Band Members

shaun_morganShaun Morgan Welgemoed
(May 1999 – Present)
Growing up in rural South Africa, Shaun’s traumatic past no doubt fueled the birth of Seether. He had written Disclaimer when he was sixteen and ran away from home to cut a demo. His father wouldn’t let him play in a rock band because he was afraid Shaun’s grades would drop. His parents divorced when he was young. He’d get drunk and get into fights, and at one point came home contemplating suicide. With a gun in one hand and a guitar in the other, Shaun held the gun against his head… and then put it down and decided to write a song.

Shaun joined the band that would become Saron Gas in May of 1999 as a rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. The guitarist and vocalist missed a practice, and they decided to keep it a three-piece.

Each album is like Shaun’s journal on display, etching into stone how he felt at a certain moment in time. He began playing guitar at a young age and connected through music. Everything else at this point is history. He currently resides in New Hampshire, which he said is more comfortable than living in LA. Shaun enjoys reading Dean Koontz novels, Edgar Allan Poe, and the classics while on tour.

Shaun is endorsed by Schecter guitars and has played several different models over the years. In the early days, he played a 006 Elite. He was offered a deal to have a signature guitar with PRS, but declined. For a brief period of time, he used a Schecter Ultra. Around the time Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces was released, he began playing a PT Fastback. Currently, he plays his own signature model and can also be seen playing the Solo-6 Standard. His influences range from Nirvana to the Deftones, Portishead and more.

dale_stewartDale Stewart
(January 2000 – Present)
Dale became a part of Seether because he was the only bassist Shaun knew after the original bassist left the band. He grew up in South Africa, and used to work in an angling shop with his dad. His style of playing bass varies based upon what a song needs to make it good; if it doesn’t need a bassline, he’ll sit out for a few measures. “I try to never overplay. Knowing when not to play is almost more important than knowing when to play, so I pick and choose when I’m going to go for it on certain parts. It’s human nature to want to be in the spotlight, but I’m never afraid of playing root notes or sitting back on a simple groove.” Dale is also the humorous one who has, on occasion, been known to be featured as a life-size cardboard cut-out in bars. On a more serious note, he learned how to play guitar before he ever learned bass, and that has affected his style of playing. His personal interests include everything from hot wings to motorbikes. Dale currently lives in Los Angeles and can sometimes be spotted riding one around town.

He has no specific technique for playing bass and he generally just goes with the flow. Early on, he had taken lessons for guitar, but had no formal training on bass. Dale had no idea what he was doing when he started playing out of necessity for a band that needed a bassist. Back in those days, he was nicknamed “Duke Dalington.” While playing live, Dale does double duty on certain songs such as “Broken” and “Country Song.”

john_humphrey John Humphrey
(December 2003 – Present)
He was approached by Seether’s sound guy, who was a fan of The Nixons, and had put John’s name in for an audition. He auditioned in October of 2003 and officially joined in December. John has a solid drumming style and prefers more earthy tones. His first Seether recording was “Broken” for The Punisher Soundtrack. He is credited on every Seether release since. In December 2006, John underwent major back surgery for a ruptured disc, no doubt from his hard-hitting style of playing the drums.

John currently lives in Oklahoma with his wife and kids. Growing up, he was picked on for wearing KISS t-shirts and liking music. His main influences are KISS, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley. He also has a shrine to KISS in his home, filled with tons of KISS memorabilia. He recorded a song for an Eric Carr tribute CD.

Previous Members
Seether is the Spinal Tap of rock music, except that their drummers don’t explode. The core members have been the same since late 2003; however, there is an extensive list of people who were in and out of the band.

…you have to break eggs to make omelettes.” ~Shaun

troy_mclawhornTroy McLawhorn (March 2008 – March 8, 2011)
Meeting Seether while in his band doubleDrive, Troy became good friends with Shaun, Dale, and John. He was later the guitarist for Dark New Day, and then became Evanescence’s touring guitarist. After the departure of Pat, Seether decided to remain a three-piece. Troy seemed like the right fit since they guys had known each other for years, and he became an official member of Seether after touring with the band. McLawhorn’s first Seether debut was “Careless Whisper.” He is featured on the iTunes Originals album. Troy played a big part in the writing of Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray, though he left the band the day after “Country Song” was released to radio because of “a violation of personal trust.” Not long after, he was invited back into Evanescence.

pat_callahan Pat Callahan (October 2002 – June 2006)
Pat met Seether after his band Sloth played a show with them. He landed a try-out. Oversleeping and missing his guitar audition, Pat made it to Grape Street just in time to help Seether pack up. He “officially” auditioned for Seether about a month later and got the gig. He is credited for performing on Disclaimer II, Karma And Effect, and One Cold Night. Callahan chose to leave Seether in the early summer of 2006. He currently resides in Pennsylvania, working with children at the Music Training Center.

kevin_sofferaKevin Soffera (March 17, 2003 – November 13, 2003)
With some help from his friend, Pat Callahan, Kevin Soffera was offered an audition on the down-low. Nailing every song, he was welcomed into the band and was asked to tour with them immediately. Due to family commitments and a newborn child, Kevin was let go by the band. Soffera also toured with Breaking Benjamin in 2004. He is currently a session musician and member of the band star69 based in Philadelphia, PA. Feel free to hit him up on Facebook.

Nick Oshiro (March 2002 – March 2003)
He became Dave Cohoe’s first official replacement as drummer in 2002. Oshiro was later fired from Seether shortly after playing the WAAF Beach Party concert in Boston, MA. Nick later became a permanent fixture in Static-X, replacing original drummer Ken Jay.



Nick Westbrook (June 2002 – October 2002)
“Afro Nick,” also known on occasion as Nick Annis, became Seether’s lead guitarist in 2002, prior to Pat Callahan. He can be seen playing with the band on AOL Sessions and several live bootlegs. After exiting Seether, he joined forces with Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland in Black Light Burns as a touring guitarist..

John Johnston
Never officially listed by Shaun as one of the drummers who spontaneously combusted, but there is some speculation that Johnston was one of a long string of drummers that didn’t make it between Dave Cohoe and Nick Oshiro. He’s credited on Disclaimer II for “Out Of My Way.”

erikEric Eldenius (2002)
He was one of a long line of drummers who didn’t make the cut. He’s worked with Vanessa Carlton, Billy Idol, and his band Low Millions.



nick_argyrosNick Argyros (2002)
Nick did a stint with Seether between Dave Cohoe’s departure and the band settling on Nick Oshiro. After Seether, he helped form 16Stitch in South Africa, releasing Beautiful Angelic Parasite in 2004 and Collapse Of Air in 2006. With the dissolution of 16Stitch, Argyros formed another band called Newton Knife Gang. He currently works with a creative design boutique in Johannesburg.

josh_freeseJosh Freese (2002, Session Musician for Disclaimer)
Being a session musician, he was chosen to record Disclaimer in the studio. Freese was never officially or unofficially in the band. He has worked with other bands such as A Perfect Circle, Static-X, Daughtry, and Chris Cornell. Freese has released two solo albums, in addition to being credited on over a hundred other albums.


dave_cohoeDave Cohoe (May 1999 – February 2002)
Original drummer and founding member, Cohoe left the band in 2002 because of family commitment back home in South Africa. He is credited for his drumming on the Saron Gas release Fragile. In the early Saron Gas days, he was nicknamed “Skin.”


tigerTyronne Morris (May 1999 – December 1999)
Tyronne was the original bassist for Saron Gas in 1999. Since then, he has been involved with other South African bands, most recently No EquaL. His nickname was “Tiger;” the same one referred to in the song “Skin The Tiger.”


Johan Greyling (May 1999)
He was the original lead guitarist when Saron gas first formed and was highly Metallica influenced. He and the original singer didn’t show up for practice, and the rest of the band decided to keep it a three-piece.

? (May 1999)
Shaun can’t remember what her name was. Some chick who played the keyboard and sang like the old lady that sits behind everybody in church.