News (2003-2004)

12.06.04 – New site coming soon…
The past few months I have been kicking around idea for a new look/layout for this site. I have been between 4 ideas but have finally come down to the wire on the one that I am going to use. Unlike some people, I don’t think imagery is the way to do things right, no matter what the e-mails I get tell me. Hence why it has taken me so long to come up with a professional looking layout that I could be happy with. I have thankfully stumbled onto it and am shooting to release the new site possibly by christmas. So stayed tuned for this new site, cause whenever I have had free time at home and haven’t been studying my ass off or getting yelled at by someone, I’ve been working my ass off on redesigning the whole site. Hope it doesn’t disappoint, because I’m pretty excited about the new look.

12.02.04 – Seetherville is finally up…
The band has finally put up there own site, Seetherville. I guess they went with the second layout that I saw a while back. ::shrugs:: check it out.

12.01.04 – Lack of Updates…
Sorry about the lack of updates the past week or so. Not much really going on in the world of seether. Plus currently have a very busy schede; class, job 1, job 2, home at midnight, get to finally eat something, and sleep. So between all of that, being unwanted at job 2 and at home, yea, haven’t really had much time for updates, or supposed friends or friends if I actually had em. Keep checking the site, I should putting up something new soon.

11.23.04 – Seether on New Evanescence DVD…
I know quite a many of you Seether fans are Evanescence fans as well, so I’m sure that you probably already bought Evanescence’ live CD/DVD package release ‘Anywhere But Home.’ So, odds are, you’ve probably seen Seether sparsed here and there…and Shaun, Beth(Amy’s hair/makeup artist/friend), and Ben(breaking benjamin) rocking out to ‘Bring Me To Life’ backstage Karaoke style. Maybe I’ll post that up…maybe. Anyways, if your an Evanescence fan, I highly suggest picking up the DVD, it’s really cool and you get to hear ‘Farther Away’ and ‘Breathe No More,’ two of my personal favorite songs. 🙂 Ok, I’m ging to be quiet and go back to my cage now. Despite all my rage, I’ll always be locked in it.

11.22.04 – New Album News…
That’s right, head on over to the New Album section to read another new update from Shaun on the progress to the bands follow-up to Disclaimer/Disclaimer II.

11.13.04 – Broken feat. Kevin Martin…
Yep, ‘Broken’ live with former Candlebox vocalist Kevin Martin. This track comes from the last date of Seether’s european tour with openers Kevin Martin and the HiWatts. Shaun jokes that since Amy isn’t there they need Kevin to sing with them because he sounds like a girl:p haha. Irony is, I rememberback in the day Kevin was sometimes referred to as a male sounding Janis Joplin. Anyways, you know which section you can check out this track. And Shaun, I guess your right, I guess I really can find anything you guys do :p

11.11.04 – Release Date Confirmed…
As made by a posting from Shaun, May 3 will be the Official Release date for the Follow-Up to Disclaimer II. Read more in the New Album section.

11.09.04 – More live shots…
Added tons more live shots of the band, including pics from there last show from the bands trek across europe with Kevin Martin & the HiWatts. Be sure to keep checking out the site because something quite surprising and special will be coming up soon from this show on the site.

11.04.04 – Miss Broken on Leno…?
So, did you forget to set your VCR or Tivo for Seether’s performance on Leno last night? Slacker, 😛 Anyways, we have the video up for view in the Video section, and an mp3 of the performance also up. I’ll add screen shots from the performance later on tonite. Enjoy the video and audio. It was a cool performance, and John was going off behind the kit 🙂

11.03.04 – Don’t forget to set your VCR’s…
That’s right, tonite is the big night, Seether performs ‘Broken’ with Amy Lee on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Good luck guys.

11.02.04 – My Polyamorous friend…
I’ve been meaning to put this up for awhile. It’s a clip from the last night of the Evanescence tour in Little Rock, AR. Right before the band played ‘You Know You’re Right,’ they would thank the bands that they were on tour with. On this particular night Shaun sang a line from Breaking Benjamin’s ‘Polyamorous.’ Kind of humorous. Thought I would share. It’s not like it’s a karaoke clip of ‘Daughter’ or anything. ::winks::

10.30.04 – New video, New album Info, and Live footage…
I just added a new video to the Video section that was sent to me last night. It’s a backstage interview conducted for the band for some television show that I’ve never heard of that’s apparently done right down here in my area. Go figure. Anyways, it’s a 7 minute interview with Shaun and Dale where they talk about everything from touring, naming there bus, video games disclaimer II, the new album, and more. Plus the two first songs that they played at there July 26th performance at the Office Depot Center at Sunrise, ‘Gasoline’ and ’69tea.’ According to the interview the band wants to package the follow-up to Disclaimer II to also feature a DVD that shows the making of the record, stuff they’ve shot on the road and some live performance footage as well. Sounds good to me. View the video to hear all the good stuff.

10.29.04 – More pics…
More pictures havebeen added to the Picture section. Thanks to my former love for a nice batch she took back in July for me. Thanks to Sas for the plethora of pics from last weeks gig in Amsterdam Stay tuned, more to come.

10.28.04 – Seether @ the BMI Awards Video…
I know it’s been awhile since the last update. Fear not though, more updates are on the way: ) Head over to the video section to check out a video of Shaun and Dale at the BMI Awards Talking about Writing, Covers, The long road to your goal, significance of the award, and some great words on song writing from Amy.

10.27.04 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno…
Be sure to tune into The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC next Wednesday the 3rd to catch Seether perform ‘Broken’ with Amy. Should be an awesome performance, so be sure to take a nap early in the day or set your VCR or Tivo for it. For those who just forget and miss it I will have it up in the video section probably the very next day to view. That’s all the news for now.

10.14.04 – New Affiliate…
You may have noticed under Affiliates on the entrance of the site that there is now a link for a great site on The Used called ‘Blue and Yellow,’ which is also a great song by them by the way. Anyways, I thought it was a great site so I exchanged Affiliates with them, so if your a fan of The used and haven’t been to this site yet, check it out.

10.11.04 – Off to Europe They Go…
I would assume that the band has either left today, or has already been there a few days exploring. In either case, they are currently on a headlining trek across europe with Kevin Martin and the HiWatts opening for them. For those who don’t know who Kevin Martin is, he is the former vocalist for mid/late ’90’s Seattle Altternative hard rock band Candlebox. You can check them out at music by Kevin Martin and the HiWatts here. Also, if your inclined to they are an unsigned act and are doing this tour of europe sponsored by the fans, so if you want to help donate to there cause, there are details on that on the Tour section of there site. Good luck to both bands.

10.07.04 – The New Boards, Sorry for the inconvenience…
For those peope registered to the Seether-Online message Boards, sorry for the inconvenience, but you have to reregister again. We have completly changed our boards to be more efficient and much more user friendly…plus they match the motif of what the new look of this site will change to as we near closer to the release of the follow-up to Disclaimer/Disclaimer II. Be sure to check out the rules and whatnot and please be courteous to your fellow Seether fan and have fun. 🙂
-matt, tracie, mel

10.05.04 – The Consequences…
The Official Seether Message Board is currently closed. My guess is that it may be for good. About a year and a half ago when Evanescence’ Official Message Board was taken down for ‘maintenence’ the same message that currently appears was shown there. A Familiar message is back up. To the people responsible for causing enough controversy that the board would be shut down. thanks a lot. 🙁
Luckily there is still a place for fans to interact; here on the Seether-Online message boards. Have fun.

10.02.04 – Breaking Lithium…?
According to a few people were at this past weekends bayfest in Mobile, AL, Shaun joined fellow openers Breaking Benjamin for a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’ Hopefully soon a recording of this performance will appear.

09.29.04 – An Update From Shaun..
‘…We’ve just finished up a new batch of demo’s for the next album, and we’re really excited with the result!
So far we have 17 songs that we believe are good enough.
17 songs!
Those 17 songs, in working title form, are currently up for consideration for the next album. Hopefully we’ll get the go ahead soon, and actually go into studio and start recording for real!
Other than that, everybody’s good. We’ll be in Mobile, AL this weekend, at Bayfest with Collective Soul, and then we’ll head over to Europe for two weeks.
Hopefully we’ll head straight into the studio when we get back and have the album finished by mid-December.
I think we’re all really proud of the new material, and I know the album is going to be a step up from Disclaimer.
I can’t wait for you guys to hear the new shit!!! -Shaun
Well theres the update. I’m pretty excited and cannot wait to hear what comes from these sessions.

09.28.04 – No New Songs…
Kind of a bit of bad and good news for people in Europe. Seether’s upcoming trek through Europe this coming October will not feature any new songs. On the upside though, the europe tour is getting something that us in the US haven’t gotten; Saron Gas songs. So, to all you in europe going to shows on this tour…your very lucky.

09.27.04 – Fan Chat Thanks 🙂
Thanks to everyone who came and participated in our first ever official chat last night. There was quite a turnout of fans and friends and we’re glad that everyone had funand was courteous to one another. Were going to make sure that the few bugs that we are our taken care of by our next chat which may take place yet again this coming Sunday. Be sure to register your Usernames.
-matt and tracie

09.26.04 – Fan Chat Tonite!
Tonite between the times of 7pm and 12 est. come into the chat room here on this site and chat with fellow seether fans. Hope to see ya there.
-matt and tracie

09.21.04 – ‘…this one’s for Katie…who drove 22 fucking hours to be here tonite…’
Here you go Katie. Your song is up for ya. Since it’s a song Seether has played, I also added the Lyrics to the song, Tab, and the song is now added to the Discography/Songlist. As for being drained…video editing a whole day drained me. I need sleep. ::poof!::

09.20.04 – Immortality times two
And now for your viewing pleasure, two really great videos from the Galaxy Theatre and the Key Club of ‘Immortality’ being perfomed live. Nice monologue at the Galaxy Shaun. : )

09.19.04 – Tons of new videos
Head on over to the Video section to check out a bunch of new videos. A montage of the bands performance at last weekeneds Key Club and Galaxy shows which feature ‘Drain You’ being performed for the first time. ‘Broken feat. Amy Lee’ and ‘Take Me Away’ live from the Milwaukee Summerfest.

09.17.04 – Completly Drain You…
mmm hmm…yep. Head over to the Video section to check out an exclusive video clip of Seether performing “Drain You” live for the very first time on 9-11-04 in Santa Ana, CA. More clips from that show, as well as the previous days show at the Key Club to come, as well as many pictures.

09.13.04 – Making Of Driven Under
As if the Video section wasn’t packed as it was, I decided I’m going to add quite a bit more to it. The newest addition is the video for the making of ‘Driven Under.’ Scroll around the section and you’ll see what other surprises I coming soon to the section as well.

09.10.04 – Rock The Vote Night 1
If your in the shallow superficial CA area tonite, be sure to check out Seether do a show to benefit Rock The Vote at the Key Club. Tracie flew there to see tonite and tomorrow’s show.

09.09.04 – CA Dates & European Tour
Tour dates have been added for Europe 🙂 Be sure to check out the tour section to see if Seether is coming near you. Also, if you live in the California area, be sure to check out Seether this weekend at the Key Club in LA on 9/10/04 and The Galaxy Theatre on 9/11/04. Both shows are benefit concerts for Rock the Vote. I will be at both shows so stayed tuned for reviews and pictures.

09.08.04 – Electricity…is…the shit
So after days of not having power, like most of the surrounding areas of my city, I finally have power back. woo-hoo! So I decided to make a little update. I totally redid the FAQ section, it’s a bit different and I think alot more organized, so check it out.

09.03.04 – Fuck It!
09.03.04 – Fuck It! Yea, so my power was out all day…thanks Francise…finally have power back…for awhile anyways. So, the latest song to go up now is by choice of my good friend Mel. She has selected for me to put up ‘Fuck It’ live from the DVD taping at the New Hampshire Casino last year. It sounds really cool, and it’s one of the songs excluded from the DVD that came with Disclaimer II, so enjoy. :p

09.02.04 – New stuff, gone it is
As I promised to the band before, I will not post new songs that could end up on the follow-up to Disclaimer/Disclaimer II. In response, I have taken down the live versions of ‘Burrito,’ ‘I’m The One’ and the lyrics for ‘Because Of Me.’ You’ll just have to be patient and wait for the new album to come out, which from the sound of some of these new songs, is going to be frickin great. To the band, sorry I initially had up ‘Burrito’ and ‘I’m The One’ and the possible lyrics for ‘Because Of Me’ My bad. ::ducks from possible flying objects:: So, anyways, I may not be making any updates to the site for the next few days, because unless you have been living under a rock, southern Florida is about to get nailed by a hurricane, so to save my comp from like, you know exploding from a power surge, I’m unplugging it. So, if anything new gets posted, it shall be posted by Tracie. So, talk to ya latr ya’ll. :p

09.01.04 – Good Luck Guys!
Today is supposed to be the day that Seether head into Pre-Production for the new record before going hardcore with Bob Marlette into the actual recording phase. Tracie and I here at would like to extend our thanks and good luck to the band as they enter the next phase of there musical careers and gear up to release the follow-up to Disclaimer/Disclaimer II. We’re sure your going to blow us away again.
-matt and tracie

08.31.04 – Orlando rocked..and it’s because of her…
Tuesday and I’m soo missing the best weekend EVer. Tracie and I had a great time in Orlando and I must say I hadn’t been that happy in months. The show was really great and the band played ‘Cigarrettes’ live for the first time. We will have a long joint review, as well as pictures and some audio up from the big show as well by the end of the week. In the meantime, i have had quite a many requests asking for lyrics and tabs for ‘Because Of Me.’ As I said in a previous news update, by request of the band I will not post up a live mp3 of any of the new stuff.Since however a so-so quality mp3 of the performance of the song from the Rock In Rio festival has been floating around though, many have been mailing me wanting to know lyrics and tab for it. So, I posted an unofficial lyric transcription of what the lyrics were from my clear as hell recording of the songs performance at the TD waterhouse center in Orlando last month. I also put up a tab of the song as well, so have fun with them.

08.27.04 – Orlando here we come…
Yep, I’ll be heading up to Orlando for the weekend to see Seether perform a full set at UCF Arena. My good friend Tracie, who you might remember was updating this site for me while I was away on tour this summer, is also flying down so we can hang out and go to the show. : ) So, hopefully a fun weekend will be had by all…because this whole month has pretty much fucking sucked and I need a few days of no worrying and no evilness dammit. I should be making some sort of update Sunday night, or Monday when I’m back and in recovery mode from such an amazing show. Pray The next like 100 hours at least are great for me.

08.26.04 – Broken live acoustic with Amy…
Can you believe me, I was finally able to update. My asshole new manager at work has totally been slave driving me, so I’ve been coming home friggin exhausted afetr a long day of class and then work. That shall soon change though. Gotta concentrate on school, and my little sanctuary here, this site. :p Anyways, coming from an unknown source ::coughs:: yea, I’m not saying, but a very good friend of mine, I’m sharing with you a very special live acoustic performance of ‘Broken’ with Amy from a win your way in acoustic session that went on in D.C. last month. It’s a really great performance of the song.

08.19.04 – Fine for the acoustic mix…?
So I was finally able to get ahold of the european acoustic mix of ‘Fine Again,’ so I’m passing it on to you all to enjoy. It’s a cool mix of the song that you’ll definatly love. A nice little surprise will be in the same section tomorrow.

08.12.04 – New Interviews…
a few interviews with Shaun have been added to the Interviews section, as well as two video interviews from Pepsi Smash. More good stuff to come.

08.04.04 – Site updates…
Finally making some updates to the site. I am currently all doped up on medication because I have tonsilitis…so I figured what better time to update my site when I can’t leave my room because I’m too fucked up:p I have added tons of pictures to the pictures section, as well as made some updates to the New Album section and added the demo versions of ‘Fine Again’ and ‘Fuck It’ to the mp3 section. Also, since I have been getting many an e-mail about this, in respect to the band and there wishes, I will not be posting any of the versions I have of ‘Because Of Me’ until the new album is out. It’s out of respect to them, and to make sure theres at least a few surprises when you hear the new album. ‘Because Of Me’ is a great song. I may however possibly post a shirt clip of the song to give a taste of this great new song. Also, click here to read my reviews for both the 7-26 and 7-27 shows I went to…there quite long, so be ready for a long read:p

08.03.04 – Congrats John…rats Dale…
Shaun posted earlier this message update on Dale as well as some other news…
Hey Everyone
So, I guess some of you already know that Dale was missing from the show last night. We missed him most of all, I assure you!!!
Two nights ago Dale suddenly got sharp pains in his stomach, and he could hardly walk, but managed to get to the hotel from the bus. Yesterday we dragged his arse to the hospital, and after several procedures and tests, he was admitted to have his appendix removed.
The operation went extremely well, and Dale was back on the bus last night just before midnight, with three holes in various parts of his abdomen. He’s doing really well today, just suffering a little from the aftermath.
As long as he has his Codeine, he says he’ll be okay
In the meantime, Mark, the bassist from Breaking Benjamin, will be standing in for us for the next couple of shows, along with Will Boyd from Evanescence.
We’re really grateful to them both for getting us through this!!!
So, we’re all good, and we hope to have Dale back real soon!
In other news, John Humphrey is now the proud father of a healthy new baby boy, weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds, 12 ounces! Both mother and baby are apparently doing well, and the rest of the band will get to meet the new arrival on Saturday!
All of us want to send our congratulations to John, Jennifer, Jackson and Jett. (I hope I spelled them all right!)
Thanks again to everyone for coming out and supporting us on this tour!
We really appreciate it!
Peace Ya’ll!

08.02.04 – Appendicitis…
Well, according to a call I got shortly, Dale did not play bass tonite in Cincinatti. Yep…instead the band played as a 3-piece tonite with Pat on bass until ‘Broken,’ when he switched to acoustic guitar. For the remaining songs, ‘I’m The One’ and ‘You Know You’re Right,’ the bassist(pardon me for not knowing his name at this moment)played bass and Pat went back to guitar. Get well soon Dale.

07.31.04 – Recovery…
Pardon lack of updates in the past few days. My boss is a slave driver motherfucker and I’ve been comng home dead tired everyday. The site shall have mega updates in the next day or so. Lots of cool stuffs, so be prepared for some reading. :p

07.25.04 – Two days of Seether…
No updates for a few days here, Tomorrow I’m getting to go see Seether at the Office Depot Center with Evanescence. 🙂 The following day I’m seeing them in Orlando and won’t be back until late wednesday night. When I get back and after my work is done slaving me to death because my boss is a fucking jackass, I’ll have long ass reviews and tons of stuff to read, so be ready for that. Also, some new downloads; the demo of ‘Fuck It’ and ‘Fine Again.’

07.21.04 – Publication News…
Check out the September issue of Guitar One Magazine for a section featuring Shaun titled ‘What’s In Your iPod?’ This marks the first time Seether has been in a magazine since Shaun was in an issue of Esquire last year paying tribute to Kurt Cobain. The current issue of Guitar One also features a guitar tab for ‘Broken feat. Amy Lee.’ The solo is however shown played at a different register of the board. Sounds right, but so not played the same. Anyways, that’s the news for now. I’ll probably have the Guitar On iPod article up in the next day or so because I have no life, my heart is broke and i’m all out of glue.

07.15.04 – Pepsi Anyone…?
So, you missed Pepsi Smash last night huh? Don’t worry about it, because you can still watch it here in the video section, as well as check out stills of the performance and download the audio from it as well. On a side note, my sweetie is getting to see Seether with Evanescence tonite, so to her, I hope you have a great time and I hope that the pass I got ya pulls through my heart: )

07.14.04 – Detroit Interview…
Before the bands show tonite in detroit, Mi at DTE, Shaun did an interview for a local radio station. You can listen to it in the Audio section. Don’t forget also to watch Pepsi Smash tonite at 9 to catch Seether performing ‘Broken’ with Amy. If you miss it, don’t worry, we’ll have it. : )

07.13.04 – Don’t forget about the Pepsi…!
Catch Seether on performing ‘Broken’ with Amy on the WB show Pepsi Smash tomorrow night at 9. Don’t go forgetting now, theres a nice banner on the entrance to this very site reminding you of it. 😛

07.10.04 – You guys like Pearl Jam right…?
The surprise I’ve been keeping you on pins and needles for…Seether covering Pearl Jam’s ‘Immortality’ at the Milwaukee Seummerfest on the 24th of last month. Enjoy the track, it’s really cool to hear Seether’s cover of it.

07.09.04 – Trapdoor In the sun…
The surprise comes tomorrow…the one I’ve been hinting at for awhile now. 🙂

07.08.04 – Affiliates…
If you hadn’t noticed on the entrance page to the site, there are now affiliate sites. So if your a fan of Staind, Evanescence, or Thornley, check out those sites, they’re pretty cool.

07.04.04 – Happy 4th!
No real updates, just wanted to say Happy 4th of July, and to my sweetie, i hope your father gets well soon. : (

07.03.04 – Updated Saron Gas section…
Thanks to the kind soul who sent me all of that Saron Gas information. I truly appreciate it. The section is now completly updated with everything from past news articles on Saron Gas, to tour dates, and more, so if your interested in checking out that stuff, have fun, it’s quite a bit of reading.

07.02.04 – Things had never been so swell…
Surprise number 3 is now up…my best quality recording of ‘You Know You’re Right’ live. This comes from the bands performance on last falls 3 Doors Down tour at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre in Pittsburgh, PA. Also, check out the newly updated Discography/Songlist section. -matt

07.01.04 – An update from Shaun…
Here’s what we have planned for the rest of 2004…

July through August: We’ll be on the Evanescence Summer Tour, along with Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace. It should be a good time, let me tell you! Many, many beers will be consumed in the name of rock, or something.

August through October: We will be in the studio recording our next album! Yes! It’s finally going to happen folks! We get to record 12 – 14 new tracks, with the intention of bringing them to your ears VERY early in 2005. Probably looking at around late Feb, or early March. This has got me so excited, I swear I’m going to soil myself…!!! (This does unfortunately mean that there won’t be any touring with HIM this year, I’m afraid! Sorry! We need to finish the album…)

November through December: Random shows, in random parts of the world, but mostly concentrating on the US I believe. This does not mean that if something tasty, in a different country, comes along we won’t take it! Oh no, my friends! We may hit foreign shores this year!

After that we’ll probably spend about 3 weeks at home with our respective families, and then we’ll commence another 2 years of touring! Hell Yeah! I can taste the road already 🙂

Just thought you’d like to know…

I also think I have hemorrhoids, but don’t worry! I should make a full recovery

Oh, and we had some complications with, but it should be up in about 2 or 3 weeks. I just have to pay the nice people at the website design company and we can move speedily along!

Thanks for listening!!!
Love and Spit-Bubbles

ok, three things. Shaun….I hope your not trusting TA rest stops…I’m super glad that you guys are going to stop touring and take a break and record, because you really deserve it for touring your asses off as long as you have…and…see you in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando later this month man.

06.30.04 – Broken in Rio…
Surprise number 2 is here, in the video section you can now watch ‘Broken’ with Amy Lee live from the Rock In Rio Festival. The bigger surprises are soon to come.

06.29.04 – Sell me Halloween…
I promised a cool surprise, so here is surprise number 1, ‘Sold Me’ live on Halloween. The mp3 comes from a Halloween show the band played where they got to open for Marilyn Manson…sounds like a badass halloween.

06.28.04 – I’m Back
Hey all, Matt here and I’m back home from the tour from hell. I’ll elaborate later on on that. As for now, once I’m all situated back home, you’ll see alot more updates. The Audio, Video, Discography/Songlisting, Tabulature, and Links sections have been redone a bit. Tabs for all of Disclaimer II should be up by the end of the month. Also, look for some really cool mp3 surprises soon.

06.24.04 -Only 17
An mp3 of a new Seether song, is now up. The song is live from Rock Am Ring in Germany where the band played earlier this month with tour mates Evanescence.

06.21.04 -Pics of Shaun from The Edge
Pictures are up from Shaun’s interview at The Edge. Be sure to also head over to the audio section to check out the interview.

06.19..04 – Updates from Shaun/ The Edge Interview
Update 7:30pm-Shaun was interviewed on The Edge, a Candian Radio station, today. Head over to the audio section to check it out 🙂

So, I’m sorry about the Cold thing – I thought the band had split up after Terry and Kelly both quit the band in the same week. I figured that they would call it a day and move on to new projects. Whoever is offended – I’m sorry. It just won’t be Cold without the 2 guitarists to me, anyway.

Thanks to the street team, as always, for working your arses off. You guys rule! Sometimes things are so chaotic when you’re doing liner notes that you forget some important people. Trust me – someone always bitches! Thanks to Diane for being that person this time:) I should have expected it though, right?

You are also being a little paranoid about the credits. Pat and John are treated as band members, and are credited for their playing on the album. The way it is worded could be different, but then again – what the hell do I know? I still haven’t seen the fucking album!!!



Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen

Here’s some more feedback for all ya’ll…

Firstly, I hope everyone is enjoying the new songs, if you have them…
It was a tough choice deciding which ones to add, but it seemed like those were the more popular ones.
Thanks again for your support – you are collectively “The Shit”!!!

In other news… is almost up and ready! Hooray!
We’re trying to iron out some bugs, and make it as cool as possible, but it is very, very close now!
I think it looks really good, but we have to make it perfect, you know???
Already there are a whole bunch of cool pictures from the European tour, so keep watching that space…

I am in Toronto right now, doing some press stuff, and I’ll be at the Much Music Awards on Sunday, but after that I’ll be back home for a while, and I can get back to answering all your questions.

I’m sorry, but Europe was a complete bitch as far as getting online.

God bless America! Or at the very least – the North American continent:)
It’s probably just because I have no idea how to get online anywhere else that I’m so jaded 🙂
However – thank you Europe for having us!
We enjoyed your beer, vodka, cigarettes and whatever else came our way…
(I was talking about food, okay???)

Other than that, all is well!

We will be back in studio in the Fall – a guarantee we recently received from the record company – so the next album is not far off, I assure you.
Time for some new tunes, I always say.

I still have a problem with crappy pop punk music, and I still wanna bitch slap trust-fund-rock-star-small-penis-big-ego-wannabe’s, so I must be feeling okay

We’ll be seeing you guys on the road soon!
Start preparing them livers…


I will be updating the site later with some more stuff, so check back. 🙂

06.15.04 – Go out and get Disclaimer II!
Disclaimer II is out today so make sure you go to your local music store and pick it up 🙂

06.08.04 – Update from Shaun
Hello Everybody

I’m sitting writing this on one of those shitty hotel remote keyboards, because I can’t get online in Europe, and I need to say Wassup!

Thankfully I’ll be back, up and running in about 1 more week.

We’re having an awesome time out here so far – the shows have been awesome and the fans have been insane! A big thank you to France especially for the warm welcome we have received at every show.

Apparently the single is doing well now back home, so we’re excited about that. Thanks for voting if you’ve voted, or calling in if you called in, and keeping the ship afloat while we’ve been away

We have confirmed dates now, for the American Tour, so please check out the Tour section (if it’s up to date!). I can tell you that it pretty much includes the whole of the US and Canada, with few exceptions. So we should be in a city near you, at least.

In other news,, our personal band site will be up in it’s entire glory soon – fear not! We are already building up a lot of cool content for it, and obviously if there are things you guys would like to suggest we’ll be more than willing to listen.

We hope to have it up by June 15th, but I’m not making any promises!

Speaking of June 15th – You hopefully all know that that will be the day of the release of the revised Disclaimer album. We will tie in some cool free stuff, competitions and giveaways with, to anybody who purchases the album.

Now, I also haven’t forgotten about the people who already have Disclaimer, but due to my being out of the country I couldn’t facilitate anything exclusive yet, but it will happen. I will find something cool for you, I promise.

Other than that, we are busy talking about a fanclub as well, which will make all of your lives a little bit better. When I have more details I will let you in…

That’s all for now, ya’ll! I’ll be back soon, and don’t forget to tell all your friends who still haven’t bought the album that they will get a chance REAL soon
It will be more than worth the money I promise!!!

Rock On!
Kill Techno!
Somebody slap Chris Brown for me…
Ha ha ha!


So don’t forgot to go out and get Disclaimer II on June 15th!


06.06.04 – Capital FM Interview
Just a quick update.
Capital FM (a London radio station) did a short interview with Shaun & Amy Lee ( of Evanescence) about “Broken” Head over to the audio section to check it out!

06.04.04 – Seether at RockAM Ring in Germany
Seether will be performing today at RockAm Ring live via the web sometime today. They are suppose to be going on stage at 9:40am (EST) but I’m not sure if they will be airing it then or airing it later on. After their performance, catch them in the online web chat at 10:30am (EST) You can get the infomation on the webcast & chat here. In other non-Seether news, I got to check out Matt’s Band, Keep, when they played CBGB’s in New York on Wednesday night. I hope you guys got to see it via the web, because it was a great show!

UPATE (8:00pm)- Seether’s performance was not shown on the webcast today, but Shaun did do the live chat (Dale, John & Pat were eating…slackers. LOL!) There are some screen caps from the chat up in the pictures section and you can read the transcript here..

05.31.04 – Seether at Rock in Rio
Seether performed at Rock in Rio yesterday, and while I don’t think they aired the full set via the webcast, they did air Broken ft. Amy Lee which you can get the audio from in the downloads section. I’ll be keeping a look out for more of the performance though. Seether should also be on the live webcast for RockAM ring from Germany this Friday (June 4th). You can get the infomation on the webcast & performance time here. More tour dates have been added as well.

05.28.04 – Love Her I do…
Well, looks like this will be my final update for awhile to the site, so Tracie will be making the updates to as my band Keep will be heading out to do the next run of dates on our current Live Without ’04 Summer Tour. So for my last entry for awhile I posted up more lyics and another tab, this time for ‘Love Her’ off of the upcoming Disclaimer II album. My sweetie was nice enough to send me this song as well, so I tabbed out the song for guitar and put the lyrics up for it as well. Also, it may be pretty off-topic, but if you want to catch us live, our performance at the legendary CBGB in New York will be webcasted exclusively through the clubs official website,, so if your interested in checking it out, we’ll be on some time between 9-midnight on June 2, but times set times are subject to change. So, hope some of ya’ll check it out, I’m off to go play my ass off on stages.

05.24.04 – Cigarrettes…
I’m here in Virginia at our bands managers parents place making an update to the site. I soooo do miss working on Playing shows up the coast has been ok. You can check out stuff from my band and our Tour Diary entires and whatnot on our official site. Anyways, my sweetie whom I miss very much was nice enough to send me one of the new tracks to Disclamer II, ‘Cigarrettes’ while I’ve been out here. And just like she said I would, I had the song figured out within a few hours, so the guitar tab for the song is now up, as well as the lyrics to the song. I also added the new album cover pic to the appropriat sections of the site.

05.22.04 – Seether Summer Ev Tour…
The Seether, Evanescence, Three Days Grace & Breaking Benjamin Tour has been confirmed. More tour dates have been added in the tour dates section. In other news, The official Seether Fan Site (SeetherVille), is in the process of being designed and built by the band. Look for it to debut in a short time… here you will find, up to the minute, new and exclusive pictures, videos, and messages from the band, while on the road.

05.09.04 – Seether Summer Ev Tour…
So here’s my first official update for Seether-Online. Dates have been added for the tour section. Apparently, after they get back from their European Tour, Seether will be back on tour again this summer with Evanescence, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin from July 13 – August 15. There have been no official dates confirmed and I haven’t heard about this anywhere else yet though, so I’ll keep you updated when I do. Also, while Matt is out touring with his band, Keep, if there are any question, feel free to email me.

05.06.04 – Leaving you al for awhile ::sniffles::
Yep, that’s right. I won’t be around too much longer. My band Keep will be hitting the road for a three month long tour up the coast to get our name out there and hopefully get labels out to see us. We will be playing a show June 2 at the legendary CBGB in New York, hopefully some label people come out and see us, and we totally blow them away. My dream as long as I’ve been a musician has been to be on Wind-Up(no joke), so maybe that dream will come true.
In Seether-Online news, while I’m gone my good friend Tracie will be updating the site and keeping it all grrreat, so be nice to her I’ll try and update from the road too and definatly come visit the board because I sooo love coming here and reading all the stuff, but for the most part she’ll be updating it and keeping it’s all good.
I hope to maybe see some of you Seether fans i’ve had the privilege of talking to or getting to know on the road soon. If you want to check out my band and hear audio clips and see when we’re going to be in your area(dates are being added all the time)and whatnot, our website is so check it out if you have the chance.
I leave in a few hours for my bands tour, so wish us luck. It would be cool to see Shaun out at a show, but I don’t know if that would be happening any time soon. Hey, I can dream can’t I? Who knows, maybe my Wind-Up dream could come true and could one day soon get to tour with my favorite band. Hope to see you all soon.

04.30.04 – An update from Shaun…
This was posted by Shaun on the band’s official message board…
Hey Everybody

I’m sorry I was away for a while, but I’m just back quickly to update you a little bit…

Work on our next album has been put on hold, due to the current success of Broken, recorded for The Punisher soundtrack. What this means is, we will tour the album for a little longer, before recording our follow-up. Please don’t be mad, because we, the band, have our hands tied. But there is good news, I promise!

We finally get to tour Europe extensively, and get to play to our fans that have never seen us before, and we’ll tour the US again this summer, hopefully covering the entire country. Then we’ll go back to Europe for another short stint, before coming back and finishing the new album. It’s only fair because we haven’t even been to Europe properly yet, so it’s about time we get to play to our foreign fans, right?

This is what’s going to happen at the end of June. Wind-Up Records is going to re-launch Disclaimer, or Disclaimer II, if you prefer, with new artwork, and a better mix. We gave the album to Bob Marlette, to remix, and we feel he’s done the songs justice. We were never happy with the original mixes, but we are happy with the new ones. I know this means that something that has been familiar to you for so long, is now going to be slightly different, but this is the result of a series of compromises. This version has been guaranteed a release in all the countries that have not yet released it, which obviously means that we get the music out to a greater audience. I hope you understand the reasoning behind this…

What this effectively means, is that anybody who has Disclaimer, has a collector’s item, which will never again be available in the format you currently own. The choice therefore is for you to make whether or not you even want to hear the new mixes. I understand many of you don’t like change, and neither do I, but I’m in a tricky position on this – so please, please, please don’t write to me telling me what a sell-out I am, or how much I suck, because there are elements to all of this that I am not at liberty to talk about. For those that are already getting pissed, I implore you – don’t listen to the new mixes. Even though they’re not entirely different, they will be weird to anyone familiar with our album. Just please remember, that I love and respect all of you, for being fans, and I have tried my best to make sure you are taken care of!!!

You should know by now, that your approval, or opinion is very important to me as a person, and to us as a band…

Here’s what we’re going to do, for you, our loyal fans thus far…

We’ve added some new songs to the album, as bonus tracks, very much what would happen for European release. All in all, 8 songs have been added to Disclaimer, as well as a DVD with a live performance, some music videos and behind the scenes stuff. 4 of the songs you may already own…
Out of My Way, Sold Me, Broken feat. Amy Lee and Hang On. All of these were previously only available on various Soundtracks, as most of you know. We’re also including 4 older songs, which many of you have expressed an interest in us releasing. The new songs will be Love Her, Take Me Away (unplugged), Cigarettes and Got It Made.

As of right now, we are trying to make as much of the new stuff available to current Disclaimer owners, free of charge. I can’t say how much at this point in time, but there will be some sort of perk for already owning our album.
Just know, in the meantime, that I am making sure you’re taken care of.
We can also guarantee the release of a new album at the end of January next year. The new album will have entirely new songs on, and this sort of thing will NEVER happen again, I assure you.

Thank you all for your patience, your support, and your loyalty.
I will understand if this pisses you off, believe me, but please try to remember that I have never forgotten you guys, and I may need all your support in this period.

Kill Techno! Oh and Pop Punk is starting to work my very last nerve now, too.


And there you go. More to look forward to. 🙂

04.26.04 – Lots of New Additions…
Sorry the site was down a few days. I made a bunch of changes to it but now it’s all about 90% back. The Chat Room is currently down but should be back in the next day or so, as well as a new, pop-up free Message Board so be on the lookout for those. As you may have noticed there is a new image for the intro page and the main page now has a new banner thanks to my friend Tracie of Whispered Voices, an Evanescence site. I will be on tour for three months with my band, and in this time won’t be able to update myself to often, so tracie will be making updates, so be nice to her, she’s cool. 🙂 Major additions to the site as well. Head over to the Downloads section and there is now an mpg video section with all of Seethers music videos in high quality vcd/dvd compliant format. Go to the mp3 downloads section and you can download a special mp3 of ‘Dazed And Abused’ performed live in Clearwater fl. for the first and only time ever. Enjoy all the new stuff.

04.14.04 – Lots of Broken…
Lots of ‘Broken’ related stuff aded to the site today. Go to the Video section to view the video for Broken if you haven’t seen it yet. Check out shots from the video in the Pictures section, as well as a few photos from the Video shoot. In the Downloads section you can download an exclusive mpg of the video to save to your computer. More cool stuff to come, as well as a possible site look.

04.11.04 – 10 Years Later…Remembering Kurt…
For those who don’t know, this easter weekend marks when late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain left our planet. In rememberance for Kurt, I have posted a special downloadable mpg video of Shaun performing ‘Something In The Way’ the final cut off of Nirvana’s landmark album ‘Nevermind.’ It will only be up for a day in the downloads section, so don’t procrastinate on it, and enjoy the video and remember Kurt and enjoy Shaun’s amazing performance.

03.24.04 – The Surprise…a Contest…
I was approached a while ago to come up with a Contest…so I figured, what better type of Contest, then one that will help the band out. So this Contest is to help promote Seether, there amazing Wind-Up Records debut Disclaimer, there new single ‘Broken,’ and to hype up there album currently in the works. You can clikc back to the main page to get to the Contest page, or you can just click Here to head over to the page and check out all the details. Good luck.

03.22.04 – Rockline Reminder…
Just a reminder that Seether is on Roclkline tonite. For those who can’t stay up late enough to catch the show, I will have it up for listen the next day or so.

03.23.04 – Punish me…I was on Rockline…
So, anyone catch Rockline last night? I know I did…and for the first time ever, was able to get through the lines and ask a question. I was the second caller. I Sounded like a complete nervous wreck too:P Anyways, if you missed the show, you can listen to it, minus the album songs that were played, in the Audio section. ‘Take Me Away’ and ’69tea’ were also performed acoustically by Shaun. You can hear me sound like a wreck in Segment 2, Matt from Delray beach Florida. Also, today the Punisher Soundtrack came out, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, what are you waiting for, get out there and buy it. P.S. Check out the site tomorrow for a big surprise.

03.22.04 – Rockline Reminder…
Just a reminder that Seether is on Roclkline tonite. For those who can’t stay up late enough to catch the show, I will have it up for listen the next day or so.

03.18.04 – Lack Of Updates…
Pardon my lack of updates, due to my isp accidentally deleting my account, I was without net access for three days…it was agony. Anyways, I’m back now, so woo-hoo! Anyways, More info for Seether on Rockline, they will be on the show promoting the Release of the Punisher Soundtrack, and it was also be the Radio Broadcast Premiere for the song as well.

03.15.04 – New Album Delayed, Seether on Rockline
Yes, Shaun reported this sad news to us early this morning on the bands official message board. Head over to the New Album Updates section to read what he had to say. Also, tune into your local Clear Channel owned rock radio station Monday night for Rockline, as Seether will be makign there third appearance on the show. For those who miss the show, I will have it up here on the site in the Audio section to listen to.

03.13.04 – Rolling Stone Article…
Not exactly a full Seether article, but Seether related. An Interview with Amy Lee with a very sweet ending to it. Do not crack on me for thinking it’s sweet. 😛

03.11.04 – Sold Me Broken Lyrics…
Not a big update, but I added the lyrics to the new version of ‘Broken’ featuring Amy Lee to the Lyrics section, as well as the lyrics to the newly recorded version of ‘Sold Me.’ Tabs for both shall be up after Monday. I just have to work on stuff fo my mid terms. So wish me luck 😛

03.10.04 – AOL First listen – Broken…
For those of you that have AOL, you might know about the AOL First Listen page where artists release a new single up in full streaming format for listen. Well today at 5pm ‘Broken(feat. Amy Lee)’ will be up. I Believe that you may also be able to get to the first listen page by going to, and going to the music page and searching for it throguh the navigation at the top.

03.09.04 – The Video is Broken…
Seether recently finished shooting a video for ‘Broken’ featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence on a desert in Lancaster with acclaimed Director Nigel Dick. Nigel’s credits include videos for videos for 3 Doors Down, Train, Alice In Chains, Staind, Tantric, Nickelback, Matchbox Twenty, a slew of videos for Guns N Roses, Oasis, Fuel…and he did the video for Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott’s ‘Hero’ as well..maybe he has a thing for doing videos for Comic character movies 🙂 Anyways, be on the look out for it.

02.26.04 – Broken feat Amy…
So, you want to hear the new version of ‘Broken’ feat Amy Lee of Evanescence? Click here to check out the Punisher e-card and not only will you get to hear the newly recorded/reworked ‘Broken’ with Amy, but you can also check out the new Drowning Pool track ‘Step Up’ and a great new song from Nickelback. Stay tuned this weekend to the site for a contest that we will be running sponsored in part by Wind-Up.

02.10.04 – Broken is The Punisher…
I’ve known about this for quite time from a source of mine…but now that Shaun has made this posting, I guess it’s ok…here is what he said in a postong on the bands official message board…
We’re doing “Broken” differently for the soundtrack to Punisher, a film that will be released in April I believe. We wanted to make a different version because I was never completely happy with the album version, and the one we’re working on now is more emotional, I think. Also, we have had Amy sing on the new version, because that was the original plan way back in February 2002, but we never got around to having her sing on it.
So, I hope you like the different version – it’s not intended to be better, or worse, it’s supposed have a different feel altogether…

Shaun also made mention in another post that it was to be the second single to come off of the Punisher Soundtrack. Drowning Pool’s first single with there new single to be the first single off of it. I personally cannot wait to hear this new version, so I guess we’ll all be on the edge of our seats waiting.

02.09.04 – Added Videos…
If you head over the the video section you’ll notice that three new videos have been added. An Interview with Shaun and Dale talking about Christmas in SA, Shaun Introducing Evanescence at the Billboard Music Awards with the intro of Bring Me To life which is really cool, and Amy’s Acceptance speech at the Grammys where Shaun escourted her and she thanked him during her speech. How sweet. 🙂 That’s about it for now. Stay tuned to this site and the official as well for some very cool and exciting news. 🙂

01.30.04 – Fixed Lyrics with meaning…
Thanks to Shaun, the correct lyrics to Skin The Tiger are now up, as well as the meaning, which is quite interesting.

01.24.04 – Album Updates…
Head over to the New Album section to read an update from Shaun taken from the Official Seether Board. Speaking of boards, I see that there are a few registered users on the board. 🙂 That’s all the news for now.

01.22.04 – and a message board
That’s right, I finally bought a real domain name for the site, so be sure to change your bookmarks to . Also, I decided to add my message board to the site early. It is in no way up to replace the official board, but wind-up has a tendency to take away message boards of some of there very popular bands because of too much controversy. So this board is up for all fans who want to use it and interact. I tried to keep it as neat, and simple as possible. So, I hope you all enjoy it. : )

01.18.04 – Fragile Tabs..
Finally added pictures from the two-week tour to South Africa. I also added reviews from two of the shows as well. I also added a little something different to the site in the Periodicales section. an mp3 of a show report on one of the bands gigs done in Augusta, GA from syndicated weekly radio program Hard Drive Radio. Also, to those in LA, you may have missed a surprise Seether show at the annual NAMM Musical Instrument Convention, where Seether performed for the Schecter Guitar research company. That’s it for right now. Big surprise for the site in a few days assuming I do my little trick right.

01.17.04 – Driven to Orlando…mmmm…?
I added a bunch of show pictures to the Picture section from the past six months that I hadn’t gotten around to posting. Still more to come though. Head on over to the mp3 downloads section to get an exclusive mp3 of ‘Driven Under’ live in Orlando from when the band came down opening for 3 Doors Down. I left a section at the end that I thought was pretty funny where Shaun follows saying ‘Burrito’ with ‘mmm.’ More stuff to come.

01.13.04 – Fragile Tabs..
Due to popular request and demand, I posted the rest of the guitar tabs for Fragile, as well as for the bonus disc that came with the Fragile re-release. Expect some new surprises coming to the site, so check daily to see what’s going on.

01.09.04 – Rape Me…
Yet another site exclusive! Head on over to the mp3 section of the Downloads page to download a super rare live mp3 of the band performing ‘Rape Me’ live from there performance in Montreal opening for Evanescence. If you download this please do not post it anywhere else. This mp3 comes courtesy once again from my friend Tracie in NJ. She rrrocks. 🙂

01.06.04 – HNY…
Well, well, happy belated new year. I hope you all had a safe New Years. I was sick with a 103 degree fever, so I was stuck watching people have fun and being happy on ABC and FOX. However, I got to see them fuck up on censoring Puddle Of Mudd on FOX, so that was cool. Anyways, not much is really new. Just doing some tweaking and adding of stuff here and there. Head on over to the Downloads section to get a live mp3 of ‘One On One’ live. It kind of has a Creed ‘Illusion’ vibe to it,it’s really cool. More surprises to come.

12.28.03 – More Broken…
Head over to the mp3 section for two full mp3’s of ‘Broken’ live from Montreal and Toronto featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence. Thanks goes to Tracie who recorded both of the shows that these came from.Also, check out pictures from the show in the picture section as well.

12.26.03 – The New Album…
As You came to the main page of the site you may have noticed a new section was added into the main frame. This section is going to be dedicated to keeping you up to date with info on the upcoming Seether album, so check there for all the good stuff. Also, head over to the mp3 section of the downloads page for some new stuff, as well as an mp3 of ‘Broken’ live featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence. This mp3 comes courtesy of Tracie.

12.23.03 – ::gasps:: an update!
Hey there fellow Seether freaks. Sorry that there haven’t been many updates, but hey, congratulate me on the fact that I’ve been working my ass off the past few weeks to pay tuition. I also may be joining a band that is pretty damn close to getting signed, so wish me luck on that, and luck to them as well. Now time for Seether news. This month the band played a very cool show with special guest, Shauns lady, Amy Lee of Evanescence making a guest appearance. The following night Shaun introduced Evanescence performing, in my opinion, the best performance of ‘Bring Me To Life’ on the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. I’ll put the video of this up pretty soon. As I type this update The band is back home in South Africa getting ready to start there tour and blow away everyone with there amazing live show that I’m sure everyone will be talking about for months to come. Congrats to Shaun who celebrated his birthday on the 21st of this month. Stay tuned to Seether Online for a new section that should be popping up in a few days that I have been working on that will be focused on info on the new album. As I get the info, it will be posted there. That’s it for now. Shaun, Dale, Pat, John, have fun playing in SA, have a nice holiday. Same goes for ex-Seether skinsman Kevin Soffera. You shall be missed brotha.
Dance and trance music sucks.

11.29.03 – New album News…
In an article I found yesterday, I got some info on the follow-up to Disclaimer ‘…Shaun Morgan says he hopes to have Amy Lee and Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon sing on the next Seether album, which is due out in the spring or summer of 2004…’ Very cool. Now I’m definatly on even more pins and needles awaiting the new album and hearing the contributions of Amy and Lajon.

11.27.03 – Revised Interview
I’ve been getting quite a few e-mails about the quality of the Shaun and Amy video Interview from The American Music Awards, so I made a better quality stream for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

11.25.03 – Sold Me Needles…
I don’t know why I never put it up. I remember tabbing it out…but I forgot to post it up. So…the tab for ‘Sold Me’ is now up. Also looking through a folder on my comp, I found that I had a demo version of ‘Needles,’ So I posted that up in the downloads section.

11.22.03 – The Nixons…?
Alot of pople have been e-mailing me asking who The Nixons are? So heres my answer for you all since I guess people don’t like to look stuff up on there own. The Nixons hit the scene in ’95 and had a radio hit with the song ‘Sister.’ There next radio hit was in the form of ‘Baton Rouge’ in mid ’97. I saw them twice. They’re songs are kind of hard to find around on the net, and since a friend of mine who works at a radio station has access to stuff, he ripped me the two aformentioned songs which I put up for download in the download section under Seether Related so you can at least hear what The Nixons were sort of about. Enjoy the tunes, enjoy the site. I won’t be updating for a few days. I have some reports I have to work on. peace.

11.19.03 – Band Update…
Ever since the band played a show Monday night without Kevin, everyone has been freaking out wanting to know what’s going on, so here ya go. This news comes from a message posted on the bands message board…Here’s the deal…Kevin is home with his pregnant wife, and due to the postponement of the Evanescence tour, the band felt that he should be home with his family, because complications could arise at any time and Kevin should be there to deal with anything that happens. Currently, John Humphreys, formerly of The Nixons has taken Kevin’s place until further notice. So for the remaining shows this year, you’ll see John behind the kit. The band wishes Kevin the best of luck, and hopes that his new baby is healthy and well. Hopefully this makes some sense and you will understand the band’s decision. That’s what was posted about the whole Kevin situation. I’m personally hoping that Kevin is still in the band though and will be playing on the follow-up to Disclaimer, as well as touring in support of it. I mailed Shaun asking, so hopefully I’ll have an answer for that soon. It’s also rumored that Seether may be performing at this years annual KROQ(blegh) Almost Acoustic Christmas at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. If this pans out to be true, it’s cool for all of us fans because KROQ usually webcasts this event, so it would be a super cool end of the year treat, plus it would show net viewers what we all have know, that Seether is one of the best damn bands in the land.

11.17.03 – American Music Awards Pictures and Video…
So, I’m assuming ya’ll checked out the AMA’s last night bright and early at 7 and caught the pre-show interview with Shaun and Amy:) I have a few pictures from it in the Pictures area and the video of the interview is in the video section for you slackers who missed it. Also pics from the Red Carpet as well. I’m guessing though that Shaun either didn’t present an award, or he did and they didn’t air it. In any case, hey, they still mentioned Seether on the show. 🙂

11.14.03 – Some Reading…
Pop on over to the Periodicales and Interviews section to read a bunch more new articles and Interviews with the band. n Other news, some shows have recently been cancelled on the upcoming tour with Evanescence. But…Be sure to watch the American Music Awards on Sunday night because Shaun will be presenting an award: )

11.07.03 – Updates from Shaun…
Today Shaun payed a visit to the Official Sites Message Board to give some updates…here is what he had to say…
Here’s what’s happening for the rest of the year…
We’ll finish touring with 3 Doors Down on the 14th of November, and then head over to L.A. for a couple of days off. Apparently I’m going to be presenting an award at the American Music Awards and I’m really very nervous about it. (Oh my God! Whatever am I going to wear???)
Then we head out with Evanescence until December 16, and end the year in America with a couple of headlining dates.
Starting on December 29th, we’ll be touring South Africa, with dates in Cape Town, St Francis Bay, Pretoria, Durban and Johannesburg. As soon as those are completely confirmed we’ll post them on the tour section of the site.
Starting early in January next year we’ll be heading into a rehearsal studio, and we’ll begin work on the next album. I have absolutely no information about the next album, except that “Hang On” and “Out Of My Way” will not be included. We want to deliver an album of completely fresh material, and we want to make sure we take our time with it and make it as good as we possibly can.
Other than that I’d like to thank you all for your support, and the continued presence on this board. We really do appreciate everything you do for us, and all the gifts you bring us at the shows. You guys are the reason we’re still out here on the road earning a living and making the music we love so much.
So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sorry that that looks really weird on the page. So Some headlining dates before heading into the studio… ::hint hint:: ‘Come to south florida’ 🙁

10.10.03 – New exciting tour…
So I open my mailbox today and find the coolest e-mail. A tour that I wanted to happen for a long time is going to happen…Evanescence, Seether and Finger Eleven! woo-hoo! So far only a handful of dates have been announced; primarily for the great white north and a date in Illinois. More will be announced soon. I’m personally hoping that they add a date down here at like Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, which is the last venue that Evanescence performed at down here. Definatly THE BEST SOUNDING VENUE down here. 🙂 :hint hint: haha. Anyways, the past week I’ve been puttind together a pretty extensive new Saron gas section, so be on the lookout for that. More pictures also coming soon.

10.05.03 – Buddy Icons…
Are here. Yep, I finally posted the page after how long? I spent the week pretty much picking out the perfect stills for the Shaun Gasoline video icon. It’s animated and pretty damn cool if I do say so myself. 😀 Theres also an animated Kevin playing drums icon, and a Dale and Pat icon as well. That’s about it for updates right now. Homework to do.

10.01.03 – Lots of Gasoline…everywhere…
Nice little update today. Head on over to the Video page to check out the new video for ‘Gasoline.’ Then over to the Downloads page if you want to download the mpeg I ripped of the video. I also added stills from the video to the pictures section. That’s about it for today. Enjoy the Gas. 🙂

09.27.03 – Sessions @ AOL…
For those who might remember, in August of last year, AOL’s Sessions had a 5 song performance with Seether, which was very badass by the way. And then, it disappeared. So, being as strange as I am, I went to a friends to use his AOL, and hit some paydirt by ripping the whole 17 minute performance so everyone, including all us smart non-aol users could view. So head over to the Video section to view this great in-studio performance. It’s very cool hearing the band perform ‘Gasoline’ as played on the ‘Fragile’ disc, as well as different seeing ‘Afro’ Nick Westbrook on lead guitar. enjoy the video. 🙂

09.20.03 – Sheer Irony…
OK, so this isn’t any real news, but I decided to put something somewhat seether releated in the mp3 section. The new Static-X single, ‘The Only.’ So, you may ask, what’s the irony. Well here it is. As some may know, Static-X’s new drummer is former Seether skinsman Nick Oshiro. Nick didn’t play drums on Disclaimer however, Josh Freese did(for more on Josh, check out the FAQ section). The new Static-X disc also features drums not by Oshiro, but once again, by Josh Freese. I just thought that it was kind of ironic that Nick ended up playing in a band that’s drums were done by Josh. Probably just me being odd, but ::shrugs:: That’s me I guess. So…yea, if your a fan of Static-X and haven’t heard the new single yet, check it out. 🙂

09.19.03 – Fusefest video…
…is now up. I made it of a better quality. Also when you click on it it should automatically open in your Real Player. It took me like two hours but I fixed the links that wouldn’t automatically open the real player videos in real player automatically. It happens. I’m human. I make mistakes. ::shrugs:: anyways, enjoy the vide. It shows some cool performance footage of the band playing ‘Fine Again’ as well as a pretty funny interview.

09.12.03 – Burrito anyone…?
Head on over to the Downloads section and download a better version of ‘Burrito.’ I decided to remix the whole bootleg that it came from today and I have to say, it came out grrreat! Adding alot more pictures later next week. Just been busy the past two weeks trying to keep up with the crazy workload my professor has been giving. Fret not, I have not forgotten about my site. 🙂 Head over to Rock On Tv and do a search for Seether to see when they will be on the shoe Fuse Fest on, what else, Fuse. For those who have it, grrreat. For those who don’t…i’ll have the video up for view in the video section in a few days.

08.28.03 – New Banner and lots of pics…
Notice a little change to the site…yep, a new banner. I like this one alot better then the old one. So, hopefullyI’ll end up keeping this layout the way it is until the new album comes out sometime next year: ) Anyways, about ten more sections of live photos of the band in the picture section. I’ll Also be adding some other little surprises soon, so keep checkin back. -matt

08.20.03 – New Banner and lots of pics…
Head over to the interview section to read a few new interviews with Shaun and Dale. Big picture archive updates in a few days.

08.07.03 – Video goodness…
I’ve been working on this for a few days and I finally finished it up, so if you don’t have real player yet, go to Real Players website, download real player or real one player, whatever they’re newest recommended free player is for download, and head over to the video section so that you can check out all the new live seether goodness I have up. There is a live version of Saron gas performing ’69tea’ in a club in northern africa from late ’99, a montage of ‘Driven Under’ being performed live and acoustic. It’s pretty cool and I highly recommend checking it out. ‘Fine Again’ performed acoustically, and Gasoline live, full band acoustic in Madison, WI. So, sit back, enjoy the videos and enjoy : ) -matt

08.03.03 – Updated Discography…
Thanks to someone who was kind of enough to send me a disc through the mail, plus a print out of quite a bit of into, I was able to completly update the Discography/Songlist section. I think when you get there you will be completly shocked at how big it really is now. The disc I recieved I was told is a copy of a 2 track demo which featured an alternate version of ‘Empty’ and ‘Skin The Tiger.’ Both tracks recieved airplay on 5fm in South Africa. More pictures have also been added to the Picture section of the band live. -matt

07.26.03 – Out Of My Way tab…
Can you believe it, I’ve had this track for like three days and I tabbed it out already…without a guitar in hand too! That kind of says two things I guess; I play guitar too much, and I have definatly played this song too many times now, haha. Anyways, head over to the Tabulature section to learn the song. I also added it to the Discography section, songlisting and Lyrics. -matt

07.24.03 – More audio downloadables…
Been a few days since I last updated. Glad everyone is using the chat and making nice. If you head on over to the downloads section, into the mp3’s, you can download ‘Out Of My Way’ zack gowen theme from the wwe. This is not the album version, but was recorded live from wwe smackdown. enjoy : ) -matt

07.17.03 – Out Of My Way…
Shaun posted on the Official Seether Message Board today to give everyone some news…heres what he had to say…The new (actually old) track, is called “Out Of My Way” and we recorded it in South Africa in October, 2001, with Producer Ulrich Wild. It was originally supposed to be Kurt Angle’s theme song, as we wrote the trak based around Kurt’s original intro music. I have no idea who’s intro it is now, but it was a fun project. We wrote both the music and the lyrics to the song and never heard about it again, until now…
The track will be featured on the soundtrack for Jason VS. Freddy, which is scheduled for release on August 12th, according to the Roadrunner website. Other bands on the soundtrack include Ill Nino, Stone Sour and Slipknot, so it should be a good solid heavy album. As always, we are honored to be amongst such formidable company!
To add, he also concluded his post with ‘Kill Techno!’ I don’t know about you all, but I agree. Techno bad. Rock music good : ) -matt

07.15.03 – Normal Chat is up…
Up later last night and finally got all of the bugs out of the real chat…I hope? Anyways, be sure to read the rules of the chat room, they are simple. have fun : ) -matt

07.14.03 – A Big Site Addition…
So I noticed with my new webspace i bought I also get the option to build a chat room, and since I realize that message boards sometimes are a pain, and and not everyone has the same messaging services such as AIM, Yahoo! or ICQ(ugh), I decided to put up a chat room for everyone to onteract better. I made a really nice one to match the site, but haven’t put it up yet…I unfortunatly came across some bugs in it : ( So instead, I have a temporary chat up. The real chat will hopefully be up soon, so enjoy what I put up : ) -matt

07.10.03 – Honored by you Esquire…
So I just found out a few minutes ago that as I type this news update Shaun is somewhere in New York city right now doing a photo shoot for Esquire Magazine’s 70th Anniversary Issue. This issue will be out on stands in either late September, October-ish and will feature a ‘Tributes’ section. Shaun will be shot for the tribute to Kurt Cobain(wipes tear), Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs for Frank Sinatra, and Alicia Keyes for Billy Holiday. I don’t know about you all, but I think this will be the first issue of Esquire Magazine I buy, haha. -matt

07.09.03 – New Interview…
Head on over to the Audio section to listen to an interview with Shaun and Kevin where they discuss horse races, heaven hell and purgatory, and ‘the pink noise.’ It’s a pretty funny interview so what are you waiting for, go listen : ) -matt

07.05.03 – New Video…
Well, like I said, i was going to move the site to a better server and, ta-da, here i am. I switched to a new server; more webspace, more bandwidth, less money. Can’t beat that. Oh yea, I got dsl now, woo-h00, so I have a new contact e-mail address now. Also, head over to the video section to check out the band’s performance of ‘Fine Again’ on The Late Show with David Lettermen. This was also Kevin’s first televised performance with the band. That’s about all the updates I have for today. Really big one tomorrow that I hope ya’ll will like. -matt

07.03.03 – Re-Vamped Gear Section…
Thanks to the help of Shaun, I was able to redo the entire Gear section, so now we all have more insight as to what Shaun, Dale, Kevin, and Pat are using gearwise. Added some more pictures as well to the site. Sometime later this week I will be moving to a new server, which is a very good thing. I will be redoing all of the video streams to be much much better quality, so be on the look for that. -matt

06.26.03 – MP3’s…
Finally, I am all finished with my summer course at the college. Next class doesn’t start for a few weeks so I’m free! : ) Got some nice little additions to the site since I have been gone for a week and a half. On that note, GPA 3.4, go me : ) If you head on over to the downloads section and go into the MP3 section, you can download good quality mp3’s of ‘Fine Again’ live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with david Lettermen, and ‘Broken’ live on Last Call with Carson Daly. As a little extra, I also just posted two more acoustic tracks. From this past weekends ENDfest weekend in Seattle, from the KNND Studios, acoustic versions of ‘Fine Again,’ and, for the very first time ever, ‘You Know You’re Right.’ I made the second at a higher quality as well: ) So…enjoy all the new music. -matt

06.12.03 – Updated sections…
Pardon my lack of delays. It’s been a busy week…what can I say, college wasn’t fun this week. One more week of left though for this semester. Wasn’t able to make any new changes, but I did redo the video section a little, and added a three guitar tab for ‘Broken.’ I turn twentyone tomorrow and then I will be concentrating of getting an ‘A’ on my impending last test so I won’t be making any updates for a few days : ( enjoy the weekend. -matt

06.10.03 – Updated sections…
Sorry the site was down a day. They were updating the server so the site was down for around 12 hours or so. In site updates though, I have added more pictures from shows, and updated my tabs for ‘Fine Again’ ‘Driven Under’ ‘Sympathetic.’ -matt

06.03.03 – Listen to Rockline now…
Head over to the Audio section to listen to Seethers appearance on the syndicated radio program Rockline which was aired live early last month. Rockline is live on-air call-in show where fans get call a zillion times to try and get a chance to ask there favorite artist a quesrion. It’s a great show. I posted it up in real audio so for those who couldn’t stay up late to catch Seether on the second portion of the show(around 12:45 i believe it was). Also, head over to the downloads section to check out a funny one minute video interview with the band where Shaun and Pat reveal themselves as browless. It’s pretty funny, so check it out. -matt

06.01.03 – Changes…
Well, a new month so I decided to do something different. As you might notice almost all pages are adorned with Seethers Tribal Uterus logo. I also added some more pictures, added some links. I will be adding some other surprises in the next few days so keep those eyes peeled for em. -matt

05.23.03 – 3 Doors Down the road…
It was just announced by Kevin on the official Seether board that they will soon embark on a tour supporting 3 Doors Down from July through September. Dates will be released soon so keep those eyes peeled and get ready to hit your local ticketmaster quick : ) -matt

05.17.03 – In the mags…
Pick up the latest issues of Guitar World and Guitar ne Magazines and you will find a new Schecter Guitar advertisements that feature Shaun and Dale: ) I added some more Tabs and pictures too. enjoy. -matt

05.15.03 – New banner!
Finally, I added the new banner, well, somewhat new, I replaced Nick with Kevin: ) I made some more changes to the FAQ section and tried to make it a bit more in-depth. Also, congrats to Kevin on getting an endorsement deal with Yamaha for Drums and hardware, Sabian cymbals company, and Vater percussion drumsticks(they also endorse Morgan Rose of Sevendust). Also, check out the Hartford pics taken by my friedn Amy Cooper, check out the pic of her nw Seether inspired tats as well on that same page. very cool : ) -matt

05.08.03 – Site Updates…
Head over to the pictures section to check out some more pictures courtesy of Amy Cooper : ) Also, I’ve made some changes to the FAQ section so check that out. New banner coming in a few days. Something for the guitar players, added ‘Love Her.’ -matt

05.06.03 – Rockline soon…
Congrats to mel and 30secondstomarslady from the seether board for being able to get through the lines and ask a question on last night’s airing of Rockline. I did not fare so well : ( Anyways, for those that were unable to catch the show, I recorded it from the web stream and will be posting it for you all to check out what you missed in the next few days. -matt

05.05.03 – Don’t forget about Rockline…
Tonite Seether will be the guests on the award winning syndicated radio show Rockline. Check out Rockline’s official website to find a radio station in your area that airs the show, or you can listen to it online at there site of the week for listening, WRIF. -matt

04.29.03 – Broken on Last Call…want to watch…?
Head over to the Periodicales section to check out a cool Aticle/Interview with Kevin courtesy of the Morning Call, a publication from Allentown, PA. -matt

04.29.03 – Broken on Last Call…want to watch…?
As promised, if you head over to the video section, you can check out Seether’s performance of ‘Broken’ live on Last Call with Carson Daly. You must have Real Player to view the video. Also, head over to the Pictures section to check out behind the scenes pics from the show, and performance footage pictures as well. Oh yea, added a bunch more live photos to the Pictures section…that section just keeps growing: ) -matt

04.26.03 – 94.9 Zeta Bonzai Salute The Troops USO Show…
Wow, where to start. Well, Seether’s 6-song, half hour performance in Miami at the 94.9 Zeat Bonzai Salute The Troops USO Show was by far the show stealer. I will have a few pics, a nice long detailed review, and a little something extra cool up in a few days. Odds are probably the same day that I post up the videos for ‘Fine Again’ on lettermen and ‘Broken’ on last call.
P.S. Like the new look for the news section: ) I also archived all the news if you want to go back a bit. -matt

04.24.03 – Last Night’s Last Call…
Well, what can I say, last night, the boys were unfuckingbelieveable on Last Call. I will give ya’ll an update in a few days. A biggie will be sometime next week when I update the video section…hmm…wonder what that can be…? -matt

04.23.03 – Just a reminder to stay up late…
Well, tonight’s the night, Seether will be performing on Last call with Carson Daly. It turns out that they are going to be playing ‘Broken’ I personally cannot wait! -matt

04.14.03 – Surprise Video…
As promised, a very cool surprise in the videos section, a live full concert by Saron Gas! The show is from before they even recorded Fragile. You must have Real Player to view the concert, it is a real player video stream, which means you cannot save or download it to your computer. Enjoy the show: ) -matt