News (2011-2012)

2012.08.25 – New Downloadable MP3s
Up in the audio section are two bootlegs that are new to the site. I noticed that Burrito featuring Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf wasn’t online, so I remedied that. I also took note that there wasn’t a single copy of Sympathetic done live without acoustics, so I added that as well. This version came from a live recording that was broadcast. I bought it on eBay on a bootleg called “Twisted.” I believe that was broadcast at one point as Westwood One’s High Voltage Concert Series.

2012.07.12 – Videos and New Album
Hop on over to the video pages and watch some of the new videos including live in studio, acoustic, and interviews. There are 18 new videos in total, and I’m happy to say that I might have time to put up more in the coming weeks of summer. Sorry it took so long… school… work… you name it. I never knew it would be so difficult to stay on top of the site and maintain relationships with friends. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you all! I am looking to find an easier way to push updates the the news feed though. For all new updates, subscribe to Facebook or Twitter. I post more there than in the news section.

Seether has also announced the names of three new songs, produced by Brendan O’Brien, who helped with Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray. They are: Safe To Say I’ve Had Enough, Weak, and Words As Weapons. The new album is tentatively slated for release later this year.

2012.03.06 – Site Facelift
I just had some time to push a few new updates. There’s a new homepage background, and image slider, and a Facebook feed. I’ve also begun pushing the latest updates to the homepage. Facebook posts *should* be making their way to Twitter now that I’ve figured out how to link accounts. Keep sharing and spreading the Seether-y goodness!

2012.01.27 – It’s Been Awhile
Seether covered Staind a little over a year ago. I just uploaded their cover of “It’s Been Awhile” from when Staind dropped off the show.

2012.01.17 – Busy, busy, busy!
A new update is finally online! Hop on over to the audio section to download any of the new MP3s that have “new” in blue. “Another Day In Paradise” with 3 Doors Down, a better version of “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” and a cover of Creep. Enjoy!

2012.11.22 – Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s that time of the year when families get together to gorge themselves on turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. It’s also that time of year when Seether-Online puts up a bunch of new articles to read. Revolver Magazine’s Brutal Truth feature on Seether is just one of them. Stop on over to the publication section to see a dozen features that have been brought back from ancient magazine clippings. Anything with blue-green text next to the title will have the original magazine piece in either JPG or PDF format. Gobble gobble.

2012.10.29 – Triple Threat LIVE
I got the video up! Seether decided to broadcast the Minneapolis stop on the Triple Threat Tour and a friend of mine recorded it for the site. Unfortunately, some of the audio cuts in and out, but he did a kickass job repairing the parts that did that! You can thank the Matt who starting this site all those years ago. Still helping this site along. You can watch the video here.

2012.10.02 – Happy Birthday to me!
Loads of work at school… hope that explains the sparsity of new stuff on here. But just in case you missed the Facebook update, I put up most of the interviews that I managed to archive. The ones coming from scanned magazines will hit the web next along with some more video content when I have time. I got a few more images to add to the live gallery when I get around to finishing that… possibly around winter break? I’m not sure. It’s all kind of like “what’s piling up on my desktop that I need to finally organize?” I finally worked out a system for new videos, though. I’ve been patrolling the interwebs at least once a week and backing up any interviews or rare content that shows up online. Not sure how I’m ever going to get all of this online… ever… but on the plus side, it means you can always check back to Seether-Online and find something you haven’t seen before (unless you’re like me and have absolutely no social life.) :p

Also, I tend to post links from outside of this website to Facebook. I also post news about minor updates, pictures, and what I’m hoping to get online. “LIKE” Seether-Online on Facebook for all the latest, greatest fun.

2012.09.14 – #ImNotGonnaWasteThis
Today I stumbled upon Shaun singing an acoustic version of “Tonight” on The Morning Buzz in his home state. You can download the MP3 of it here. Now… time to make an omelette, watch some TV, and continue to archive Seether magazine and web publications for upload.

2012.09.06 – School… art… Jesus??
I began school last week and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be much time to update this site until Christmas. Even so, I’ll be doing my best to keep adding little things here and there. Tonight’s project was adding a few more interviews into the publication section. I won’t upload them until they’re all in, but I guarantee it’s well worth the wait. Over 100MB of content in archived web pages alone, not to mention the 50 pages of scans I got from Matt from different magazines and publications. Currently, I have a 3D design project to work on tomorrow… and try not to saw my fingers off or staple my hand to the table! I need to finish painting a still life… oh, yeah, and take 30 more pictures for my photography class. My Bible classes have been assigning me about a hundred pages of textbook reading every other day, so my time is pretty much occupied with school. If you don’t hear from me in awhile, figure that I’m buried underneath books. Send a pizza pie in after me?

2012.08.20 – 10th Anniversary
Ten years ago today, Seether released their debut album Disclaimer in the United States. To celebrate, they are releasing the music video that was filmed for “Sympathetic.” Congratulations to the band for making it this far and being able to accomplish so much!

2012.07.29 – Interviews Galore!
I’m uploading 16 more interviews to the audio section tonight. This will be the last summer update for awhile. I need to take a little “me” time and recharge my batteries. After working with several clients this summer, web designing has lost its fun and has become a little more of a chore than what it usually is for me.
I’ll be moving in three days and then getting ready for college. I should be a little more excited than what I am, but I don’t really have time to process what’s going on anymore. It took me two months this summer to get my housing and loans figured out for school, and now it’s crunch time to get everything moved in. So… I’ll see you guys this fall. And please, please… keep telling your friends about Seether-Online and to ‘like’ this site on Facebook. As soon as I generate enough money through advertising and donations, I’ll start running contests, but right now, I’m still not even halfway paid off what I invested and I’m sinking myself 20K into debt with student loans this year… it’s a little scary. Keep playing it loud! I’ll see you all in about a month.

2012.07.18 – Walk! Don’t You Run And Hide
Today I was granted permission by Shaun to post the clip I have of “Walk” from the old Saron Gas demos. So enjoy, guys! I believe that this is the only existing preview of what they were recording from the old Saron Gas website that’s still around. According to a recent interview, Seether will be headlining the Triple Threat Tour this fall, take a short break, and hopefully start working on the follow-up to Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray in early 2013. The record is currently doing so well that they’re not in a hurry to cut short its success. 93X just started playing “Here And Now” in my hometown, so who knows if this album could spawn another single? I’d love to hear “Roses,” “Forsaken,” “Master Of Disaster,” or the one Shaun was hoping would be the next single: “Pass Slowly.” The latter would probably be the best for cross-over radio play, and would be the softest Seether single to date… that is, if they used the stripped-down version featured on the bonus DVD.

I’d even take “Fade Out” or “yeah.” I’d love to see all of them go to radio, but then we’d never hear a new record. Anyways, Shaun also talked about wanting to release a box-set of old demos and unreleased material and a live DVD, but Wind-Up isn’t completely behind the idea. So here’s what you do, friends: write to Wind-Up. Tell them how much YOU want to hear that stuff. Share the video of “Walk” on YouTube that I posted with your friends and have them pass it along. Prove to the label that this is something fans want and would be worth their time to allow Seether to produce. Shaun has a lot of material that he’s collected over the years that he thinks would be awesome to put out for fans. (They even originally wanted all 16 tracks to be on Karma And Effect… “Burrito” wasn’t on the roughs, and “World Falls Away” was known as World Falls Apart.) Wind-Up didn’t want that, so they had to whittle it down to the 14 that are on Karma And Effect. Like Seether-Online on Facebook and invite all your friends to join. Then join the Street Team and get involved in the community. Much Seether love!

2012.07.16 – Happy Karma And Effect Day Everyone!
Seven years ago today, I just happened upon Karma And Effect in Walmart, and it forever changed my life. To celebrate today, I uploaded a bunch of audio interviews and six new MP3 bootlegs. Enjoy guys! Also, the tour date archive is about as close as I’m going to get it to complete. I’ve been working on doing a little bit of maintenance, and it’s starting to pay off.

2012.07.07 – Fours
Four new interviews are up in the audio interview section (that’s MEDIA >> AUDIO >> INTERVIEWS) from 2003-2004. I should be able to get a few more things online yet this summer. It’s been crazy busy. Check out the newest blog post for more information. Also, the fourth single from Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray has been released. *drum roll*…. that’s right! It’s “Here And Now.”

2012.06.03 – A week with no updates
Fear not, Seether citizens of the interwebs. In the time I can find, I’ve been working hard at bringing the image section back up to date. It’s a tedious process, so I’ve been aiming at one year each day or two, rather than cramming to get it all done. But! When it’s up, I guarantee you guys will like it. If you have any images you want to contribute, shoot me an email.

2012.05.28 – Happy Memorial Day!
Two new MP3s are now available. By demand, I now have Needles from Seether’s show in Zurich in 2005 and The Gift from the Halloween Freak Fest available to download. I also put up two live versions of Diseased. The first webcast on Saturday garnered a few views. I might do a couple more this summer, I’m just hoping to up the view count so I might wait until there are more subscribers on Twitter and Facebook.

The video section has been completely re-coded to load faster in your browser. I made a few adjustments to the audio interview section. And I’m currently working on re-doing the entire image section. I found an easier way to generate thumbnails, a better image gallery, and I need to start using the vegetables of the web design world (tagging pictures so search engines start picking up the site.) If you’re in the U.S., have a safe and fun holiday! BBQ, grab a beer, and remember the troops!

2012.05.21 – Video Section
It might not look like it, but the video section has been revamped to load faster. More videos will be put up in the coming weeks, especially since the new behind-the-scenes code makes it a lot easier to commence updates.

2012.05.17 – No Resolution gets a music video!
That’s right. The boys in Seether are hard at work filming for their next music video release. Look forward to it coming out soon! Until then, enjoy their lyric video featured on YouTube.

2012.05.08 – Guitar Center Sessions
They’re up here! I’ll be doing a little bit of maintenance this week to make it easier to update Seether-Online and make the video pages load faster. Bear with me… Also, be sure to bookmark the webcast page. I figured everything out yesterday, so replaying concerts is a go.

2012.05.07 – School’s Out For Summer!
Now that school is officially over (well, my final isn’t… but who studiesfor those? :p) I have a little more time to get everything squared away with the website. The summer concert series isn’t too far off, and I have a special show to kick it off with from back in 2002 where Seether plays the majority of Disclaimer. I’ll be posting details about when I’ll have it available to watch soon. Keep reading updates and telling friends because you really won’t hear about it anywhere else. I plan to stream at least five old concerts this summer.

And another thing to look forward to: I’ve been busy going through all my bookmarks for videos to download. I have close to 500 archived. Over 100 of those are interviews that I intend to put up over the summer. To cut down on bandwidth I’ll start optimizing the pages better and having videos open in a separate window, kind of like the audio interviews. It’s kind of funny since the complaint used to be about the server hogging bandwidth. Now it’s about delivering the content to you as efficiently as possible.

P.S. – I put up the two Revolver Golden Gods Awards videos yesterday. I’m trying to web optimize the Guitar Center Sessions for the internet this week. 🙂

2012.04.30 – KISS Me
It’s been a little while, friends, but I just threw up two really old acoustic MP3’s from 2002. You can find them here. Driven Under and Something In The Way in high quality. Enjoy guys!

2012.04.07 – He Is Risen
That’s right everyone! Happy Easter! Rise Above This from Seether’s performance on Leno in 2008 is now up in the television appearances tab of the video section. It’s under media if you can’t find it. This happens to be the only televised performance on a late night tv show to feature guitarist Troy McLawhorn. (If you’re wondering why the next video aired in September does not feature him, my assumption is that they filmed it before along with Fake It. Carson Daly seemed to do that a lot with Seether performances, splitting the set up and using different songs to help segment their program.)

Things to look forward to in the near future: the Guitar Center Sessions. I haven’t gotten any response back on if I’m going to get sued by the band’s management or not for uploading it, so here’s hoping that it’s okay like everything else because I’ll be uploading it to the server sometime this week. In the meantime, there’s a lot more coming this summer that I’ve put on hold for a bit. I’m actually currently in the process of designing the layout for the band HURT’s new fan site for a school project.

2012.03.25 – It’s Sunday and all the liquor stores are closed here…
So… go check out two new downloads. Because Of Me and You Know You’re Right from Rock In Rio are now available to download as MP3s. Enjoy, because those are some of the best-quality live versions of those songs performed by Seether. Minus a few articles, the vast majority of the publications I’ve archived are now all in one place here. I’ve been providing original content as well, so for select articles that I have a print source, you can download the PDF or JPG files. It doesn’t get much better than that… or does it??

I’ll be working out the summer webcast schedule and have it posted sometime before the end of May. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about Seether-Online. This next month is going to be spent organizing the content I have left. Some hundred videos I need to ID where they came from and when they were shot. More images will be added to the picture gallery as time permits. I would have to say that the most time-consuming bit of the entire site is creating thumbnails and organizing the pictures. This summer, I also hope to start bringing back the guitar tabs, eventually be placed in the DISCOGRAPHY section. Song history will also be corrected and put in place at some point (mental note for myself.)

2012.03.22 – More Publications
That’s right. More articles coming your way. I’ve got the vast majority of them uploaded, so I think I’ll be taking a break from that for awhile. I should focus on getting the picture section updated next. This site will be much easier to maintain once I get up all the updates that should have taken place over the last six years. In addition, look forward to a summer Seether-Online concert calendar. I’ll be using UStream to show old concerts at least once every two weeks. Some are old webcasts that were a one-time only event. Others are live bootlegs from shows back in 2002 and 2003. Any way you look at it, you will be in Seether heaven this summer.

2012.03.18 – New News, News Media
Seether recently posted some photoshopped pictures of their heads on other people’s bodies. A few of which included parodies of album covers with either Shaun’s face on Amy Lee’s body or vice-versa. Sadly, the news media have nothing better to do than pick that up as a story. On the plus side, I’ve been working on getting those older interviews up. It’s amazing how many different websites featured Seether at one time or another. It’s also amazing how many of the saved web pages need a little reconstruction after being saved to preserve as much of their original look as I can. Long after those articles die on the internet, they will still be alive here on Seether-Online.

If you haven’t already, go like Seether-Online on Facebook, follow on Twitter, participate in People With Signs, go check out the Seether Street Team, print out flyers to help promote the band’s U.S. tour with Nickelback, and spread the word about this website! It’s unbelievable that the majority of Seether fans have no idea that this site even exists! So, give me a hand with getting the word out. Seether-Online is going to be ten years old soon and it only has 38 ‘likes’ on Facebook!

2012.03.06 – Won’t You Tell Her That…
I managed to stumble on Seether’s new setlist for their European shows with 3 Doors Down. They’ve been opening their shows with I’m The One. So, I mixed some audio down from one of the live performances, and it is now available for download. Go check out the MP3 section! Now. Like, do it. And then tell your friends!

Also, I’ve scored interviews with FireSky and One Without, so those will be coming online shortly. I’ve been drilling away at getting the long list of publications online, but I don’t think I’ve made much of a dent in the stack. I’ll put them up as soon as I can.

2012.03.04 – New Featured Artist, One Without
One Without is a female-fronted band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not totally balls-to-the-walls metal, but that’s the beauty in their music. Go check out the article.

2012.03.02 – Blahhhhhh
I apologize for the lack of updates. I promise, I’ll have more up as soon as I have time. I worked my way into a pickle with school, prior commitments to friends, and now resuming my old job. I have a dinner with my grandpa on Monday, but there’s a chance that I unknowingly scheduled myself to work that day, so… it’s going to be a long week of trying to get my new schedule to work out. However, Seether has released their remix EP. Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray is supposed to be re-released overseas with several remixes and bonus content. And now, Seether’s discography is being offered on iTunes for a special bundle price. I’m also working on getting permission to put up the Guitar Center Sessions to stream online. With the hell that the internet’s been getting with SOPA, I don’t want to be sued.

2012.02.26 – I’ve Got My Ticket For The Next Makeover
This week, I gave the featured aritst blog a makeover. It should be easier to navigate and have a better feel to it overall. If you want to check out what it looks like, head on over to Freak’s Artist Of The Week. The most recent post will always be pulled into the feed in Extras, but all the other posts will be archived through Google’s Blogger. I should be updating the artist of the week more often now that the blog is configured right. 32 Leaves is featured this week and is by far one of my favorite bands.

2012.02.20 – Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain
He would have been 45 today. I’ve got the pictures from 2006 up as well as tour posters to help promote the shows in your town. You can find the link to the posters on the homepage, or click here.

2012.02.13 – A Special Treat
You can now find the 7-UP Spring Break CD that got me into Seether in the downloads section. It’s a CD image, which I made sure to include a burning application. All you have to do is load the two download files into the program and burn to a CD. It’s both an audio and multimedi CD. To me, it’s like the Holy Grail. So download and have some fun! You can read the full story about it @ the Seether-Online blog.

2012.02.11 – Optimizing the Site
Uploaded the full interview from 2006, the Blue Room interviews from 2005, and the Rock am Ring interview from 2004. All of these can be found in the video interview section. Might not look like much, but I’ve been working behind the scenes to try to optimize the site for better search results. I’ve been having issues getting titles to look right when searching for anything from Seether-Online. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to ‘Like’ Seether-Online on Facebook. News is always posted there first.

And don’t hate me, but I killed the chat box on the homepage since it didn’t get much use. Email me if you have any questions, or use Facebook or Twitter for contact.

2012.02.05 – Super Bowl Sunday
Herotide is the new featured artist of the week. It’s been a long time coming, and my good friend John Dirker has been playing his butt off on stage to make an impression, so be sure to read it and share with your friends. In honor of the Super Bowl, the ESPN “Baseball Tonight” Theme Song is now downloadable from MP3’s… wrong sport, I know… I think.

2012.02.01 – A Lost Reality, But I Could Never Find…
For everyone who has ever wondered what the song “Skorn” sounded like, go check out the MP3 section. I put up the live recording of Ra doing “Skorn” with a “Blind” medley at the end featuring Shaun. In my opinion, Ra is a great band that needs to be discovered by Seether fans. So download the song, and then go look up Ra’s album From One. You won’t be disappointed.

2012.01.29 – An Overhaul, Overhaul… Waterhaul
Been working hard at this. I suppose I don’t have a social life anymore. Here’s what’s up for this week. Take a look at the Orange Lounge performance in Live In Studio from (my best guess) early 2008, live in Belton, TX in Live In Concert, the interview from that concert in the video interview section, and the Orange Lounge interview. Also, I forgot to add the As Not Seen On DVD videos from 2003 back to the collection, so that’s back up in Live In Concert. Tour dates… I managed over the course of the last couple days since I was sick to get most of Seether’s past tour dates in the archive. Wind-Up screwed up the 2009 dates; they don’t match either Wikipedia or the videos on YouTube, so I’ll have to painstakingly get those right. Everything but fall 2003 tour dates are up, and I am currently missing only 2004 and 2005. Not bad if you ask me. I had to correct an error in the Radio Specials section. The Rockline from 2004 is actually missing in action. The one from 2006 used to exist as well. The only one that I don’t know if it exists anywhere anymore is the Rockline from 2002. If anybody has it, I’m willing to trade what I’ve got, or buy it from you. So… yeah.

A few of my scheduled interviews with bands never were returned to me, so it’ll be a little bit before I feature the next band. I had three interviews lined up… Send me some info on who you’d like to see featured and interviewed! Let’s see, I expanded the home page a little. Starting to sponsor other fan pages since all the old ones died. Possibly linking in with FlyleafOnline at some point. Changed up the Publications section so it’s easier to read, changed the fonts and things like that. Did a little maintenence all-around. More stuff on its way soon!

2012.01.21 – A mulatto. An albino. A Burrito. Never Again.
All the old pictures plus a bunch of new ones are up! It only took me all week to do it. So, go take a look at the artwork, Saron Gas, and 2002-2005! The other sections aren’t up yet, but they should be within a week or two. It’s not difficult to do, just extremely long and tedious to generate thumbnails for 1000+ images and write 40,000 lines of code. Fun… Two old Yahoo! exclusives are featured in the Interviews Plus section. Look for the ones from 2002 and 2005. Dale and Shaun go skiing. Spicy tacos. Thanks, Dale. You’re the reason I’m sick right not. (I became ill after eating a ton of Taco Bell.) The tour date archive is being updated with the pictures, but there’s a huge gap in missing dates that I can’t find, so if anyone has old emails, tour T-shirts, or anything with dates on them, email me!

2012.01.16 – A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words… Literally
I’ve been working on getting the image gallery back up. It will be a little slow moving since a good majority of pictures weren’t dated. But it will be back up soon, and better than the way it used to be.

2012.01.14 – Media Overhaul
The Walmart Soundcheck and Yahoo Exclusive/Artist Direct Sessions are now up. I also took the time to get the Buzz Bake Sale interview from December and the 2011 Rockline Radio show online. So much stuff in so little time. Tune in to channel 239 tonight if you have DirecTV. Seether is featured on Guitar Center Sessions. I’m trying to have a few friends tape it for me so I can upload it here eventually. If you’ve been following, the site is back to being about 95% of what it used to be. The image gallery is the last thing I really need to add back here, so that will be my primary focus over the next two weeks.

2012.01.12 – Site Updates Are Happening, People!
I put up the entire list of band members this week. Everybody from the Saron Gas days all the way through Troy with short bios for each of them. If you really want to know more about them, read the interviews in the publication section, or listen to the ones in the audio/video sections. Seek and you will find. I tried to compile what the ex-bandmates are up to musically right now as well.

If it doesn’t get any better than that, I also threw up some Much On Demand interviews in TV Appearances. There’s more videos to come this weekend. Also, be sure to download the Hump4Phree MP3 (hey, that kinda rhymed.) It’s the John Humphrey drum solo from their spring 2011 show at The Rave. Be sure to check out the video provided by MrMNRocker to get the full vibe of the greatness that is Johnny.

2012.01.08 – Interviews
Just added the Adlercast documentary of the band from early ’08 and an interview with Dale and Troy from the Taste of Minnesota. I apologize for the crappy audio/video sync towards the end. That’s the way the video came when I got it. Both give a lot of insight into Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces.

2012.01.05 – An Acoustic Update
It’s been too long since the acoustic videos were updated. Check out the newer videos from a 98 Rock acoustic session. More to come soon…

2012.01.04 – I’ve Got No Resolution This Year
No Resolution live from York, PA is up in the audio section. Thanks to the Nibbana family for contributing to the endless archive that will always be Seether-Online. Be sure to check out their giant archive of live videos on YouTube. High quality, great sound, and generally right in front of the stage catching all the action!

2012.01.02 – Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
The Extras section is now live! The greyed out features will be available shortly. For the time being, I have reuploaded the old interview section and periodicals into one merged new section called “Publications.” I had some fun this week creating a completely different look and feel to it, and organized everything by date to the best of my ability. Hopefully, it makes it easier to find which articles you’re looking for! At least, that’s my hopes! I need to start updating it with newer material from 2007-2011. Also, I’ve been preserving the original feel of the publications by archiving the original page and framing it into the webpage. The original article site goes down, the content is preserved! Be sure to check out the new feature on the homepage called “My Careless Whisper.” I got some feedback saying that it would be a bad idea to bring back the old feel of it, and they’re probably right. So… I present to you My Careless Whisper, now the random fact of the day. Keepin’ it alive in namesake only!

2012.01.01 – What’s Your New Year’s No Resolution?
I hope everyone had a Happy New Year’s! I’ve been plugging away at the site, organizing the Extras section and completely redoing the articles and interview section. I have hopes of having it back up by tomorrow. In other news, be sure to check out my review of the best albums of 2011.

2011.12.28 – Return of the Complete Song Listing
The most complete listing of every song Shaun has ever sang on in some form or another is back up in the Discography section. The Listen In interview is in Media>Audio>Interviews. Anything that’s some sort of audio or video will be included in Media. Right now, I’m just working on putting the Extras section together.

2011.12.27 – Rock the Country Song
I just uploaded a live version of Country Song from their performance at Rock The Hill. I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas. New Year’s is right around the corner! If you could, please spread the word that the site is back up and running. After a two-year break, I don’t think many people know that there’s new stuff being posted all the time. Cheers!

2011.12.24 – Merry Christmas!
The site is finally back up in most of its former glory. I’m still trying to track down a few loose ends that disappeared after the server crash and hiatus. Check some new mp3 downloads in the audio section! Just added Rise Above This from Last Call with Carson Daly, something I don’t think anybody’s seen since 2008. The periodical and written interview segments are currently down, as they will be added back with the brand new ‘extras’ section. The earliest dates are up in the tour archive; I’m still trying to hunt down the accurate dates of everything between late 2003 and 2006. You can find all the major press kits for Seether in ‘bio.’ The image archive is also currently down, but will return after I organize it into a proper structure. Feel free to email photos from recent concerts! I’d like to imagine this site one day having pictures and audio from every tour. The ‘links’ section has been updated. Surprisingly, most of them were dead, so I’m working on reconstructing a network of similar fan pages. Be sure to check out our interview with the band Saturate. (Uh… eventually will be hosted in the ‘extras’ section, but will be maintained with a link on the homepage to its temporary location.) Stay tuned!