of which will only be available to Seether-Online VIP members. Here’s how you come in:

Join the site. It’s free. You might get an email once a month with news about all the great new things that are happening here at Seether-Online. There are no obligations and you can request to have your account deleted at any time. Invite your friends. Send them the link. Share it on Facebook. Tag a status with #SeetherOnline #SeetherVIP to generate some buzz. Mostly, the more you post about Seether-Online, the more I’m going to post for you.

Secondly, there’s a new forum online. Under the Community tab, click on Seether Freaks Street Team. This is to differentiate it from other Seether forums online. After much careful consideration, I decided to revive the style of the old sites. It is a public forum, so use discretion with what you post. I’ve started one new topic: introduce yourselves. I would love to know more about you, your interests, and what you love about Seether. Facebook has been wonderful for forums, but topics get buried pretty deep and you can’t really search Google for posted content. You can do that here. Have at it. It will be slow, but it will grow. Mostly, if you use it, others will use it.

The Seether is in your hands. Use it wisely!

2015.09.06 Not slacking, just busy

Hey everyone–some of you might have wondered what happened to me and why the site has been dormant. The best explanation is that I’ve been busy finishing university and landing a job on top of a successful marriage proposal. While the site is no longer my top priority, I do intend to continue updating it to the best of my ability.

Look forward to more posts coming tonight. However, one note: I have been finding website videos posted from here to pirate YouTube accounts. DO NOT DO THIS. Seether-Online operates strictly from whatever ad revenue I can get and everything else comes from my own pocket. If this continues, I will stop posting new content all together. If you like what you see, simply copy the link in the address bar and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you want to share it. I have spent the last four years of my life rebuilding this site from the ground up, and it is really a kick in the teeth to have everything copy and pasted into YouTube verbatim without even giving credit. You know who you are, and I know who you are: you’ve been warned. To everyone else, thank you so much for all of the support helping me build this site back up. I remember when the Facebook page only had 100 likes and that was a big deal. We’re over 500 now, and that is mostly due to you liking and sharing what you have seen on the site. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the love and support these last four years since I took the site over.

More videos from the “Television Appearances” section coming this afternoon and tonight.

2015.01.28 – Like Seether-Online on Facebook

There’s some great new content coming your way, so be ready for it. Once Seether-Online reaches 500 likes, we will be posting the soundboard audio from the Union Chapel acoustic concert from the 2013 European tour.

Be sure to “like” Seether-Online to get all the exclusive content first. For example, those who have already liked the page have access to the new image galleries that are being uploaded BEFORE everyone else gets to see them. Just a word of suggestion…

Stay warm, Seether fans. It’s cold out there.

2015.01.15 – Please forgive the mess

I’m back in the States and working hard to complete this site. Three years worth of updates… might take awhile. There’s also a few glitches I’ll need to work out with missing pages, etc. Bear with me. It’ll all be worth it.

2014.08.13 – Publications are back online

The publications page is back to being live. I’ve archived over a hundred new interviews to go online eventually. That’ll take about a week of work to do. But for now, enjoy the vast archive of Seether-in-print that exists from Saron Gas to 2012. More to be added in time. (Also please note that I do not plan on making this section mobile-friendly, as that would require large-scale re-coding of existing web pages.) I leave for Germany soon, so updates will be spotty.

2014.07.31 – What’s up with the petition and lack of site updates?

I was just asked what’s going on with the petition and what’s the future of the site. Please bear with me, as this is sort of a long explanation.

The petition will continue to garner signatures. My intention was to get at least 2000 signatures before sending it the first time, but I can’t change the number. It will only continue to grow after the goal has been reached. This is so that people can continue to sign and show support for their cause. I don’t know if the band will ever actually see it even if it does get sent to them and their label, but I’m hoping it turns into something of widespread support where the band just hears about it one day, checks it out, and can’t believe their fans put together this as an effort. It will be ever-continuing, just like Seether-Online. Even if it’s just inching along, it’s still going to chug along.

If “Fine Again” was the Little Train That Could, Seether-Online would be the fan site equivalent. It’s been a LONG road. I acquired the site in 2011 and began to make the largest number of updates possible (happy three-year anniversary of the old message boards being taken down, btw). That event was what started it. That’s where I began to re-create archives of hundreds of documents, audio files, pictures, etc. I had a bunch of supporters who were behind me 100%. Then again, I also had people who would rather have strung me up and beat me bloody.

What’s going to happen to Seether-Online after this summer? I couldn’t tell you. Life has it’s way of taking its toll, and I don’t have as much free time to work on it as I once did. I will at some point get every archived file online. It probably won’t be soon, but that’s because there’s hundreds of files I still haven’t put online. I’m no longer watermarking videos. It’s a waste of time. I’ve only had a few people steal directly from the site and put it on YouTube anyways. The picture galleries were always a pain to maintain, so… I guess I’ll get around to them when I can. Audio bootlegs and videos are what’s namely on the list right now.

And what about me? Well… let’s just outline the last year of my life. I’m an art education major. I was looking forward to my senior portfolio class to paint and dive into my art. It turned into a hell where I couldn’t express myself, my profs were more interested in their own exhibitions, I pissed off pretty much everybody in my class… department… college administration. I was told my work wasn’t good enough for exhibition. As soon as that got finished, I started pottery and found something to work through as an outlet. That was quickly derailed by getting the boot from an online forum of friends at the Street Team. (I apologize for those of you who had to hear me rant about it.) I have since joined another faction group called “Seether” where I intend to stay. I was literally in hell this year, and that rejection of myself was quite possibly the last straw, if there were any straws left to begin with. It made me wonder why I’m even doing this site in the first place? If promoting Seether was actually helping anyone else like they’d helped me? I burrowed through another semester of hard work. My father kept griping at me when I’d visit that making pottery wouldn’t make me any money. I kept freelancing web design. My college almost screwed me out of going to Germany. (Read that as applied to four different programs because they couldn’t notify me when they canceled each one.)

Finally got out from under that weight and noticed my computer was bogging down massively. This would have been around the time I unsuccessfully tried having a pottery sale. My laptop–my baby–needed to have its fan replaced. None of the companies I emailed got back to me with a quote. I figured I only had three months to go until I left for Germany, and I’d leave it home and buy a new one when I got back. Much to my dismay, it kept freezing for no reason. I work with computers all the time. I’m a whiz. I shouldn’t have been in so much denial about the fact that my hard drive was dying. It froze up one afternoon and I smacked it. That’s all it took to deliver the final blow to an already wheezing laptop. It’s a shame because it treated me so well for so long, and they don’t make computers like that one anymore. So that happened, along with recovering my data. I’m under legal obligation not to disclose how much the recovery was, however, the total between that, my new laptop, and my dentist bill topped out around $3000.

And then there’s the fact that my grandpa’s got a year left before his cancer takes him from me. My best friend’s on the last of his four legs as well. Man’s best friend, and my only friend when I was a hopeless teenager. Counter that with how many people have died on me this year already.

I’d love to have time to spend 15 minutes a night posting new things, but it’s not going to happen for awhile. Costs for running the site exceed what I can offset with ads and donations. That’s how the site’s funded. I’m not jumping ship, I’m just realizing how short life really is. If you really like the site, shoot me an email on Seether-Online’s Facebook. I’ll try to respond when I can. I do it for you guys. I do it for the band. Mostly, I do it with the hope that somebody somewhere relates to the things Shaun says and realizes they’re not alone.

Peace, love, and Ramen noodles guys. I’m doing the best I can for you.

2014.07.02 – A Special Thanks to Matt for Recording This

Seether’s being featured on Octane this week. For the time being, I’ll be uploading all new songs to news before moving them into the audio section. To put it bluntly, my laptop took a dookie a few days ago and I don’t know how much data can be recovered. Click here to help me fund a new laptop for school and work. I’m broke and trying to get a laptop to put me back in business, both with Seether-Online and with my web design freelancing that pays for my schooling. (If you really want to know how broke I am, I didn’t even go out today to buy Isolate and Medicate.) :/

Anyhow, to get to the point, Matt helped out today by recording the whole set and I’ll be putting up songs one at a time over the next week (also, a special thanks to my mother for letting me log in from her laptop). Since I mentioned “Save Today,” I’ll post that one first. It’s a beautiful track that deserves a lot of credit. Usually when a band goes “pop” with their song format, I tear them a new one. However, it really works for Seether. In fact, I’m finding the more melodic songs on the album to be better crafted than the harder songs we’ve all been drooling to hear. Thus far, from the ones I heard on Pandora, “Nobody Praying For Me,” “Crash,” and “Save Today” are my favorites.

Without further ado, please click here to listen. A download link will be provided after Octane has finished airing its last broadcast of the show, so tune in this week for the full set on SiriusXM!