News (2002-2003)

Big, big surprise in the video section tomorrow. All I have to say is, that is wow, and you must have Real Player to view it, and make sure that you have a half hour to to sit back and watch something very, very cool.

Seether will performing on “Last Call with Carson Daly” on Wednesday, 4/16 in NYC. Wanna be a part of the studio audience? Here’s what you gotta do:Seether is headed to NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly on April 16th. The show tapes Wednesday evening at Rockefeller Center in New York. Tickets are free, but on a first come first serve basis. Email now to reserve your priority seating. The ticket email is Please put “SEETHER” in the subject heading, give them your full name, age, and number of tickets you’d like to reserve (limit 4). They will follow up with a confirmation email. You must be at least 16 years old to attend and be in the audience. Bands usually play two songs when they play Last Call, so odds are that the band will probably play “Fine Again” and “Driven Under”, so cross your fingers that they actually air both songs in full.

All tabs for Fragile are now up in the Tabulature section for all you guitar players who own Fragile and want to play the tunes, there ya go. enjoy: )

As a rememberance to Shaun’s hero, the band that made him want to pick up a guitar and start playing the music, you can head over to the downloads section to hear a short clip of the boys covering Nirvana’s ‘You Know You’re Right’ live. Shaun, Dale, Kevin, Pat, you guys rock man. peace: )

I added a few more magazine articles that I had to the periodicales section. Rest assure guitar players that all of Fragile and most of the B-sides tracks will be up in tab by the end of this coming week. Believe me, it is well worth the wai, and you shall not be dissappointed.

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I think Seether sounded amazing on Lettermen(minus lettermen himself) last nite. I will have there performance up on the site very soon.

Cool, Kevin was right, everyone set your VCR’s if you can’t stay up late enough to catch Seether on The Late Show With David Lettermen. They will be performing ‘Driven Under.’ This will be the band’s first televised performance of the song.

Seether played an amazing show last night at the Kelsey club. Click here to read my review of the show, as well as hear sound clips and hear a hello message that i recorded of Seether’s new Drummer, yep, he confirmed it to me as official, Mr. Kevin Soffera. He is a very cool guy, and a superb drummer I might add. I won’t get into the real reason why Nick is gone however, I’ll leave that one up to the band to say. Don’t want them to get mad. Click here to just hear Kevin’s hello message that i recorded: )

Finally, after eight months, tonight I am going to get to see the boys play a full set as opposed to seeing them play a short fifteen minute set at a radio show: ) very excited, and can’t wait. I will hopefully have pictures up from the show on the site from my tonight…i hope. cross those fingers for me.

It appears that Nick Oshiro has temporarily left the band due to medical issues. His replacement is in the form of Kevin Soffera who officially joined the band last night. It is assured that Nick will be back as soon as he is better. Hopefully soon.

Seether is in the April issue of Guitar World under the profiles section. I will tupe yp the article and have it up as soon as I can for those of ya’ll who don’t feel like plunking down five dollars for a magazine that you might only have interest in one article of. On the bright side of the magazine though, there is a very nice feature story on the Police in it, as well as AC/DC which is a big plus: )

Check out the Interviews section for a very funny interview with Shaun and Dale, also, head over to the videos section to see a 3-song live acoustic show.

Well, today is now the official opening of this site. I was having problems with my ftp and thought that everything was up and running ok, but…i was wrong! But everythign is working all good now so enjoy the new site ya’ll: )

As you can see, as promised, the Site has a totally new and improved makeover, and, check it out, I finally finished the banner! The gear section is about half way up, Shauns rig is up, however I have not completed Dales for you bass heads who want to know what’s up with his gear.

Head over to the Pictures section to check out pics of the ‘Driven Under’ video.

I got the video for ‘Driven Under’ today…very cool. I’ll have pictures of the video tomorrow.

Pardon my laco of updates. This layout that you currently see before you, though, obviously was never completly finished, I’m definatly not happy with and kind of don’t feel right having a layout like this that doesn’t truly say ‘thank you seether for inspiring me.’ So, I have been working on a new layout which I will hope to unveil by the end of this week. So, all ya’ll, keep your fingers crossed and thanks for the patience as I am building this site to be a great site for fans, and my own personla tribute to a band that has literally saved me.

The new April issue of Guitar One Magazine is now out. I must say, very good issue articlewise, lots of good bands…Nickelback, Default, Puddle Of Mudd, Tantric, Theory Of A Deadman…SEETHER! It’s just a small half page article, but it’s interesting. I tped it up and put it up in the Periodicales section. Enjoy: )

Lyrics section is now one hundred percent complete. All lyrics from Fragile and Disclaimer, as well as B-Sides, Compliations and Other tracks are now up. Also thanks to Jacques from SA for sending me pics from the Saron Gas farewell gig.

Added lots and lots of pictures, Seether and Saron Gas. More to come.

I will soon be reposting the entire Seether concert that the ‘Burrito’ mp3 came from in a better quality in the next few days. I got quite a bit of complaints about the song so I got the tape back from my friend and am going to redo the whole show just for ya’ll. I also added some more pictures to the picture section. A hell of a lot more to come so keep checking back: )

Unfortunatly Seether’s performance on The Late Show with David Lettermen has been postponed. Lettermen held the cd case up and said something about running out of time, but that it would show soon I believe. When it is aired expect to see it up in the Video section.

Seether will be performing on The late Show with David Lettermen, this Thursday the thirteenth! I’m guessing that they will be playing ‘Fine Again’, but seeing as how ‘Driven Under’ is now the current single, maybe they’ll surprise us. Now that would be cool. I will try and rip the performance to put in the Video section for those who miss it.

As part of a big Daredevil feature, Seether will appear live on MuchMusic USA this Thursday, February 13th on”IMX” @ 6 PM ET/ 3PM PT! If you don’t get a chance to see them you can catch them again at Midnight ET / 9PM PT or Saturday, February 15th @ 10PM ET/ 7 PM PT. Unfortunatly I don’t have Much Music, otherwise, I would tape and rip the show and place it up for others to see. Maybe I an get a friend to tape it: )

Two very cool surprises on the site today. In the downloads section, a brand new, unreleased live track, ‘Burrito’ is up for download. The track is live and from a bootleg that i have which I will post track by track. The second surprise is a very cool, very insightful unreleased interview with Shaun a little over a year after the inception of Saron Gas. That is in the Interview section of coarse. Big thanks to Michael for this one, you rock man: )

Added a whole bunch of new pics, and changed the mp3 to a different one.

Added a bunch more pictures, two winamp skins, and an mp3! The new track, “Hang On” ripped direct from the disc.

Well, I finally got my webspace back, so you know what that means…goodies! lol. Head over to the video section to check out two live performance videos that I ripped for Nothing Videos awhile back ago. I also have up a few winamp skins in the downloads section. More cool stuff to come. enjoy: )

I get my webspace back in a few days, so all the downloadable goodies you see in the video and downloads pages will be there soon: )

All tabs for Disclaimer are now up, so all you guitar players enjoy. Next up will be the B-sides and unreleased stuff. I hope to have the rest of the site, especially the big picture section that I’ve been organizing to be up by sunday…hopefully: )

Pardon my lack of updates. I did however post the tab to “Fuck It” which I’ve gotten a few e-mails for.

Added all of the standard tuning disclaimer songs, minus ‘Broken’ to the tab section. Tomorrow some Drop D Tuning songs.

I’ve tabbed out alot of the Disclaimer album which I’ve been playing for quite awhile now, just never bothered to tab out. But fear not, it shall all be up soon…and all in the right tunings too!

Wow, this site has been getting hits while I’ve been away these months…why! lol, j/k. Anyways, to those who found this place sorry it was never updated, I had to go away for awhile and didn’t have access to this comp. But now that I’m back, this site will be updated all the time. I will also be moving it over to real webspace so I’ll be able to post good stuff like audio and video and whatnot. Anyways, I’ll probably have this site all up and finished by the end of the month so bare with me ya’ll.

Well, since this is a pretty new site I’m just going to say welcome to Seether-Online! I’ll have an acoustic version of “Fine Again” up for mp3 download in the Downloads portion of the site in a day or so. This site is pretty new, I’ve only been working on it since I was taken so far into the album when i purchased it a few hours after it’s american release. The site should be pretty packed by the end of the week though so keep checking back for mor cool stuff.