News (2008-2010)

02.15.10 – The Studio…
Seether will apparently be heading into the studio with legendary producer Brendan O’Brien. Brendan has previously worked with quite a few ‘grunge’ era artists such as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Audioslave. Not to mention discs by Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, and Papa Roach. Good luck guys!

01.25.10 – Covers…
Posted up two live covers from the band’s performance in Zurich in late 2005. First, a cover of A Perfect Circle’s “3 Libras,” and the other of Nirvana’s “Drain You.” These two are the absolute best quality recordings of each of these songs I have in my collection, so you will definatly enjoy these.

01.14.10 – Native Noise disc…
So in November of last year (Yea, doesn’t it sound strange saying ‘last year’ already) we let you know about the Africa Only release of Native Noise Volume 1 – The Seether Sessions. For those of you curious about how it looks, I finally got my copy in the mail today. Chick here, here and here for a few pictures I took of it. And be sure to order your copy from any of the afformentioned links.

01.05.10 – Very old school…
Head over to the In-Concert section to view some real old school Seether performances of “Needles” and an early version of “Burrito.” This video comes from the band’s last show with Nick Oshiro in 2003 before he is fired from the band. Enjoy!

01.04.10 – Open Doors…
I have re-opened the Interviews and Periodicales sections of the site. I have also added an mp3 of the band performing a cover of Deftones “My Own Summer (Shove It)” live in New Jersey. More surprises and updates to come to the site. Stay tuned…

12.31.09 – Have a Safe New Years…
That’s all. There’s a lot of bad drivers out on the road, so be careful. See ya in 2010 with tons of new surprises.

11.20.09 – 2 Discs!
Break out your credit card (or beg a friend or parent to use theirs), because you can now purchase a Special 2-Disc edition of the South African Only release, ‘Native Noise Collection Vol. 1 – Seether Sessions.’ The collection isn’t necessarily anything new for fans of the band in the US, CA, or parts of Europe, but what it does give you is the chance to own the band’s iTunes Sessions in a physical disc format. Disc 2 is One Cold Night. The tracklisting is as follows…

Disc One

1. No Shelter
2. The band started in May 1999
3. Gasoline
4. We had to write a single and we didn’t know what that meant
5. Fine Again (iTunes Originals Version)
6. We thought we were starting “Karma & Effect”
7. Broken (iTunes Originals Version)
8. We did “Sold Me” at the same time as “Broken”
9. Sold Me
10. The original title was “Cater To Cowards”
11. Remedy (iTunes Originals Version)
12. He was the number one fan
13. Fake It (iTunes Originals Version)
14. I was feeling nostalgic
15. Rise Above This (iTunes Originals Version)
16. I picked it for the chorus
17. Across the Universe (iTunes Originals Version)
18. The song is kinda creepy
19. I’ve Got You Under My Skin (iTunes Originals Version)

Disc Two (One Cold Night)

1. Gasoline
2. Driven Under
3. Diseased
4. Truth
5. Immortality
6. Tied My Hands
7. Sympathetic
8. Fine Again
9. Broken
10. The Gift
11. Remedy
12. Plastic Man
13. The Gift [Alternate Mix]

The disc can be purchased online at the following links. For people in the US, One World and Kalahari generally ship outside South Africa. Shipping times usually takes around 2 weeks or so.
Take 2
One World
Look and Listen

10.04.09 – Shove It Jersey…
On the last of the band’s short run of one-off shows, Seether decided to cover Deftones’ “My Own Summer (Shove It).” A great quality mp3 of the track will be up soon 😉

06.19.09 – Your Careless Whisper…
Did you ever overhear something you shouldn’t have? Have strangers ever given you TMI? Now you don’t have to keep it all to yourself. Visit and get all those secrets off your chest. Reveal the private confessions of passersby or even throw in some admissions of your own. Submit your anonymous careless whispers to the blog below and reveal all those secrets that were so casually uttered. No subject is too taboo; share confessions of secret desires, embarrassing habits, hopes and dreams, etc. Click the link below and start whispering…

06.15.09 – A Careless Video…
The band has finally released their video for “Careless Whisper.” Be warned, it’s not what you would expect from the band. If you’re at least 21 and over you’re sure to pick up on a bunch of 80’s references throughout the video. Keep an eye out. Click here to view the video debut on Yahoo!

05.13.09 – New and Old…
I’ve added a few new videos to the site. In the Television Performances section “Fake It” Live on Last Leno, Carson, and Conan. Added into the In Concert section is a video that I also have posted on my youtube page but decided to post here on the site as well as it’s the best performance of “Hey Man, Nice Shot” I’ve seen around. The video was shot by myself at the band’s opening slot for Nickelback in West Palm Beach, FL, second to last date on the tour. In the coming weeks I will also be adding a lot more video to the site as I am going through my old harddrive which is a complete mess. Stay tuned.

05.06.09 – A Careless Video…
Due to the fast radio success of Seether’s cover of “Careless Whsiper,” the band will be shooting a fourth video with director Tony Petrossian for the track to support the new expanded edition of Finding Beauty… For those who don’t know, the song has, like “Rise Above This,” become a crossover single getting spins on not only Mainstream and Active Rock stations, but also on Pop and Adult Contemporary stations as well. There is a rumor that the band may even go back out on the road for another string of dates. If so it wouldn’t be the first time as the band was also sent back out on the road for a year due to the success of “Broken feat. Amy Less” in 2004.

04.10.09 – A Careless Download…
If you have already purchased FBINS whtehr it be in physical or digital format and don’t want to buy a new one just for the song, the band’s label, Wind-Up Records is offering a free download of two versions of the track. One is the standard that was released in early February, and the other is a shorter radio edit with a slight string arrangement added to it. Click here to go to Wind-Up’s official Careless Whisper Download Page.

03.16.09 – Audio section Back…
The new audio section is partially back. Since, for the life of me I can’t figure out why my new audio player just isn’t playing right I took a different route with a different flash type player. I re-encoded from my archives a great deal of the Radio Program section in the Audio section and added in a few things that probably haven’t been heard since they first aired such as the band’s appearance on Rockline in early 200, and the humorous episode of Loveline featuring Shaun and Dale. Assuming that this player works out ok I may just stick with it for awhile while I try and figure out what is up with my player. Enjoy the new revamped audio section.

03.01.09 – Hey Man, Nickelback…
Posted a great audio track of Shaun handling vocals for Nickelback on a cover of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” live from their tours stop in Lexington, KY on the 27th of last month.

02.23.09 – Broken Lzzy…
Sunday night the band had one-time tour-mate Hale Storm opening for them and with it came a live collaboration that hasn’t happened since their pairing on the 2006 Sno-Core tour. To commemorate this I posted up a video from said tour of Halestorm vocalist Lizzy Hale singing Evanescence frontwomen Amy Lee’s part as the band perform “Broken.” The video can be viewed in the In Concert section of the site and has a rather interesting view that you generally don’t get to see in a video.

02.22.09 – FM Bloomington…
Posted a new audio track of “FMLYHM” live from the band’s opening slot position for 3 Doors Down on the 20th. Concenring the audio section, the player still seems a bit buggy. Please be patient and I promise it will definatly be worth the wait. -matt

02.19.09 – Videos and MP3’s are back…
90% of the original video section is now back. The new video player is created using Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology which is equivelant to flash video. I have also added a nice handful of live tracks to the Downloadables section. If you’re having problems loading any of the videos after you have downloaded Silverlight, or any of the mp3’s aren’t working, please let me know. Thanks, and enjoy

02.17.09 – Rockline is up…
Head over to the audio section to listen to last night’s edition of Rockline in Real Player format. The site’s new audio player up will hopefully be up by the end of the week. I seem to be having an issue with it that I hope to resolve by than. However, the site’s video section shall return with our brand new video player in much better quality.

02.13.09 – Rockline…
Seether will make their seventh appearance on the syndicated radio show Rockline this Monday the 16th. I should have our brand new audio and video players up on the site by Tuesday, so if you miss the show or can’t stay up late enough for it, you can check it out then.

02.10.09 – There’ll be shelter here…
Or at least here anyways. AOL has posted the entire NCIS soundtrack up for full listening pleasure for this week only. Head over and take a listen to the new Seether track “No Shelter.”

02.03.09 – Careless Whisper Now Available…
Seether’s cover of Wham!’s 80’s hit single “Careless Whisper” is now available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, Walmart. Click either of the links to buy it now!

01.25.09 – Invasion of Privacy…
For those active in the Seether community (I’m not as much anymore as I have health issues), the past week and a half or so, many details concerning the band’s music, releases, new songs, info and the like have been released. This info has been said to have come from a ‘reliable source.’ I have recieved a few e-mails asking if I know who, or if I am it. Yes, I do, and no I’m not. Unfortunatly a fan has compromised Shaun’s privacy and hacked into one of his personal e-mail addresses. Much information, and songs have been released through this. I have let people close to the band aware so that this privacy issue can be taken care of. It is not cool, and is highly illegal.
I understand how it’s cool and all to get to hear a song you hear about months in advance, but when it’s being downloaded, you’re taking food from the artists mouth. What has set me off to say something is that the song “World Ain’t Right,” a tune Shaun has done a guest appearance with the band Hurt for their upcoming album which is being released in March, has leaked and been posted for download and spread via youtube, file send websites, and e-mail. This isn’t cool. Hurt is no longer on a record label and is self funding the new album with their own money. Recording costs are expensive. Support the band, buy their album when it comes out, or at least buy the single for a dollar on iTunes.
As for iTunes, there is no excuse for not buying from their store. If you live outside of the United States you can still purchase something from the US store. This is how. At the bottom of your iTunes home screen scroll to the bottom and change the region from your country to the United States. You are now purchasing from the US store as an import. Support the band. This site has always been about supporting the band and the one’s they have associated themselves with, promoting new releases, and only posting live unpurchasable material, never songs that are available for currency. Songs are being posted and being linked to my name, which is not cool.I just want to set things straight that I have absolutly nothing to do with this release of unreleased material. I would never hurt the band, or any of these bands by stealing from them.
As for this website, it will be worked on again by myself and only myself. It became apparent last year that it was very hard to find a person to trust to help out with this site, let alone get to update with the proper info and media. It’s a time consuming thing, and a huge responsability not to be taken lightly. Expect this site to be properly updated from now on. I’m not letting my site die.

01.08.09 – Own Shaun’s Guitar…
Dean Karr, director of Seether’s breakout music video hit and second most played song of 2005, “Remedy” has posted on ebay one of Shaun’s Schecter Ultra guitars for sale. It is priced at a steal of 875.00 and is signed by both Shaun and Pat. You get a little piece of history here. Check it out at this link.

01.01.09 – NCIS…
First off, just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year, hope it was fun, safe and such. Second, I just received an e-mail from the webmaster of NCIS music, a website that is currently up to promote the 2-disc soundtrack to the (not so great) television show, NCIS. You can listen to a quarter of the new song on the official NCIS Music website’s music player. The tune sort of sounds like Saron Gas style, but with better production. The disc will be officially released on February 10th.

12.31.08 – Be Safe…
Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. There are a lot of drunk idiots out on the road and it would be a shame for anyone to get into a nasty accident or lose a life due to a night of loss off inhibitions.

12.12.08 – Media…
I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails about this so I thought I would address it. I am not posting more media as it annoys me to no end that mp3’s I post in a good, but still low quality (128 actually is standard disc quality by the way) people feel the need that they have to post on youtube which dumbs the quality down to 96k or lower (that’s cell phone ringtone quality kiddies). If people want to find these tracks, they can download them here in better quality, it’s literal torture to have to hear live seether audio I’ve posted here in a dumbed down quality on youtube because people like to read comments about cool they are for posting this audio on youtube.

11.21.08 – Nickelback Tour…
I guess this tour is proof that people’s tastes change as Seether will be touring with Nickelback in the new year. If you do decide to check out the band on this tour, do stay for Nickelback as they are without a doubt one of the best live shows that you will ever see. Saving Abel will also be on this tour, so you can take a nap through their bore of a set 😉

11.12.08 – Breakdown Video is here…
Head over to the band’s official youtube channel to check out the band’s newest video for “Breakdown.’ Quite possibly the band’s best video since “Fine Again.”

10.16.08 – Countdown To Breakdown…
Seether’s official Youtube channel is starting a ‘Countdown to Breakdown’ campaign where they will be posting a new little behind the scenes video as teasers leadingto to the debut of the band’s third video for Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces, “Breakdown.”

10.15.08 – Rhapsody Originals…
The band has just released a ‘Rhapsody Originals’ to the digital online music retailer. Click here to listen and purchase this set of tunes.

08.05.08 – iTunes Originals…
Seether have joined the ranks of artists such as Liz Phair and 3 Doors Down and released their first ‘iTunes Originals’ sessions. The ‘album’ is only 9.99 available exclusively through iTunes USA store. Besides the usual singles performed in a somewhat stripped down manner, there is also a cover of a cover of sorts, as the band performs a version of the Beatles “Across The Universe,” but more in the fashion that Fiona Apple has done hers. Also you get a few different stories behind some of the bands music and coming up in the music world.
Also, if you don’t live in the US, don’t go looking for torrents because you feel like you can’t buy this package. If you go to the main page of your iTunes, scroll to the bottom and change your region to United States, you can than purchase things that are generally only available in the US. There is no excuse to rip the band off.

07.28.08 – You Know You’re Right Miami…
As the first piece of actual new, never before heard audio put on the site I chose a recording I did of the band performing “You Know You’re Right” Live at the 94.9 Zeta Bonzai Salute the Troops USO Show in Miami.
Enjoy the tune, and be ready for a lot of new stuff going up in the next few days/weeks. If you find any bugs on the site and links that don’t work (that means there is a link and it doesn’t work), please let us know.

07.26.08 – We’re Back….
After many an obstacle this year, the site is back…sort of. Between being hacked, stalked, and the server blowing up, the site is finally back to show all the kidding how it’s done. Most sections are back up and running with the exception of a few.
Our exclusive video section (which will always put youtube to shame) will be back when we have a video player that does not allow video to be downloaded ripped from the site. If it’s one thing that’s bothered us, is creeps who take our videos for their youtube pages because they like comments. Also, returning soon will be our extensive audio section featuring many a radio special from Matt’s archive over the years. I promise when it’s back you’ll be sitting yourself at the comp for days listening to this stuff. Matt truly has no fucking life to have collected all this over the years.
The picture section is still being redone. For those who don’t know, Matt’s an idiot and wasn’t the most organized when it came to keeping the server nice and clean so I AM redoing the whole photo section.
By the way, I’m Ozz and I’ll be helping out on the site as I live a good 20 min from Matt. That goof will be posting up some new never before heard audio in the next few days so keep watch for that stuff.