Biography – 2006

Shaun Morgan ‒ Vocals, Guitar
Dale Stewart ‒ Bass, Vocals
John Humphrey ‒ Drums

The Seether of 2006 is a far different band than the Seether that debuted in 2002. Nowhere is that more evident than on One Cold Night, the new live acoustic CD and bonus DVD, which reveals a new intimate side to their heavy-hitting sound.

Recorded at Philadelphiaʼs Grape Street on February 22, 2006, the session features hits from the bandʼs gold certified debut albums Disclaimer and Disclaimer II and their current release, the gold certified Karma and Effect. Included on the CD are Seetherʼs biggest hits “Remedy,” “Fine Again” and “Broken.” The live concert recording also showcases some of the bandʼs harder repertoire including “Gasoline” and “Truth” in a fresh, intimate setting that provides a unique experience for both new and long-time fans. One Cold Night highlights singer and principle songwriter Shaun Morganʼs heartfelt vocals and his intensity as a performer, as well as the bandʼs superior musicianship.

The live acoustic recording comes on the heels of the band relentlessly touring for close to five years and selling nearly two million albums. The band has seen success from the beginning, but they continue to push themselves to a new place with each release. It is this type of hard work that proves Seether is a force to be reckoned with in rock music.

After Seetherʼs debut album went gold, the band was all set to cut their second album in 2004 when they unexpectedly had a crossover hit single. Seether had re-recorded their ballad, “Broken,” as a duet featuring Morgan and Evanescenceʼs Amy Lee for the soundtrack to the action film The Punisher. As it climbed into the Billboard Top 10, the bandʼs first album was issued in a new, expanded version called Disclaimer II ‒ and it became the first debut album ever to go gold twice as this revised record also met that magic mark. Suddenly, they were in demand all over the world. They scrapped their recording plans and toured Europe in the summer of 2004. Some of these new fans, attracted by the hit ballad, attended a concert only to discover that Seether was a quartet offering a beautiful marriage of heaviness and melody.

“Broken” may have kept Seether away from the studio, but that turned out to be a benefit. Extensive touring allowed the group time to gel and write additional material. Seven additional tracks came from that period, creating the core of Karma and Effect. Morgan says, “When you get into a writing environment and everyoneʼs sitting around hammering
something out, then you really understand if itʼs gonna work or not.” As Morgan explains, what made the group work was that they played off each otherʼs strengths. “Dale is good at making our ideas better and then you add John into the mix – heʼs a really powerful drummer.”

In its first week of release Karma and Effect sold 82,000 units, giving Seether the #8 album in the country and making it the bandʼs highest ever debuting album. Karma and Effect was quickly certified gold and the band hit the road. Seether marked yet another milestone by performing in arenas across America with Audioslave and then coheadlining the sold-out 2006 SnoCore tour. Karma and Effect went on to produce the smash hits “Remedy” and “Truth.”

“The Gift,” Seetherʼs current and third single from Karma and Effect, continues to build strong radio airplay. The song is in the Top 10 at rock radio, and it shows promise as a crossover hit to pop radio. Entertainment Weekly offered, “…Morgan strikes rock-radio gold in ”The Gift,” a deliciously moody ballad…” The accompanying music video for the track was shot on location in Oaxaca, Mexico with director Meiert Avis.

Amidst their tireless touring schedule, Seether found time to record One Cold Night. When asked about performing his repertoire in an acoustic setting, Morgan says, “This is an experience for us to have some fun and present our music in a different fashion. It is amazing for us to be able to play the same heavy songs in a more intimate environment. We love it because we feel a connection with the audience and they can understand and listen to every chord that comes from the
stage. Itʼs always fun to just mix it up and that’s what weʼre all about.” The quartet has plans to take the acoustic set on the road in the summer of 2006, performing both electric and acoustic shows in cities across the U.S.

The bonus DVD includes an in-depth interview with the band conducted by Philadelphiaʼs WMMR on-air legend Pierre Robert, the music video for “The Gift,” a behind the scenes package from the Oaxaca video shoot, and a gallery of still photos from the Grape Street performance. The set list features some rarities, including a performance of “Tied My Hands,” a favorite from the bandʼs early days as Saron Gas, and a cover of Pearl Jamʼs “Immortality.”

Seetherʼs devoted fans will be rewarded with the release of One Cold Night. The CD/DVD marks several firsts for the band ‒ their first concert recording, their first live acoustic recording and their first DVD release offering a complete set. For new fans, the live recording will convey the musical integrity and intensity of vocalist Shaun Morgan and his band mates from the platinum-selling, headlining band, Seether.

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