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VIP-bannerThe brand-new Seether-Online forum. Register an account on Seether-Online for VIP access to all areas of the site, including the message boards. Discuss all things Seether with other fans like yourself and make some new friends. Please note that these boards are minimally monitored. Keep it appropriate. Posts that invade privacy or become pointless arguing grounds will be removed. Why start a new forum with Facebook being such a good place to communicate? This forum is fully searchable by Google. Find answers to all your Seether questions for years to come. Registration is open, and all people are welcome.

On July 29, 2011, Wind-Up discontinued the Seether Community, which had been around since May of 2002. While some claimed it an impossible task, I took it upon myself to archive as much of the site as I could with the few days notice I had been given. On July 29th around noon, the server closed its doors for good, cutting me off from downloading anything else that belonged to the message boards. Fortunately, I was able to pull roughly two-thirds of the entire community to my hard drive. While Google had cached the vast majority of posts, those are no longer available from Google. This is the most complete version of the board in existence. Posting, however, is not functional. Feel free to browse through the history of Seether from 2002-2011!

This is the file with every link in it, seeing as there are sections you can’t jump over to get to the next post. As soon as Google indexes it, it will be available to search for keywords located in the individual pages. The BIG list.

Seetherville used to be the official message board for Seether-Online. Seetherville used to be a website run by the band. It was unfortunately dismantled, and was supposed to be merged into Seether-Online, however, most of the original content was lost. Around this time, Seetherville became a message board to keep the same community feel. Feel free to join in posting. Let’s bring back the Seether family vibe that used to exist!

Please note that if you Google SeetherVille, the first result that appears is NOT this site. It’s a copycat site that some guy from Argentina made. He even went to the length of copying the moderator names. If you have problems signing in, use this as the your login portal.

Seetherites was created as a back-up community, since the official Seether message board was constantly breaking down. It was created as a temporary home, and after Wind-Up dismantled the board permanently, Seetherites became more than a temporary community; it became a the new home of Seether fans from the old message board.

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