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NOTE: This section will be forever growing. If you have a question, please feel free to e-mail us, and if it is the kind of question that we have neglected to put here, it shall be added.

Band Info
Who is Seether?
Seether is an amazing three-piece melodic hard rock band from Johannesburg South Africa.

When was Seether formed?
In 1999 in there homeland.

Who is this Saron Gas, they kick ass!
Saron Gas was Seether’s original name before they were signed to Wind-Up records.

Why did the band change there name from Saron Gas to Seether?
We changed the name for two reasons. One being, since the September eleventh thing, and two being that the band had changed, having had a member leave us, and the addition of other members, so it was kind of like, band-wise a rebirth for us, country-wise, album-wise, everythign is fresh and new, and a new name goes with that and helps us to deal with basically beginning again. We got enough flack for people thinkign that we were anti-semetic, and we aren’t any of those things; enough flack for the name that we thought world wide might be a bit much. -Shaun

What does Saron Gas mean
The word ‘Saron’ spelled with an ‘O’ means music of god, as far as I know, in spanish. -Shaun

Who is Shaun Welgemoed?
Shaun changed his name for two reason, privacy, and because it was hard to pronounce, Morgan however, is his middle name.

Who is this ‘Afro’ Nick guy?
‘Afro’ Nick Westbrook used to be Seethers touring backing guitar player who was replaced by the ‘Undacova Brotha’ Mr. Pat Callahan sometime in October 2002. He is now in Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame’s new band Black Light Burns.

Who is Pat Callahan?
Pat left his band Sloth and replaced original touring guitarist ‘Afro’ Nick Westbrook in October 2002. Pat left the band in early June of 2006.

What Happened to Nick Oshiro, I just saw the band and there was a new guy behind the kit?
The ‘new guy’ behind the kit is Kevin Soffera, he is now officially Seether’s Drummer and he is bad ass. To read more about Kevin, head over to the Periodicales section and read the article about him. In regards to Nick, in respect to the band and the fact that they know who i am, I’m not going to say, but if you meet them, you can ask. Don’t be afraid, they’re nice: )

Ok, so I just saw Seether, and Kevin isn’t behind the drum kit, where did he go?
Kevin initially left the band on sort of a ‘maternity leave’ but has now decided to stay with his wife and do session work back home. All the luck to Kevin, his wife and there new addition to there family. You will be missed Kev.

So who is the new guy behind the drums?
The new guy is John Humphrey. He used to drum for the mid ’90’s rock band The Nixons.

Where’s Pat? I just saw Seether and there’s a guy playig guitar who looks like Pat, but it’s not him?
Pat left the band in 2006 due to personal reasons.

So who took over for Pat?
The guy who took Pat’s position as lead guitar player in Seether is Troy McLawhorn whom the band knows from touring in 2002 with Doubledrive, and Dark New Day in 2005. Troy was also a member of Evanescence in 2006. Troy is now officially the band’s new guitar player.

OK, so how many Line-Up Changes has Seether undergone, and what were they? I’m confused.
The band has undergone 9 line-up changes total as the following…
Shaun, Thomas Morris, Dave Cahoe
Shaun, Dale, Dave Cahoe
Shaun, Dale, Josh Freese
Shaun, Dale, John Johnston
Shaun, Dale, Nick Oshiro
Shaun, Dale, Nick Oshiro, Afro Nick
Shaun, Dale, Nick Oshiro, Undercover Brotha(Pat Callahan)
Shaun, Dale, Pat, Kevin Soffera
Shaun, Dale, Pat, John Humphrey
Shaun, Dale, John Humphrey
Shaun, Dale, John, Troy McLawhorn

Release Info
Why did the band release Disclaimer as Disclaimer II?
Due to the success of ‘Broken feat. Amy Lee,’ Wind-Up wanted to re-release the album with the song as an addition. The band wanted to give a little something extra with the disc not wanting to make there fans buy the album a second time just for one extra song, so they had added all of there soundtrack contribution songs, as well as an acoustic version of the Saron Gas track, ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘Cigarrettes’ and also added a DVD with most of a live show filmed at the Casino in New Hampshire, and all of the bands official music videos.

Josh Freese…where have I heard that name before?
Josh is a popular session musician who handled drum duties on Disclaimer in place of original skinsman Dave Cahoe, who parted ways with the band because of family commitments. Josh has also played on fellow Wind-Up Records artists Evenescence album ‘Fallen’ as well as Puddle Of Mudd’s debut album ‘Come Clean.’ He is also the drummer for A Perfect Circle.

Tour Info
When will Seether be coming to(insert your city/state here)?
Always keep an eye out on this, and the bands Official websites Tour section for up to date Tour Dates. Always asking the band when they will be coming near you or how come they don’t come near you is a moot answer. They don’t know. The band’s management and booking agent book and route the band’s tours, not the band.

Has Seether ever even came to(insert your city/state here)?
Check the tour archive of this site. They tour insanely, so odds are, they probably have.

I just saw Seether and they closed with Nirvana’s ‘You Know There Right,’ is this something they do often?
Yes, they have been closing there shows with ‘You Know You’re Right’ pretty much since March ’03. The song however was retired from live performances at the end of the band’s Karma & Effect tour.

What Other songs has Seether covered?
Check out the Discography section and look towards the section for Covers. That shall answer all of your questions.

General Questions
I have an acoustic version of this song called ‘Rain’ but it sounds like ‘Fade Away.’ What is this that I have?
The acoustic version of ‘Rain’ that you have is an early version of ‘Fade Away,’ that was recorded live from an on-air acoustic session the band did back in SA on 5fm.

Before the last chorus on ‘Fuck It,’ who is it that says, ‘I can feel you coming up behind me?’
On the album, it is Shaun, Live however Dale says the line.

What’s up with this new version of ‘Broken’ with the singer from Evanescence?
This ‘new version’ is actually the way you were meant to hear the song to begin with. Initially Amy was supposed to do vocals for the song to appear on Disclaimer, but due to conflicting schedules, it didn’t happen, but later in ’03, things came together and the collaboration finally came together.

Has the band had any songs featured on Soundtracks?
Once again, the Discography section shall answer all questions

Are there a lot of Acoustic versions of Seethers music?
Generally the most common are of ‘Gasoline,’ ’69tea,’ ‘Fine Again,’ ‘Driven Under,’ ‘Broken,’ and ‘Remedy.’

Has the band ever played a full ‘Unplugged’ style show before?
Yes, the first, in Clearwater, Fl in early November of ’03. After that the band started doing acoustic shows due to Shaun being sick. Oddly enough on the Winterfresh Sno-Core Tour. This resulted in the band’s One Cold Night CD/DVD package.

Music Video Info
How many music videos has Seether done so far?
Officially, 10. ‘Fine Again,’ Driven Under,’ ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Broken feat. Amy Lee.’ They did film a video for ‘Sympathetic’ at the same time as ‘Driven Under,’ but it has yet to be released. For Karma and Effect videos for ‘Remedy,’ ‘Truth’ and ‘The Gift’ were released.
So far “Fake It” and “Rise Above This” have been released for Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces.

Who directed the videos?
That information you will find in the Video section.

In the video for ‘Driven Under,’ is the car imploding?
The effect is that the car imploded, yes.

Equipment Info
What kind of equipment does Seether use live?
‘Dale uses Schecter Avenger basses, through a big ass Ampeg amp – I think 500 Watts.
He occasionally uses a Boss Bass Chorus pedal, but he’s misplaced it I use a Schecter 006 Elite through Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. I generally don’t use effects but I do make use of a Chorus, Wah, and Flanger. -Shaun

UPDATE – Shaun and Pat both use custom shop Schecter Guitars. Shaun’s 006 Model only has one Humbucker in the Bridge position and a single volume knob. It also has ‘KILL ME’ across the fretboard inlays. Pats guitar is pretty standard as far as his C-1 is concerned, it has his name on the truss rod cover plate on the headstock.
For Diagrams of Seethers Gear, in the studio, and on the road, check this site’s Gear section.

Artwork Info
What’s up with the ten album covers for Disclaimer, are there any hiden tracks or anything super special I should know about? Is it like a collectors set sort of thing, or just a clever ploy to get fans to buy all ten album covers of Disclaimer?
‘The concept was that you could choose whatever cover you thought would mean the most to you. It wasn’t supposed to be like go out and buy ten. It’s confused some peopel because they thought that we had more then one album. ‘ -Shaun

Who did the artwork for Disclaimer II?
Mike Bohatch of Eyesofchaos.com

Website Info
Who made this site?
This site was created by myself, Matt.

Why did you make this site?
I made this site to show my appreciation, gratitude, and respect to the band for the great music that they put out that has had a big impact on my life. In 2006 the band finally officially recruited me to work with them on assuring that the site keeps the fans up to date and informed on all goings on.

How old is this site?
This site hit the net the night that Disclaimer was released, Tuesday, August 20, 2002.

I just heard that this site was bought by somebody else. What’s going to change?
Absolutely nothing. Well, I take that back. I’m working on re-designing the site completely and adding new features to it. Some of the old sections will be merged into one and make it easier to navigate. The site will still be managed under the original terms by me, Chris.

What happened to Matt?
He no longer wanted to take on the task of updating everything on the server after it crashed. He’s currently working on his music magazine and writing songs with his band.

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