News (2004-2007)

12.06.07 – Break and Cover…
Added to the site the first acoustic versions of “Breakdown” and a cover of Joshua Kadison’s “Jessie’s Song” to the site.

11.25.07 – Radio Takeover…
Head over to the Radio Special section located in the Audio to take a listen to a special Radio Takeover by Seether at the Rec Radio Studios. Also there is an interview with the band post show. I have also added an interview with the band from backstage at last sunday’s WJRR-BQ in Orlando, FL. Also, be sure to check out Rec Radio’s official website to listen to their online station, as well as register for your chance to win a copy of Seether’s new album, Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces.

11.17.07 – 2 More…
Able to find time today to tab out two more songs; “Walk Away From The Sun” and “Eyes Of The Devil.” The final day of mid-terms for me is Monday, so I should have more time this week to tab out some more songs for your playing pleasure.

11.15.07 – No Gas…
The first performance of “No Jesus Christ” as a show opener as opposed to “Gasoline” performed live at Harpo’s in Detroit, MI has been added.

11.14.07 – Dedication…
Head over to the usual spot to check out Seether performing “Like Suicide” live in Chicago on the current Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin tour. The song is dedicated to Shaun’s brother Eugene and features alternate lyrics.

11.13.07 – New Pictures…
Over at’s website they have some humorous new pictures taken by Amy V. Cooper. Be sure to check them out.

11.10.07 – 3 New Tabs…
Finally found some free time to tab and have posted the tabs for “Breakdown,” “Fallen” and “Rise Above This.” I’ll be sure to post more as time allots me. Happy playing.

11.08.07 – Fake One…
Seether has bumped The Foo Fighters “The Pretender” single off of the Active Rock Radio Charts with “Fake It,” giving Seether their fourth number one single. The band’s last number 1 spot was with “Remedy” which was also the second most played song on rock radio, number 1 being Mudvayne’s “Happy?” single.

10.27.07 – Fake Acoustic…
Added to the site is now “Fake It” performed acoustically by Shaun and Josh at the 92.3 K-ROCK studios in Manhattan, NY. This will be the last thing that I post for another day or so as I will be busy all of tomorrow recording with my band Scattered Light, and busy a great deal of Monday, but will do my best to get the band’s performance up of “Fake It” on Monday Night’s edition of Late Night with Conan O’Brien up shortly after the show. Wish us luck and enjoy the acoustic track

10.24.07 – Hidden…
A few months ago a disc appeared on ebay that was taken from Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee’s home. The disc featured the rough mixes of the tracks that would appear on Karma and Effect, including “Let Me Go,” “Blister,” and “Innocence.” Of those 3 B-side tracks only “Let Me Go” has surfaced as it appeared on the Remedy Import single. I refuse to post any type of media which is purchasable, which is why “Let Me Go” is not on the site, as well as no music videos that you can get on any official Seether release or iTunes.
I unfortunatly did not win the final bid on ebay for that Amy disc due to me accidentally falling asleep. Thankfully, someone did win the bid and was nice enough to hook me up, so to Lucky, thank you very much. I have posted the lyrics to both “Blister” and “Innocence” and have posted streaming Non-Downloadable audio of the two tracks hidden on the site. All I ask is that if you find them, you do not try to figure out some way to rip the songs, and you don’t post direct links or say where they are located, or I’ll take them down for a bit and make them a tougher find. What can I say, I find the hunt amusing.
So, yea, happy hunting and when you fidn the tracks, enjoy.

10.23.07 – Out Today….
Seether’s new album, Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is now out everywhere. Lyrics to the album, including the iTunes only Bonus track have now been added to the site.
On a side not, sort of. Seether was supposed to be on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline last night, but I’m sure by now everyone knows about the fire’s that are raging across California. For safety reasons, the bands appearance, and the show was postponed last night and should be rescheduled for a later date.

10.22.07 – Rockline, iTunes…
Seether will be tonite’s special guests on the syndicated radio series Rockline tonite. Check out there official site for times and stations in your area. For those who can’t stay up late enough to listen due to time zones, I will have the show up for listen here on the site as usual just an hour or two after it’s airing.
Also, Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is being released this Tuesday. iTunes has it on sale for Pre-Order for only 9.99. With it you will receive the book insert which is viewable in pdf format. Also, available via the pre-order only, will be an iTunes bonus of the “Fake It” demo titled “Quirk,” which is Shaun’s original demo of the song being played in his bedroom. If you don’t own the band’s official American debut Disclaimer yet, you can purchase it from iTunes for only 5.99. Disclaimer II, Karma and Effect and One Cold Night are also on sale for 7.99 each, so if you don’t have any of them yet, here is your chance.

10.21.07 – Site Update…
With the arrival of a new record, generally a new site look is in order. Honestly, I think this has been the most user-friendly look and layout that I’ve had since I started this site in August 2002. The for the Disclaimer/Disclaimer II era of the band went under four different layouts. For Karma & Effect two changes. With the arrival of Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces this Tuesday, I’ve decided to only organize things a bit more to the site instead of undergoing yet another change in the whole site and further confusing fans old and new alike. The more organized and cleaned up site should be ready on Friday. I am also going to optimize the videos for higher speed connections as well and change some of the imagery here on the site. Till than, enjoy what’s up for now 🙂 Signed, Seether’s bitch

10.21.07 – Changing Benjamin…
Head ovet to the Downloads section to check out Breaking Benjaming doing a cover of The Deftones “Change(In The House Of Flies” live with Shaun helping out on vocals.

10.20.07 – Play It Now…
Ever since the new record has been up on the Clear Channel Music site I have gotten a lot of requests asking if I will tab “Like Suicide,” so I tabbed it early and posted it up in the tabs section. Due to time constraints I will try and post 1 tab a day, so please be patient. Thanks

10.17.07 – Listen Now…
Clear Channel broadcasting’s site Clear Channel Music is hosting for this week a streamable listen of Seether’s new album out next Tuesday. Click here to listen to the disc in it’s entirety now!

10.16.07 – A tease
Check out this German site to listen to 30 second clips of the new album. -matt

10.07.07 – Like…
Suicide. Due to popular request, I have posted a live version of Seether performing “Like Suicide” off of there upcoming album. -matt

10.03.07 – Oh Canada…radio!
For all you Seether fans in the Quebec, Canada area! Seether will be doing a FREE live radio broadcast concert at Mont Tremblant, QC on October 19th at 8:30 pm. If you are interested in seeing what this is all about and willing to take a road trip, COME ON OUT! Venue information is below!
October 19th @ 8:30pm.
Le P’Tit Caribou
Mont Tremblant, QC

10.02.07 – Tried To Give Him Winehouse?
Seether recently did a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” live for the Pepsi Smash series featured on Yahoo!’s Launch Series. You can see the video there as it’s not posted here yet, and a performance of “Fake It,” both live. For an mp3 download of “Rehab,” it’s in the usual spot. Now go, go go!

09.27.07 – They! Hate! They! Cover?
Head over to the usual spot for a Seether doing a cover tease of Three Days Grace’s first hit, “I Hate Everything About You” Live from last night’s show in Raleigh, SC. Thanks goes to a Stand fan for sending this in to me.

09.23.07 – Heart Shaped Fuck…
It’s been a while since I’ve posted some live audio, so I decided to make up for it by putting up two tracks from Seether’s last official date of the Karma & Effect tour. The band’s last show of ’06 was in Tampa, Fl. The two newest editions to the site are a cover of “Heart Shaped Box” and “Fuck It” with a little tease of Pantera’s “Walk” thrown in. Enjoy the tracks.

09.11.07 – Fake It Late…
Seether are slated to perform “Fake It’ Live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on October 29th.

08.24.07 – Fake It Tab…
…is now up. It’s a super simple song, just make sure to add lib where the palm mutes are during verses. Please do not use this tab to modify or base your own off of to post at another site or tab site as this site thrives to bring you the goods first.

08.22.07 – Such a tease…
Yea, this site still has some tricks. Seether-Online/Seetherville exclusive first listen, the first single off of Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces, “Fake It.” Please do not to download, or rip the song. Enjoy. -matt

08.20.07 – Disclaimer…Thanks…
So this is a bit of an odd thing for me type, well, half of it anyways. This day five years ago marks the anniversary of the release of Seether’s Wind-Up Records debut album Disclaimer. Congrats to the band for five years strong, two official albums, a re-release, a live CD/DVD release and more tour dates than you can count.
I guess that was the easy thing to type. The second is more personal. On the eve of the release of Disclaimer I was about to take my own life when at the last second I heard “Fine Again” coming out of my radio. Something about the song snagged me and connected with everything Shaun was saying. I called the station to find out who the band was, did my research and passed out only to wake up soon for work, but to first pick up this album which incidentally came out this day. Disclaimer was a soundtrack for my life at that time and it was amazing to me to find that there was a person out there who seemed to feel and go through every single thing that I had. I started this site as my thanks and tribute.
In Seether’s original bio, Shaun said that he wanted to be remembered and have an impact on people. Well Shaun saved not only my life with that song, but also countless others as well. So for that Shaun on this day, I thank you.
Your friend,

08.14.07 – Eugene Welgemoed…
This message was posted from Dale on the band’s official myspace page…

I’m sure many of you have been hearing some rumors about Eugene. Unfortunately these rumors are true. Eugene passed away early monday morning the 13th of August. As you might have seen we have cancelled a few shows to allow Shaun and the rest of us to come to terms with this tragic loss. Genie was an awesome human being, the type of person you want to be around. He never failed to put a smile on the face of all who he met and left a lasting impression on all who’s lives he touched. I know I speak for everyone who knew Eugene when I say that he will be sorely missed. We all love you bro. Rest in peace

07.31.07 – First Single
The first single from Seether’s third album Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is officially going for radio adds on August 27th. The first single however is currently still TBA.

07.14.07 – Shaun Update…
Here are more song titles for ya…
FMLYHM (Fuck Me Like You Hate Me)
Don’t Believe
Keeping it down to 3 so we don’t give too much away. Also, the album title???
Watch this space and I’ll let you know.
Love and Granny Panties
P.S. Another small performance taking place on Tuesday July 17th at 14 Below in Santa Monica. It’s small, intimate and free. I expect to see as many LA locals as possible!

07.13.07 – Fall Tour…

Finally, we can confirm our next tour in support of the new album! Yeehaw!!!

Starting in September, we head out on an amazing tour with some very good friends of ours – Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. Yes, that is correct! We’re BACK!!! We’ll be on our first tour in a year, so we need some work, which is why we’ll be second on the bill, followed by 2 amazing bands. Opening acts for the tour? Red and Skillet. Not at the same time, but I am a fan of both bands, so I am happier than the proverbial pig in shit, let me tell ya!

As it’s our first tour in forever, we’ll be playing a 45 min set, including all your favorites – as well as select tracks from the brand new album. This one’s gonna be great. We have some crazy things planned, which may or may not include bunny suits, prom dresses, beer bongs, tiaras and naked old people. I haven’t quite decided yet, but it’s going to be fun, I promise! Also, watch out for our headlining dates mixed in with the tour, where we’ll be hammering out even more selections from the new album.

Speaking of the album – it’s almost done. I laid down the last guitar track today (hopefully) and have finished 6 vocals. That leaves another 9 vocals and this sucker’s ready for mixing! Look out for the first single around the middle to the end of August. Good times, guaranteed…

In the meantime, we would appreciate any input from you guys, regarding the setlist. Send us emails, marked “SETLIST”, with your top 5 picks. We’ll do our best to play all your suggestions at least once on tour, as well as trying to coincide those performances with your city. So, even better – include your hometown when you send the 5 suggestions, and we will possibly be able to accomodate everybody…

That’s all for now…

Love and Sweaty, smelly gig shirts


06.30.07 – Song Titles…
Wassup Ya’ll?

Here are some titles from the tracks on the upcoming album…

No Jesus Christ
Fake It
6 Gun Quota
Walk Away From The Sun
Rise Above This
Like Suicide

Stay tuned for updates…


06.24.07 –
Hello All!

Things are going really well in studio, and the tracks are sounding badass, musically anyway. We have completed 7 songs, without vocals, and have 8 to go. We have been blown away by the support we’ve been getting, and the positive responses to “Like Suicide” have been amazing. This album is going to be slightly different than it’s predecessors, and whilst we have retained the heaviness, there are the usual suspects for fans of the old stuff. Don’t worry, it’s not in any way a “I’ve been to rehab, found Jesus, and now I’m happy” kind of album at all. While there is nothing wrong with any of those things, they don’t apply here.

We will continue to post videos, and answer questions as much as possible, and do whatever we can to whet your collective appetites!

Thanks again for all the positive feedback!!!

Love and Child Support Payments


06.05.07 –
Black Light Burns debut album Cruel melody hit stores today. Black Light Burns is fronted by former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and touring band inclused one-time Seether guitarist ‘Afro’ Nick, so be sure to pick up the album because it’s killer and check the band out on tour.

04.16.07 – Back To The Remedy…
Made available for fans for the first time ever on the site is the Video of Seether making there video for ‘Remedy.’ This video was previously only available for a short time via the Seether Street Team Members Only section two years ago and is now viewable for the masses.

04.12.07 – Album Update…
So far 42 songs have been written. So far, Howard Benson is the producer. Also, we need to “write more songs”. You heard it first…
Love and Bullets

04.05.07 – For Rice Sake…
I just thought that this was kind of funny. I noticed on the server that there had been many hits coming from a particular radio stations website and increased downloads of Seether’s cover of Mad Season’s ‘River Of Deceit.’ I soon got an e-mail from a fan who pointed me to a link that DJ Chris Rice posted on his section of the radio stations website. In anticipation of the band’s return to perform at the stations annual Buzzfest, the station has been giving spins of the track and listeners have been wanting to know where they could obtain the track. Rice kindly pointed them in the right direction. Ask and ye shall receive. So thanks Chris Rice for spreading the Seether on 94.5 The Buzz. -matt

04.02.07 – April Fools!
Just got in from seeing Machine Head and Lamb Of God, good show. I hope you all enjoyed my little April Fools joke. If you didn’t get it, didn’t make you laugh, pissed you off, oh well. It hurt no one, but I’m sure it probably made a few smile at the idea. If so, mission accomplished.

04.01.07 – Hiatus…
This is news I wish I didn’t have to bring, but sadly, Seether is going on a short hiatus. Don’t worry, the band is not broken up. There is quite a story that goes along with this. Back in 2004 when the band was on tour with Evanescence touring in support of Disclaimer II, the band got the chance to play that summer’s annual Rock In Rio festival. That days show was headlined by the Foo Fighters. On this day Shaun got his chance to meet Foo Fighter frontman, and one-time Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. It turned out that Dave was a fan of Seether and really enjoyed the band’s version of ‘You Know You’re Right.’ Out of this day a friendship was born and the two had kept in touch since. Dave actually didn’t live too far from Shaun so while both were off tour, they kept in contact and pair even jammed a few times. Fast forward to October of 2006. A few days after Shaun had successfully finished his stint in rehab, Dave invited Shaun to come by and jam. Little did Shaun know that this would be a dream jam as he was surprised to find that the two were going to be joined by Krist Novoselic. After a few jams the trio thought that it may be a cool idea to dust off some of the old Nirvana repetoir and possibly do a short tour.
This short 12 date Nirvana ‘reunion’ of sorts which will be fronted by Shaun taking the late Kurt Cobain’s spot in the band will hit select parts of the world. Cities and Venues have been chosen, but no specific dates have been officially confirmed.

Moore Theatre – Seattle, WA
Common Wealth Stadium – Edmonton AB
Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Fenway Park, Boston, MA
American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX
The Palace – Auburn Hills, MI
Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA
MGM Garden Arena – Las Vegas NV
Dolphin Stadium – Miami, FL
Stande de France – Paris, FR
Wembley Stadium – London, UK

The band’s performance at London’s famed Wembley Stadium is in plans to be filmed for a possible DVD release. All proceeds from it’s sales will go to select children’s charities. The newly christened Nirvana hopes that it’s fans will respect this tour and it’s frontman as they will be touring in honor of the memory of Kurt.

02.22.07 – Old School Video…
Hello Everyone!!!

I finally figured out all the passwords, and how to actually write one of these blog things. It appears that I have no choice but to give in to the almighty myspace beast, and actively participate in the updating of this here slice of heaven 🙂

Here’s the lowdown…

We’ve been very busy, holed away in a studio, writing feverishly for the next album. So far the songs number in the mid 30’s or so, but I could be wrong. Of these songs I’ll be the first to admit that some are serious duds, headed for the inevitable distinction of being included on a b-side, or rare track, compilation album. There are even some songs that will be marked “For Serious Fans Only!”, but there is good news… There are actually some songs that I’m really proud of, and very excited to get out on the shelves. Let’s say there are about 15 good ones so far, but the writing continues!!!

We have switched management, as some of you might know, and are now under the watchful eyes of the good people at The Firm. We felt the changes were necessary, and as a band we feel really positive about the move. Also, we have the honor to announce that we will be working a wonderful producer on the next album, and preproduction is scheduled to start soon, I think. I’m just in the band – no one tells us anything 🙂 I would give you his name, but I don’t want to get myself in trouble again. I have a knack for that apparently…

Hopefully you’re all well, and as excited as we are!

Peace ya’ll!


02.11.07 – Old School Video…
Sorry, I had a hard time deciding on which songs to add, but finally narrowed it down. So click HERE to check out a video of Seether performing ‘Your Bore’ and ‘Fine Again’ Live in August 2002. What makes this video special? A few reasons. One, Afro Nick is still in the band who was later replaced by Pat about a month later, and Nick Oshiro is also in it playing drums. It’s also a few days after Dave Williams from Drowning Pool passed and this is pretty much when the band staretd dedicating the song to his memory. So enjoy some old school early Disclaimer era Seether.

01.28.07 – News…
Yes, actual news! I have been getting A LOT of e-mails in the past month where I have just been responding that the band would be starting to record in early January. The band is currently on break/writing mode. They have not decided where they are recording, and have not picked a producer yet, so for any news source you see like wikipedia that says an album is due out in March/April or that the band is currently recording is false.
In site news, is currently being done over. I am COMPLETLY redoing THE ENTIRE site which will not be ready until the new album comes out, or the first single is released. This will keep it fresh looking. In the next day or so, There will be a different entrance page. I have Seetherville archived on the Seether-Online server now so once the new entrance page goes up, you will be able to view most of that site again. The contact e-mail for this site will also change as due to doing Seetherville, I receive A LOT of spam in what was my personal e-mail address.
Also, in the next day I’ll be posting some great video footage from 2002.
Stay tuned for more info

01.23.07 – Afro Nick…
Before Pat, the band had this dude with a big fro named ‘Afro’ Nick Annis. He got kicked out and replaced by Pat. He went on to form his own band called Turn Of The Screw. Now he’s joined up as touring guitar player for former Limp Bizkit guitrist Wes Borland’s project Black Light Burns.
Black Light Burns debut album, hopefully out this year titled Cruel Melody, was recorded with Wes on Guitar and Vocals, A Perfect Circle/Vandals/Sting and Seether’s drummer for Disclaimer Josh Freese, and Danny Lohner Producing and Programming of Nine Inch Nails fame.
I figured since Afro Nick and Freese were involved in this I would make a post about this. The music is killer.

01.14.07 – Seether at NAMM…
Are you in Anaheim, CA? Seether will be taking a break from recording and will be signing autographs at the Schecter boothe at this year’s Winter NAMM show this Saturday January 20th between 1:00-4:00PM at the Anaheim Convention Center.
NAMM is an annual musical instrument trade show where companies show off there products and up-coming gear for the new season. Some companies also have free concerts at night. Seether has performed representing there endorsers Schecter as part of the 2004 Winter NAMM show. This year Brooklyn based Goth Metal act Type O Negative will be performing at Schecters party at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA at 8PM, so if you miss Seether’s signing, be sure to check out Type O.

01.03.07 – History of South African Heavy Music…
I found this earlier and thought it was pretty interesting. I’m sure Seether would be included in this as they are the most successful band to come out of south africa…

Mike Gill and Marq Vas of the “The History of South African Heavy Music” project have issued the following press release:

“There is currently a book being compiled on the history of South African heavy music. the publication was initially reserved exclusively for heavy metal acts, but has grown to encompass all sub genres and styles of music that is viewed as extreme or ‘heavy’ and in the greater scheme of things outside of mainstream popular music.

“Extreme music is widely misunderstood, and in many cases misrepresented by the media focusing on controversial acts or aspects representing a small number of artists. This publication will attempt to set the record straight and examine the evolution of various sub genres to their current status today in a South African context.

“The book is open to bands, venues, publishers, promoters, photo-journalists and record labels. In fact, anyone, of any age who enjoys or collects extreme music, may have something of value to add to the publication, and in turn officially be acknowledged for their contribution or opinion.

“The beginning of South African heavy metal, as we know it, can be traced back to the late 1970s, with some acts playing ‘underground music’ even earlier, so it’s not surprising to find fifty-year-old executives, as well as a thirteen-year old students, both listening to the same bands.

“‘The History of South African Heavy Metal’ was first published in 1996 by Michael Gill, under the title ‘Death before Disco’, which contained a series of articles included in Powerzone, an underground fanzine. A year later, the series was continued online by Powerzone, hosted by the M.O.D. Multimedia Group. Information from the series will form part of the foundation of the proposed project.

“The title ‘Death before Disco’ was, to the best of knowledge first seen in the mid 1980s on a back patch worn by Jo’burg head banger and writer Russell Harris who was also co-author of the first five articles in the ‘DBD’ series.”

Pretty cool huh

12.31.06 – Be Safe…
Hey fellow Seether fans. I just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy New Years night and remember to be safe. If you drink, please make sure you have a designated driver or cash for a cab. Keep it safe and we’ll see ya in ’07.

12.24.06 – Happy Holidays…
Yes, I do ther PC thing and say ‘Happy Holiday.’ Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday whether you gather around the tree to celebrate of your savior, or say a prayer as you light the candles as I. Have a good holiday ya’ll.

12.08.06 – Nutshell Acoustic…
Click here to go to the page I have put up fora special CD that features Seether, Shinedown, 30 Seconds To Mars, and an exclusive acoustic performance of Alice In Chains ‘Nutshell’ with Brent and Jasin of Shinedown. Generally I would put the two Seether tracks ‘Remedy’ and ‘Nutshell’ with Shinedown up for free download, but this CD is for Charity, so if you want the tracks, please don’t be prick and try to rip them or download them. All proceeds made from these CD’s goes to charity, so please do order them. You can buy these CD’s online here here no matter what part of the world you live in. Thanks for reading.

12.03.06 – Get Well John…
In a 1 minute backstage Interview with a DJ at todays ‘Next Big Thing’ Concert put on by Tampa, Fl’s 97X, Shaun revealed that John was going into surgery. We wish John a speedy recovery and all the best this holiday season. The 1 minute Interview will be up in the Interview section shortly.

12.02.06 – Next Big Thing Broadcast…
Tomorrow Shaun will be Performing at 97X’s Next Big Thing Concert. The show WILL NOT be broadcasted, however they are going to be broadcasting images via Webcam. Yea, lame, I know, but you can watch..and now that just sounds pervy.

11.27.06 – Next Big Thing Info…
The acoustic thing that Shaun is doing at the Green Room for 97X as part of there ‘Next Big Thing’ concert is a One-Time only thing.
The station just wanted something different and special for there show. The line-up of band’s for the show is identicle to the other two that are happening in Fl. this coming weekend, but 97X gets the exclusive treat of having Shaun do this acoustic set for them only.
I’d be there passing out some Seether stuff, but it’s sadly too damn far a drive and on a sunday and I have my first exam Monday at 9am, so to anyone who is in GA, or up near that area of Fl, I stress going to this show, taking pictures and telling us all about it so we can salivate.
My calling can end for the day.

11.26.06 – Shaun Acoustic in Florida…
Shaun will be performing at 97X Canada’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Concert at Ford Amphitheatre. More info on the show will be posted as I find it out.

11.19.06 – Last Call for a Remedy…
Hey all. Pardon the lack of updates. As you all know, the band is currently taking a much needed break and gearing up for pre-production to the follow-up to there Gold-selling sophomore album, Karma and Effect. Due to this the site really won’t have too many updates. I am currently building the new Seetherville/Seether-Online completly from scratch. Every page is being redone from the ground up for this completly new site design. When I first started this site it wasn’t the best organized on the server, this time around everything will be, which should also stop people from linking to the media on the site as well.
Speaking of media, the band’s acoustic performance of ‘Remedy’ from Last Call with Carson Daly has now been added to the Television Performances section of the site, so be sure to hit that up ASAP. If you have any questions, or requests(reasonable) that you think would be good ideas for the new site, don’t be a stranger and hit me with an e-mail. Thanks for reading.

09.08.06 – Euro Tour…
Shaun has been out of rehab since the 28th. The band is currently gearing up for there European tour in support of One Cold Night. Afterwards the band will begin writing and pre-production for the currently untitled follow-up to the Gold Selling Karma and Effect.

08.29.06 – Under The Covers…
…hiding. I hate hurricanes. Anyways, speaking of covers(nice segue huh), I’ve put up a few of em for your listening pleasure. Neil Young’s ‘The Needle And The Damage Done’ from Last Call with Carson Daly, Silverchair’s ‘Israel’s Son’ live from Sydney, AU last summer. Also the band’s cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ that they pulled out on this years Sno-Core, and a cover of Alice In Chain’s ‘Nutshell’ from the Milwaukee Summerfest this past July. Also, a short cover of A Perfect Circle’s ‘Three Libras.’ I’m off. See ya’ll in a few days…I hope.

08.28.06 – Site News…
A new Seether-Online is being made. I ended up brainstorming an idea I really liked the other night, so I’m working on this new idea that’s coming out pretty well. I’m redesigning the whole site, so expect something different than what’s been here. Navigation will be quite a bit different as well. Assuming that this hurricane that’s coming my way doesn’t make us lose power, in the next few days I’ll also be uploading some great new audio and video. I may also be switching servers because the one that I’m currently on lies to be about my bandwidth usage.

08.05.06 – Last Call and Late Lateness
Head over to Seetherville. I have posted the videos for the band’s performance of ‘Remedy’ on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson…you know, that english guy from Drew Carey, yea, apparently he has a show now. The other Two videos are of ‘The Gift’ and a coverof Neil Young’s ‘The Needle And The Damage Done’ from Last Call with Carson Daly. Sorry for the lacking of updates on this site. I have been dilligently working on the new Seetherville, so I’m hoping you all like it, cause god knows I’m working my arse off on it.

07.26.06 – Video section Back Up, Seetherville…read on Fuckers…
Since Seether-Online is merging with Seetherville in the next week or so, I’m reopening my Massive video section for the rest of the month. The new Seetherville is almost done…the layout anyways, which I think is quite badass spank you very much 😀 As for Seethers upcoming month long tour in support of One Cold Night supporting Staind, it’s off. Shaun is entering rehab for a month at an undisclosed location. All I can say is good luck big bro. ::hugs:: Read The Official Wind-Up Press Release on the matter Here That’s about it for right now. Sorry for the lack of updates here. What can I say except life has dealt me a bad card this summer. However, the good thing about the new Seetherville is that I am urged to post everything I want, which means I will be posting a lot more video that I haven’t been able to post here yet, as well as more live tracks that I haven’t posted on this site yet. Thanks for reading.

06.20.06 – Mad Season…
Now up is Shaun and Pat doing a cover of Mad Season’s ‘River Of Deceit.’ For those who don’t know, Mad Season was a side project band that was formed between late Alice In Chains vocalist Layne Staley, and Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready that the two founded while in rehab together.

06.17.06 – Last Call…
Thursday July 27, Seether will be making there second appearance as Musical Guests on Last Call with Carson Daly. Follow the link to request to be a part of the studio audience. The show will air at a later time. Click Here for that info.

06.16.06 – Acoustic Tour…
Rumor has it that a tour is in the works where Seether and Three Days Grace will be opening for Staind. Both Staind and Seether are to play a half set Electric, and half a set Acoustic. Stay tuned for more info as it rolls in.

06.14.06 – Pat Callahan And His Seether Status…
The following comes direct from Edwin, Seether’s Manager…
At this time, Seether would like to address the status of Patrick Callahan and his participation with Seether. Pat has decided to part ways with the band. His last show was on the 3rd of June in Great Falls, MT. Seether has since decided not to replace Pat at this time with another guitarist. Seether has since decided to take it back to where it began and keep it running as a three-piece unit. If you have been to the shows over the past few weeks, you have noticed the change. We all think it is a positive one. We hope that the fans will understand and respect this issue without distorting it into a convoluted and nasty misunderstanding, as it wasn’t. Seether wishes Pat all the best in his future endeavors.
Stay tuned to the and for all other updates. We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming release of “One Cold Night” and we look forward to rocking out with everyone at the upcoming shows this summer and fall.

06.06.06 – One Cold Preview…
So One Cold Night doesn’t come out for like another month or so…however, it comes out on June 13th in Canada. They also get a free week preview of the disc in full. Click here to listen to One Cold Night in it’s entirety right now. P.S. Happy Number Of The Beast/666 Day. :p

04.20.06 – Video updates…
Shaun and Dale’s acoustic performance of ‘Remedy’ from Direct TV’s CDUSA is now in the Television Performances section. The band’s cover of Silverchair’s ‘Israel’s Son’ has also been added to the In Concert section. The Covers section of the site has also been updated. The band is currently on tour in the lovely Canada in support of K&E.

05.14.06 – A possibly covers disc…
This afternoon Shaun and Dale appeared on Canadian radio station The Edge and spoke briefly about the new CD/DVD package ‘One Cold Night,’ as well as mentioned a possibly disc of covers ala Guns N’ Roses ‘The Spaghetti Incident’ and Rod Stewarts ‘American Standards,’ but more in the vein of songs that they have covered before live or have been meaning to mess with. Also, ‘One Cold Night’ will be coming out a month early as it hits stores in Canada on June 13(my birthday), which means it will be direct competetion with Canadian band, and one-time Seether tourmates Three Days Grace’s sophomore album out on the same day.

05.12.06 – Seetherville…
I’ve been getting a few e-mails recently on what the status on Seetherville is and when my updates will occur. Rather than keep replying to every e-mail, I figured that I would just say it here…I have no idea. It’s just that simple. I have been waiting on a reply to one of the six e-mails that I have sent and have been met without reply as to when I can resume updating that site. Until then I guess I will keep updating this one as it has been where all of my efforts have originated since 2002.

04.12.06 – An intimate protrait…
…come to think of it, that’s a really gross title for a headline…an intimate portrait…wtf was i thinking…the special media that was up for listen is now gone. I hope that all who got to listen to it enjoyed.

04.10.06 – Interesting surprise…
An interesting surprise I’m putting up tomorrow before I start closing sections off. All I will say is that it will be up only tomorrow night for listen(not download). Shaun doesn’t know I have this, but I’m sure after he sees it up for listen, he won’t be surprised. The hint is that this is not what you would think I would post. Just something very very different.

04.04.06 – Announcement…Rockline…more…
Read Here If you didn’t click on the link in red on the main page. That’s the announcement. Secondly, Rockline is now up in the Audio section under Radio Specials, as well are mp3’s of the acoustic performances of ‘Sympathetic’ ‘Love Her’ and ‘The Gift.’ The site will be up fully functional for a few more days, and then only certain sections will be viewable as this site will be used mainly as an archive of what cannot be posted on Seetherville yet until my newly designed Seetherville goes up in a few months when it is all finished. -matt

02.28.06 – Back up…
Apparently my host decided to play a trick on me and took the site down for a week without my notice for maintence of hosting servers. On the brightside, it keeps everything bug free.

02.27.06 – Broken Lezzy…
Added a live version version of ‘Broken,’ sans butchering by Lezzy of Halestorm.

02.19.06 – The Gift Video…
While we’re waiting for the official video for ‘The Gift,’ click here to check out my live version of it.

02.03.06 – Unrelated…
Not really Seether related..well, sort of. Seether has done quite a few shows with Godsmack, so that makes them bretheren. Anyways, I just read this letter that frontman Salvatore Erna posted to fans and it was enough to bring a tear and does make you think, so I figured I would share it with you all.

02.02.06 – ‘The Gift’ Radio edit…
Click here to stream the radio edit of ‘The Gift.’ -matt

02.01.06 – Back..
Bet you thought we disappeared huh? Nope. I don’t falter and fall that easily..however, with the bands popularity caused the sites bandwidth to run out two days shy of the end of the month. Not bad. That means that the band is really reaching the masses and there fanbase is growing. Good luck guys. -matt

01.23.06 – Remedy for Leno…
Check out the video of Seether’s performance of ‘Remedy’ from The Tonite Show with Jay Leno now up!

01.15.06 – Tons of new pictures and some sympathy…
Head over to the live picture index to check out a good dozen or so newly added pictures from shows ranging from ’02 to current. Also, I posted the only version of ‘Sympathetic’ performed acoustically. A real jem of an amazing song.

01.12.06 – More on Metallica tour, ‘The Gift’ video news…
Shaun Morgan, the frontman for heavy rock band SEETHER, has told the Arkansas Times that he would love to do a duet on stage with EVANESCENCE’s Amy Lee again in Little Rock — and SEETHER plays Little Rock at the Clear Channel Metroplex on Jan. 29 — but says it’s unlikely to happen. The pair, who dated for a couple of years, have split up, and it was apparently amicable. But, where Lee stepped out from back of the stage to join Morgan for SEETHER’s hit “Broken” at Riverfest last May, it’s not going to happen this time, Morgan told the Arkansas Times by phone on Thursday (Jan. 12).
Lee is living in Los Angeles. Morgan and SEETHER spent a month at home in South Africa before returning to L.A. to begin filming a video for their next single, “Gift”, due out Jan. 24.
As reported yesterday, SEETHER will join METALLICA in March at South Africa’s biggest international music festival ever. The Coca-Cola Colab Massive Mix festival will take place on March 18 in the city of Centurion, March 21 in Durban and March 25 in Cape Town.
In a recent interview with Launch Radio Networks, Morgan said that South Africa has a vibrant rock scene. “There’s a big scene, it’s just not very well supported by labels, you know,” he said. “The national radio station does its job of promoting bands at night, when the rock show comes on. But there’s a lot of great bands out there that we’re fans of, that when we were coming up, they were at about the same level as we were. We just got signed.”

01.11.06 – Touring with Metallica..
METALLICA have now officially confirmed that they will headine the Coca-Cola Colab Massive Mix festivals in South Africa, marking their first ever visit to the continent. The shows are as follows:
Mar. 18 – Supersport Park, Centurion (situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria)
Mar. 21 – ABSA Stadium, Durban
Mar. 25 – Green Point Stadium, Cape Town
Other artists on the bill include seven top local artists, SIMPLE PLAN, THE RASMUS, SEETHER, FATBOY SLIM, and COLLECTIVE SOUL. Tickets are already on sale via the web site, or by calling 083 915 8000.

01.10.06 – A Remedy for Leno…
This Friday January 13 Seether will be performing ‘Remedy’ on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so set your VCR’s, TiVo’s, DVR’s or whatever the fuck it is that people use to tape shit when there not home or fall asleep too early to watch so you can watch the boys tear shit up.

01.03.06 – Seether and Shinedown team up again…
Seether and Shinedown are Co-Headlining this years annual SnoCore tour. Check the tour secrion for the latest updates on when the band will be blazing into your area.

12.31.05 – See you next year…
2005 Has been an amazing year for Seether. Karma & Effect debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard, Remedy is in the top 5 for highest charting singles for Rock Radio, and the band has tore shit up all across the country on tours with Audioslave, Dark New Day, Crossfade, and countless others via radio shows. With two singles out this year and a tour of europe completed the band stands poised for another hectic year ahead of them in ’06 with the release of there third sing,e ‘The Gift,’ which is sure to bring them up even higher in the stratospheres of rock. Thank you to all fans new and old who have helped the band get this far and have gone out and spent your hard earned cash going to shows and buying the album. Keep promoting Seether and see ya’ll in ’06.

12.25.05 – Happy Holidays
No new news or anything. Seether is currently on break from touring for the holidays. Shaun and Dale are back in SA seeing family, Pat is back home, and John is spending time with his family in TX. So to all, no matter what holiday it is that you celebrate(notice I’m PC about this:p), have a good holiday.

12.13.05 – Fell On Video…
You heard the audio of Shaun joining Chris Cornell on the last date of the Audioslave tour doing the Soundgarden classic ‘Fell On Black Days’ acoustically, now watch that moment in the In Concert section of the Videos Page.

12.08.05 – Dedicated to the bag…
Today is the one year anniversary of the shooting of Dimebag Darrel at the Villa Al Rosa in Ohio. In rememberance I’ve placed up a high quality mpeg download of Seether performing ‘Fine Again’ from MTV’s Hard Rock Live. Enjoy and take a few seconds of silence before watching.

12.05.05 – Acoustic in Amsterdam…
Check out an in-studio interview and performances streamable in the audio section from the 3rd when the band were guests on ‘That’s Live!’ on BNN. The individual performances are available in the usual spot. Enjoy.

11.25.05 – Looking forward to Europe…
Shaun called up New Hampshire Radio Station Rock 101 this morning to chat a bit about Seethers tour with Audioslave, and how the band is excited to be hitting europe.
Be sure to hit the newly done links section, it has been reorganized. 🙂

11.22.05 – Not Seether news…
No, not Seether news, but Wind-Up Records news. Former Creed vocalist Scott Stapp released his debut solo album, The Great Divide today. If you like Creed, even if you are or did but don’t admit to it or whatever, go pick the album up, it’s killer. You can listen to song clips from the album on the official Scott Stapp website.

11.21.05 – Just when everyday, seemed to greet me with a smile…
Chris Cornell feat. Shaun performing the Soundgarden classic ‘Fell On Black Days’ live from the last date of the Audioslave/Seether tour in Las Vegas Sunday night is now up. Sounds killer. Thank you to whomever taped this, and thanks adopted mom for sending this to me, you rock. 🙂

11.16.05 – Seether on Sno-Core ’06…
Morgan told Launch that SEETHER will headline the 2006 Sno-Core Tour, set to begin in late January. SHINEDOWN and two yet-to-be-announced bands will also be on the bill.
What can I say except woo-h00 and this tour better come to south fl. : D

11.15.05 – Relive Hard Rock Live…
You can now view Seethers performance on MTV’s Hard Rock Live in the Video section. It has come to my attention that if you live outside of the United States that you could not view the show on MTV’s Overdrive section, so you can view it here now. Enjoy the show.

11.13.05 – More videos…
Some new videos have been added to the various areas of the video section. Audio from the MTV Hard Rock Live Special has been posted as well. I however used the audio from the MTV site rather than from the broadcasted show because the shows audio seemed to have Pat very low, whereas the MTV site audio was perfect. Expect the Hard Rock Live video up by Wednesday.

11.09.05 – Site back…
Aspects of the site weren’t working. It turns out that I went over my space limit…this site is now over a gig big. Don’t forget to check out Seether on Hard Rock Live at 8PM on MTV tonite. You can also view the show under the overdrive section on’s website as well. In a week I will post the Hard Rock Live show here on this site unless there is bigger e-mail demand for me to put it up earlier.

11.08.05 – HRL Tomorrow…
Don’t forget! Wednesday Night at 8PM.

11.07.05 – Seether on Hard Rock Live…
This Wednesday the 9th at 8PM selected songs from Seethers performance on August 2nd at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL will be aired as part of MTV’s ‘Hard Rock Live presented by Nokia Unwired.’ You can also view the show the show on, which is MTV’s broadband online video channel, so you Seether fans who don’t live in the united states can view it from there as well. After it’s taklen down after the week I will have the show up for view here. MTV can afford the bandwidth rapage. :p

11.05.05 – Finally back…
Due to Hurricane Wilma like raping and pillaging southern fl, I was without electricity for over two weeks…it sucked. I’m back now. In once piece. Almost got killed by a hurricane named after a flintstones character…fuck you wilma for fucking up my car and roof…bitch.

10.22.05 – An Immortal Acoustic Gift…
You can now listen to acoustic versions from yesterdays in-studio in Houston of ‘Immortality’ and ‘The Gift. The acoustic version of ‘The Gift’ sounds amazing.

10.21.05 – Acoustic Tx…
The Buzz in Houston, Tx will be having an acoustic afternoon with Seether today from 2-3 or so. Those in the area can tune in to your local station, while the rest of us all over the world can listen online.
*Update Songs played were Fine Again, Immortality, Truth, The Gift, Remedy and Broken. Very nice set.

10.20.05 – Seether in Miami and Orlando…
I should have pictures up soon from the Miami show. If anyone happens to have a recording of the Orlando show though, which I was told was far better than the miami show, please do tell. I hear Brett from Dark New Day made a surprise appearance and did Alice In Chains ‘Man In The Box’ and ‘Get Born Again.’

10.06.05 – Acoustic in Seattle…
A few in-studio acoustic tracks are now up that the band did at legendary Seattle radio station KISW. If you take a look for any old Pearl Jam Promotional pictures, you might find Mike McCready or Jeff Ament wearing a KISW shirt.

10.05.05 – Truthful Acoustic Goodness…
You can now listen to an in-studio acoustic set by Seether where they also perform ‘Truth’ acoustic. More to come…

09.28.05 – Truth MTV article…
Click here to read an article from MTV where the band talks about the treatment for the ‘Truth’ video, as well as there current tour with Audioslave.

09.27.05 – Setlist…
Seether and 30 Seconds To Mars stint on tour with Audioslave is underway. Seether has a 35 min set. There setlist has been as follows…Broken, Gasoline, Driven Under, Fine Again, Because of Me/Walk, The Gift, Truth, Remedy. 30STM is apparently only getting a three song, 15 min. set from what I heard from a friend who went to both of the first two nights shows.

09.22.05 – Seether Nokia Unwired Airdate…
Select songs from Seethers August 2nd taping for MTV’s Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Fl will be aired on Noovember 9th at 8pm.

09.11.05 – Brett In The Box…for the first time…
Finally put up stills from the ‘Truth’ video. Also, you can now view, as the Dark New Day community affectionatly refers to it as, ‘Brett In The Box,’ performed for the first time ever, in video format in the Live Performances section of the site. I tried a different framerate this time with the stream, so it should look really good. Today is sunday, which means it’s also the annual sunday Seether chat in the chat room, so ya’ll have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

09.10.05 – Rock for Relief Auction…
Detroit Radio Station WRIF is auctioning off various autographed guitars on ebay with all proceeds to benefit relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina including the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity, Feed the Children and many more! Click here to check out some of there auctions, including a guitar signed by Seether, Dark New Day and Crossfade, and another that’s signed by Seether, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace.

09.07.05 – Brett In The Box…
You can now listen to Seether covering the Alice in Chains classic, ‘Main The Box’ feat. Brett of Dark New Day on lead vocals and Clint Lowery also playing guitar. Very cool performance you could have only caught if you saw Seether and dark New Day together on the current tour that’s winding down. Enjoy the badass song.

09.06.05 – Read the hit…Pat honored…
Head over the the periodicales section to read the article ‘How I Wrote A Hit’ which is published in the November 2005 issue of Guitar World Magazine which is in stores now. Also, click here to check out pics of Pat being honored at Hard Rock in Pa. One of his guitars that was used on the bands european tour was placed there with a nice plaque. I wonder if ya cried pat. Gotta fill you with pride for a venue in your state/city to honor you like that. Congrats man. 🙂 -matt

09.05.05 – How they wrote a hit…
Shaun is in the November issue of Guitar World Magazine in the monthly ‘How I Wrote A Hit’ section. He talks about how he wrote the song and shows you how to play it.

09.04.05 – Demand The Truth!
Tomorrow is the official radio add date for all rock radio stations to start spinning Seether’s second single off of Karma & Effect, ‘Truth.’ So call your local rock radio station and bug the shit out of them until they play ‘Truth.’ Also, some radio stations have a last song played feature where you can see everything that the station has played up to 48 hours. You can stalk Seether’s airplay this way.

08.30.05 – Boston acoustics…
Apparently Seether did an interview and an in-studio acoustic session today at Boston’s WAAF Studios. They performed ‘Immortality’ ‘Plastic Man’ and ‘Remedy.’ You can listen to them now in the Acoustic section of the mp3 page. ‘Immortality’ sounds friggin great. 🙂

08.26.05 – Karma & Effect – Gold – Congrats…
Don’t know how this slipped my mind from posting this two days ago, but congratulations Shaun, Dale, Pat, and John on your badass record, Karma & Effect. I’m sure with the release of ‘Truth’ to Radio and Video outlets, this album will be platinum in no time. : D
In site news, the new Tab section has been somewhat redesigned and now has Bass tabs which I will have up as I tab them. Enjoy.

08.25.05 – Big site update…
Arm is feeling a bit better, so heres a big site update. Tons of pics from this year in live 2005 section of the Live Picture Index. In Audio news, LA Loyd’s Rock 30 Special is up for listen in the Audio section under the radio Program Specials. Also there you can hear an afternoon special on Crash of Orlando, Fl’s Real Rock WJRR interviewing the band and hearing In-Studio performances of ‘Remedy’ and ‘Plastic Man.’ In the Interview section of the Audio section you can hear Interviews with the band from Texas, Ohio, and Atlanta.
In the Downloadables section, check out John in a video for his former band The Nixons single, ‘Baton Rouge,’ which was one of my favorite songs by them back in the day, next to there cover of ‘Rocket Man.’
That’s it for me, were supposed to have a hurricane hitting near here, so I’m going to go hide.

08.22.05 – A bad spill…
Sorry there was no update this weekend as promised. I really wanted to make a big update, however I took a bad spill and broke/cracked a few bones, so I won’t be able to make any big updates like I want to for a little while longer, possibly Saturday. Sorry again for the delay, so heres the readers digest version; Seether will be hitting the road with Audioslave for an Arena tour. Dates can be found on Audioslaves official website, dates have been made, but no exact venue information has been posted yet. Stay tuned to and the tour section for those details.

08.18.05 – More to come…
Sorry for the lack of updates so heres the readers digest version. The band finished the shotting for there video for ‘Truth’ in La on the eleventh. It should be htting the net first probably sometime early/mid September. ‘Truth’ should just now be starting to get soem play on your local rock radio station, and if it isn’t, do like I do and keep calling them and bug the shit out of the dj’s. As for the lack of updates, I have just been mega busy with work getting ready for another semester of college(only one more semester after this), and readying for a possible move in the near future. Don’t fret though, expect a slew of new audio and video stuff in the coming week.

08.11.05 – Is there no standard anymore…?
What it took, for See-ther, to play Pan-tera’s ‘Walk.’ Yea, bad rhyme, fuck me, it’s late. I mentioned Seether now doing a bit of Pantera’s ‘Walk’ in before the bridge of ‘Because Of Me’ live, yea, well…you know where to find it. Happy listinin.

08.10.05 – Throw them at you…
Added to the lyrics section are the lyrics to ‘Let Me Go,’ the B-side track on the Australian Import only Maxi-Single for ‘Remedy.’ The tab should be up by saturday.

08.08.05 – Re-Spect-WALK!..
For awhile before the bridge in ‘Because Of Me,’ live Seether was putting in a little Deep purple’Smoke On The Water.’ Well, it seems that that has now changed, as they have now replaced that with a bit of Pantera’s ‘Walk,’ so be on the lookout for that one. In site news, the new tab section should be up soon. I came into a few problems with the new section that I wasn’t satisfied with, so it will be up very soon.

08.03.05 – Hard Rock Live…
Eas interesting. A full review shall be up very soon. this is about to become a very busy week so please bear with me as quite a bit of new things will be up soon.

08.01.05 – Finally back…
It’s finally August 1st and the site is back on the net. Expect the new tabs section with tons of bass tabs to be up later on today. In other news, Tomorrow Seether is doing there taping for MTV’s Hard Rock Live concert series to be broadcast come time later this year. So if your in the area of central florida, or are feeling nuts and want to drive down, I believe tickets are still available.

07.28.05 – Bass tabs…
As special request by Seether-Online board member bluehorse, I have started tabbing out Seethers music for bass. So far up are the bass tabs for ‘Needles’ ‘Driven Under’ ‘Sympathetic’ ‘Fade Away’ ‘Got It Made’ ’69tea’ and my favorite, ‘Fine Again.’ More to come as I have time with a bass.

07.25.05 – Hard Rock Live…
Color me excited as all hell as it was just announced today that following Seethers return to the states from there tour down under, the band will be hitting Orlando, Fl on August 2nd, next Tuesday for a taping of MTV’s Hard Rock Live. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, and I just have to say that I cannot wait.

07.21.05 – Silver Son…
I know that the site isn’t up for everyone to see due to the bandwidth being gone right now, but I am still making updates. The band is currently on tour in Australia. They have also added to there set a cover of Australia’s very own sons Silverchair’s ‘Israel’s Son.’ I’m hoping that soem sort of copy of this leaks out somewhere so that we can all hear it, or maybe they add the song to there standard live set.

07.08.05 – New things to read…
The Periodicales and Interviews section now have a plethora of new pages to read, some old that I have been meaning to post up, some new and recent. Happy reading.

07.05.05 – New Gear section coming soon…
For those of you all who have been requesting it, I have been working dilligently on it. It should be up by the end of this weekend. My poor new car is in the shop and will be until the end of next week, so I really have nothing else better to do with my nights right now than keep on keeping on with it. So, be on the lookout for it very soon gearheads. 🙂

07.04.05 – Happy 4th of July…
No real new news, just figured I should update and at least wish everyone a happy fourth. The Complete Songlisting and Covers section have now been updated again because as of Friday night the band has a new cover to there repetoire, Alice In Chains’ ‘Man In The Box.’ Brett Hestla from Dark New Day has been doing lead vocals while Shaun handles backup. Sounds interesting, so if you’re seeing them in the next few months, be sure to take a listen for it.

07.01.05 – Never meant to be so…sexy…?
If you’ve been to a recent show, you may have noticed Shaun and dale singing Crossfade’s ‘Cold’ accapella. A version of this from Corpus Crispie(hey, Shaun kept calling it crispie, not me) is now up for listen. I think Shaun is saying, ‘What I really meant to say is my band is fucking gay,’ Dale proceedes to say ‘Never meant to be so sexy, never meant to be so hot.’ Take a listen. It’s humorous. 🙂

06.30.05 – This song is called Burrito…mmm….
Yea, that’s right, a Burrito Medley. I relinked the Original version of ‘Burrito’ that I had up for a good two and a half years. It is the earliest known live recording of it around. The second version that I put up comes from a gig done at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL, which is where the header of todays news comes from. I find it funny. So, theres your ‘Burrito medley’…eat up.

06.29.05 – Seether’s Chart Standings for this week…a Change…
According to the Alternative Chart section of MediaBase, ‘Remedy’ has spent the past two weeks at number 7, has spent the last two weeks holding onto the number one position on the Active Rock Charts, but however dropped to the number 2 spot after being number 1 the past 2 weeks on the Mainstream Rock Charts by the Foo Fighters new single, ‘Best of You.’ However, it still says that ‘Remedy’ is going strong, so maybe it can push the Foo Fighters out of the number 1 slot and reclaim the top spot.
Added a better quality live version of ‘Change’ up earlier. Enjoy.

06.28.05 – The Truth is, it’s the next single…
Sunday at C101’s ‘Rock the Bay’ festival Shaun announced ‘Truth’ as the next single. In honor of that, I finally put a live version of it up from Springfield, MO. Really terrific live song that I think will do great when it officially launches at rad ads.

06.27.05 – Back from Texas…
Expect to see a lot of pictures up as well as full reviews very soon. Also, I think people should now refer to Crossfade’s ‘Cold’ as ‘So Sexy’ instead. More on this in the coming day… The Songlisting has now been updated, as well as the Covers section. I haven’t slept in 32 hours. I’m going to sleep.

06.20.05 – Seether in Texas…
I shall be away from the 21st through the 27th traveling around Texas with my friends Mel, Paul and Niloy, and will be seeing our other friends there as well. We shall also be hitting up the Seether shows on the 23rd, 25th and 26th. Cannot wait. Expect long reviews and comedic pictures when I get back of the whole week of Seetherness.

06.17.05 – The Number 1 Remedy…
Congratulations to Seether as ‘Remedy’ is now #1 on Billboards Mainstream Rock Charts. It has been on the charts the past 10 weeks, last week it was number 3, and now it’s #1. Congratulations Shaun, Dale, Pat and John. You guys have earned it.

06.16.05 – Metal Edge Interview…
The August 2005 issue of Metal Edge Magazine features a three page interview with Shaun and Dale concerning the new album. This marks the first time that the band has been in the publication since the release of Disclaimer in 2002. The issue hits newsstands tomorrow, so be sure to pick it up. For those who can’t make it yet I will have the txt article up sometime tomorrow night.

06.15.05 – Orlando Pictures…
Head over to the picture section to check out all of the pictures from Orlando from the Acoustic Session, Soundcheck, and the show that night at the HOB. Sorry they aren’t the greatest pictures. I just borrowed my moms funky camera the day before and didn’t know how to do much with it but was however able to get some pretty good pics thanks to the view finder. I’ll probably post my review of my days of seetherness through FL. some time later on.

06.09.05 – Back from seetherdom…
I’ll have a long review full of the good the bad and the ugly later on. Until then, enjoy an acoustic version of ‘Tongue’ live from an X-Session in Knoxville, TN.

06.05.05 – Off for Seetherdom…
Yep, I will be away for a few to see Seether do an acoustic session in Orlando, there show at the House Of Blues in Orlando, show the next night in Ft. Lauderdale, and then the following night in St. Petersburg. I’ll type up some nice long reviews for ya’ll to read when I get back.

06.01.05 – Site back with a flash intro…
Thanks to Tracie of Trabo designs, otherwise known as my better half who helps me with this site, for the great new site intro. 🙂

05.31.05 – K&E Billboard Chart Position…
Congratulations to Seether for Karma & Effects Chart Debuting Chart Positon at Number 8! You guys deserved number 1, but unfortunatly you were up against some real heavy hitters. In any case, really awesome to see you guys make a high chart position. Maybe you can go up a few more this week. 🙂

05.28.05 – Site down…
I know that you all can’t read this, but I’m posting it anyways so you can read it when the site is back up…The site is currently down because the site apparently got around 900,000 hits this month alone which ate up all my servers bandwidth. So I guess it’s safe to say that the band is gaining alot more fans and popularity. 🙂 Good job guys. 😀 The site should be back up by June 1.

05.27.05 – Bonus Track Lyrics, Tabs…
Shaun was gracious enough to give the fans something that many have been scratching there heads upon today; the lyrics in Afrikaans and the english translation for the Bonus Track on the new album. You can read them on the lyrics page. Also, all tabs for Karma And Effect are now up with the exception of the Bonus Track. That will be up shortly. Enjoy and happy playing. 🙂

05.25.05 – Remedy on Kimmel…
So you missed Jimmy Kimmel Live last night huh? No? Ok, so you live somewhere where your cable provider doesn’t carry the channel right? Ok…well, either way, if you want to either check out the performance for the first time or rewatch it, you know where it’s at. 🙂

05.24.05 – K&E day, Kimmel…
Karma & Effect is in stores now so go out and buy one for yourself and a friend. Don’t forget to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonite as the band will be performing ‘Remedy’ and possibly another song. I guess we’ll just have to see. Lyrics are now up, as well as some tabs. More to come. Also, I did make it onto Rockline, as well as Tracie, ironically directly after me. I was caller number 2, and she was number three. Go us 🙂

05.23.05 – Rockline Tonite…
Be sure to listen to your local Clear Channel Rock Radio station to hear Seether debut the new album tonite on Rockline. If you miss the show it will be up for listen here a few hours later. I of coarse will be trying to get on the air. Wish me luck and happy K&E Eve.

05.22.05 – Contest is now over…
The contest for the Rock In Rio DVD is now over. Winners are announced tomorrow.

05.21.05 – In Stores by Accident…
Apparently there are some stores that are stocking Karma & Effect early. As temting as it is to pick the album up early, I’m asking fans to please wait until the 24th for one reason. SoundScan, which is how an artists album sales are measured, will only start for Karma & Effect on Tuesday the 24th. So, supposedly, any albums sold before the 24th will not go towards Sound Scan for the week of the 24th which is a very important week for an albums debut sales. So I urge you all, if you see it on shelves early, please have them put the disc in the back and inform them it shouldn’t be sold until Tuesday. Afterall, Seethers competetion is big for this weekas there are new releases from Audioslave, Gorillaz, Collective Soul, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas, and Oasis. So get out there people and buy a few copies…one for yourself, your car, your home, your office and a friend too!

05.20.05 – Much On Demand…
Is now up. Cool interview and Performances. In my opinion much better sound for the show then the Musiqueplus show the previous day. Good job guys. 🙂

05.18.05 – Musiqueplus Video…
Is now up. Great performance by the guys on Much Music’s Musiqueplus.

05.17.05 – Live from Canada…
Added to the site are the three songs that the band played live on Much Music’s program Musiqueplus today, ‘Remedy’ ‘Diseased’ and ‘Broken. Also, an acoustic performance of ‘Remedy’ from the Canadian radio station ‘the edge.’

05.15.05 – I am a Plastic Man…
An amazing live acoustic version is now up. It is unbelieveable.

05.14.05 – No new album downloads…
This is a message to the people who have e-mailed me asking this question, so i figured i would address this here once more. This site will not feature downloads of songs that can be purchased in a store, meaning songs from the new album, or previous otherwise. All that I post is rare live material, and that is it, so to those who feel inclined to ask, please refrain. I am not down with taking from the band. I will be purchasing a total of 7 copies of the album the morning it comes out myself alone. Sound Scan is a very important thing and Seether’s competetion is Audioslave, System of a Down, The Gorillaz and I believe a few other big name releases, so I know the pressure is probably on them. So please, let the pressure and excitement just build in you by listening to the sound samples that the band has on there official site, Believe me, the album is worth the anticipation.

05.13.05 – Audio Interview…
You can now listen to an Audio Interview with Shaun and Dale from 102.7 K-Rock in Texas. I was lucky enough to hear this interview over the phone via Mel when it originally aired, so now thanks again to Mel, we are all able to hear it. Thanks again Mel.

05.12.05 – I watched you change…
Yep…as promised, it’s now up. It’s not an amazing soundboard recording or anything, but it’s just a cool recording for those who are wondering how it’s sounded live. Also, head over to the news album section for a link to read some interesting things about the new album, courtesy of mtv’s official website.

05.08.05 – Dark New Day on next tour…
I ran into Clint of Day New Day(formerly of Sevendust) in Orlando friday night and he confirmed that they will be replacing No Address on the Seether tour in July, thankfully. Dark New Day is a great band, in the vain of Sevendust trademark sound. Click here to check them out.

05.06.05 – Rockline…
Mark your calendars for May 23 to listen to your local Claer Channel radio station for the nationally Syndicated Rock radio program as Seether will once again take over the 90 minute live call-in Show. I’ll definatly be trying my hardest again to try and get my way through the phone lines again. : )

05.05.05 – Someday I know I’ll find my place…
Plastic Man….live…acoustic…nuff said. Great song. Shaun, you seem to be peering into my head…keep on, it’s making me feel ‘Fine Again.’
The song is great. Hearing the interview was great. Thank you. You have no idea how this has helped me.

05.03.05 – New banner…
Notice anything different on the site…like the banner at the top of the site. 🙂 The new look comes courtesy of board moderator Mel, so thank her for the great new banner, because she rocks.

05.02.05 – Seether-Online Rock In Rio DVD Contest…
I get a lot of requests as of how to get one of these DVD’s, and the answer is kind of simple…I have no idea. I actually burned my own. So click here to read about how you can get your own DVD. If you have any questions concerning the contest, feel free to e-mail me.

04.28.05 – Tour Dates Added…
The band has been adding a plethora of new dates for there upcoming trek with Crossfade. Head over to the tour section to check out if there coming near you. They have added three dates for florida, which thrills me. I shall be at all three.

04.27.05 – Remedy MPG…
I moved the high quality mpg which was hidden only to those who were unable to locate it’s location, to the MPG Download section.

04.24.05 – A few updates…
The Complete Songlisteing and Covers section have now been updated in the Discography section. Apparently the band has added the Deftones ‘Change(In The House Of Flies) to there live sets as a replacement for Nirvana’s ‘You Know You’re Right,’ as the bands final tour in support of Disclaimer II was the last it was to be played. Look for Audio/Video of the performance to surface soon. Also, the tab for ‘Diseased’ has also been added to the Tabulature section as well. Don’t forget sunday night is the site’s weekly fan chat night.

04.23.05 – New tab and Lyrics
The tab for ‘The Gift’ is now up, as well as the lyrics to ‘The Gift’ and ‘Diseased.’

04.22.05 – A Diseased Gift…
Seether’s official website,, has two new tracks from Karma & Effect, ‘The Gift’ and Diseased’ up for listen. Head on over there and take a listen. Also for message board users, be sure to take our poll to cast your vote for your favorite of the two new tracks.

04.16.05 – Remedy Calling…
After testing it on my own cell, I decided to post it up. Yep, that’s right, you too can now have ‘Remedy’ has your phone’s ringtone now.

04.15.05 – Now on Newsstands…
Seether has an almost full page article on them in the ‘TuneUps’ section of the June 2005 issue of Guitar World magazine, which hit the stands today. You can also read the article in the Periodicales section of this site.

04.14.05 – Tracklisting…
Head over to the New Album section to check out the Tracklisting for Karma and Effect. Also, go to the Video section to check out the video for ‘Remedy’ in either streaming Windows Media or Real Player. Enjoy.

04.11.05 – Remedy Music Video…
Go to to check out Seethers new video for ‘Remedy.’ You can check ut stills from the video in the Musi video stills section in the Picture section of this site. If you haver dial-up and hate streaming videos, then be sure to be on the hunt tomorrow for the mpg on this site. Be warned it will only be on for a very short time at night, so if you find out where it is going to be at, please keep it a secret and don’t go telling everyone or posting where it is or put a direct link to it.. It’s a hunt. It’s supposed to be fun 🙂 So enjoy the hunt and the video will be uploaded and posted somewhere on this site tomorrow.
p.s. if i find out that itis posted somewhere where the video is at, it will be taken down. takes away from the initial excitement of the hunt.

04.10.05 – Cigarettes can suck you in…
I think Cigarettes taste gross, and I don’t smoke them…cloves rock…right Shaun :p Anyways, it’s been awhile since i posted a file, and kept it up…so you know where to go for this once. It was recorded by myself in Orlando this past August at UCF arena. Be warned, the quality isn’t amazing. For a place that holds 2,000 people, the place only had 450, so the sound was bouncing everywhere. From what I’ve been told however, it’s the first time that they have played the song live though, so enjoy, it’s a pretty cool live song.
Oh yea, today is Sunday, so be sure to hit the Chat room tonite between 7pm-3am for our annual Sunday night fan chats.

04.07.05 – Remedy doing well…
According to Sound Scans, ‘Remedy’ has gotten alot of radio adds in the first two days alone. keep the requests coming in to your local and online radio stations.
Also, be sure to check out it was Miami(south fl) best rock station until Clear Channel converted it to all Latin. It was also a huge Seether supporter. Sadly, they are only an online station now. 🙁

04.05.05 – Remedy Tomorrow…
Tomorrow ‘Remedy’ will be officially available for listen on seethers official website, as well as here. Looking at my sites stats, I see that no one has found where I put ‘Remedy’ on this site. Kind of funny. It’s there though, keep looking. In other news, sort of, I put my freshly typed tab for ‘Remedy’ up, so if you want to learn the song, there it is.

04.04.05 – Album Cover Art…Europe cancelled…for now…
Head over to the Audio, Discography, or Lyrics section to take a look at the artwork for the new album, ‘Karma And Effect.’ You can hear the song somewhere on this site. Just not saying where…I made it alot tougher this time around. In Tour news, Seether will not be touring europe in support of the new album first. Instead they will be piecing together some sort of tour in the near future and will be hitting europe sometime in September.

04.01.05 – An April fools joke…
So I guess the band decided to play an April fools joke on the fans by placing snippets of ‘Remedy’ all over there site hidden in spots here and there. So, as a little joke, i’ve placed a clip myself somewhere on this site to make things a little easier so you don’t have hop from here and there and everywhere or have four or five windows open to listen to the clips in a succession. So…happy hunting. :p

03.23.05 – New Old Interview and performance…
Want to hear a somewhat older interview with the band? Go to the Radio Programs section of the Audio page where you can listen to a 20 minute segment where Seether were guests on New Hampshire’s Rock 101 Morning Show. They talked about such things as there bands they like, influences, performed ‘Fine Again’ live full band acoustic…oh ye, and Dale talks about putting a hole in an inflatable sheep. So go and check it out.

03.20.05 – Site back up…with a message…
Took the site down for a bit. What can I say except I won’t cater to the cowards who think they can boss me around and make me feel like dirt by sitting behind there computer and talk ill of me thinking that they have rule over me and that I owe them something. So, a message to you 30 and G1…act your age and remember that your supposed to be there for music, not to make people feel like dirt.
In a better site related note, I we are making some changes to the message board to make it a little bigger and better, as well as the chat room. Get ready for the new album, the new single should be dropping in the next week or so. Head over to the New Album section to read all the new details as well as the official new album title.

03.16.05 -Video update
Head over to the New Album section to read more about the new video for “Back To The Remedy’ and take a peak at some lyrics.

03.15.05 -Video shoot today…
Today is the day Seether shoots the video for the first single off of there upcoming sophomore album for Wind-Up. Good luck guys.

03.13.05 – A mini-concert…
Head over to the Video section, onto the In-Concert section to check out a little 4 song mini Seether concert. It is four songs from Seethers set from MD on there last tour with Evanescence last July. Enjoy.

03.10.05 – Wanna be in a video…
Shooting next week, Monday 14 or Tuesday 15. No pay but will pay for meals. Come see Seether make an incredible video and be in it! If interested email
Hear/Read that…be in the new video for ‘Remedy.’ I would be there, but fl. colleges have spring break this past week, whereas the rest of the country seems to have it this coming week. 🙁 If anyone is going, please do tell us all about it on the Message Board.

03.09.05 – Shaun onthe Hard Drive…
Shaun was recently on the Clear Channel Radio Syndicated show Hard Drive this past Sunday night talking about the new album. You can go to the Audio Interviews section to listen to the clip.

03.08.05 – Artwork..
In the New Album section you can read an update from Shaun concerning the artwork concerning the new album.

03.03.05 – Album Mixing…
Another update on the mixing progress from Shaun has been added to the New Album section. Head over there to read more from the man.

03.01.05 – Tour Update…
Seether will not be touring until late May, not April. This information comes from Seethers Tour Manager Edwin. Thank you for the update E, you rock. 🙂

02.22.05 – More Song Titles…upcoming tour…
More info on the new Album is in the afformentioned section. Also, Seether is to head to Europe in April to tour in support of there fourthcoming disc before hitting the states with a tour starting on April 27th. This information is confirmed by Seether’s Tour Manager.

02.16.05 – New update…
Head over to the New Album section to read a new update from Shaun concerning the next albums release, new video and more. The anticipation is building 🙂

02.13.05 – Site back up…
Sorry the site was gone this weekend. It gets a very large number of visitors and for whatever reason I went over bandwidthvery quick this month, so I got some more. Should be no more problems now. pardon the inconvenience.

02.11.05 – Official release Date…
Mark your calendars for May 24th — the release date for Seether’s upcoming album! The band is wrapping up the initial recording stage and moving into mixing, and the tracks sound incredible! This date has been released officially by Wind-Up, so now that we have an concrete release date, we just have to wait for a tracklisting and an album title.

02.08.05 – May 17th…
Looks like the new albums release date may now be May 17th. Head over to the New Album section for more info.

02.05.05 – Alot of New pics added…
Hit up the Picture section, all years have had new shows galleries added.

02.04.05 – Possible First single…
Rumor has it that the possible first single from Seether’s fourthcoming yet to be titled disc, ‘Back To The Remedy’ is to impact radio on April 12. Head over to the new album section for more info.

01.30.05 – Last Nights Show…Chat Tonite…
The setlist for last nights drunk acoustic show at the self-proclaimed ‘Professional Drinking Establishment’ American trash was as follows…69tea…Tied My Hands…Driven Under…Immortality…Fine Again…Something In The Way…Broken…You Know You’re Right.
Tonite is Sunday, so our weekly fan chat is on once again from 7pm-3am.

01.29.05 – Drunk Acoustic Show tonite…
Posted by Pat earlier this evening…’It looks like we will be playing at like 10 ish at a bar called american trash on 77 and 1st….it should be a good time-so if anyone is in the new york area come on out and drink with us…’ – Pat.
Well, I’m a little too far from NY being in southern Fl, so looks like I’m stuck here tonite. However, life currently sucks tons for me, so I will be there in spirit and drinking lots here. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of my taper friends in the NY area will be able to get the show for me.

01.22.05 – More Interviews, Studio news…
Head over to the New Album section to read up on what’s new in the studio with the band, and go to the interviews section to read some newly added interviews.

01.16.05 – Tabs…
I didn’t realize it but I hadn’t linked the tab for Take Me Away from Disclaimer II and the tab for Rape Me, so they are linked correctly now.

01.09.05 – Seether Rings…
A bunch of new Hi Fi ‘Polyphonic’ ring tones have been added to the Ring Tones section. I made them the best quality, smallest file size that I could so that they don’t take up alot of your phones memory. I currently have ‘Sympathetic’ as my ringer. 🙂

01.08.05 – New Tones, New album…
Head on over to the New Album section for the latest update from Shaun. Also, for those wondering about the Ring Tone instructions, they do work, and expect more in the next few days.

01.04.05 – Ring Away…
Thanks to all who e-mailed me letting me know that the link for the Broken ring tone was, well, broken. The links for the winamp skins have also been fixed as well. Sorry for the inconvenience and be sure to drop me an e-mail if you find any of you seether freaks find a broken link. thanks.

01.02.05 – Gold Status…
Congratulations to Seether, for Disclaimer II is now also certified Gold. 🙂

01.01.05 – Happy New Year…
Looks like I was able to make an update. For the hell of it, I decided to check out this site’s stats for 2004…wow…1,675,199 hits this site has taken in 2004. : O I guess that means people really like Seether huh 😀 In other news, thanks to those people who sent me mail notifying me of broken links, they have been fixed.

12.31.04 – Welcome to the new site…
Hey there fellow Seether fan. Welcome to the new Yep, the time finally came, the the new site is up. Complete with new sections, better organization, and tons more goodies for you to watch and listen too. I put the site up a day early from the new year because I won’t be in town, so everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and I’ll see ya next year(that phrase sounds so goofy, but it is true, less than 24 hours away for me). Be sure to browse around the site and if you find any broken links, be sure to drop me an e-mail so I can take care of that. Enjoy the new site. See you all in ’05.