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Back To The Remedy - Seether Returns To The Road With Sophomore Album

June 17, 2005

When Seether frontman Shaun Morgan cut his teeth in music, it was a product of teen angst.

The South African expatriate tells the story of holding a guitar in one hand and a gun in the other.

Music exorcised his personal demons, moving him past the transformation of Nirvana-like angst to his standout duet "Broken" with girlfriend Amy Lee of Evanescence to Karma and Effect (Wind-up Records), a sophomore album that's turning heads.

"It feels great for us to move further away from the Nirvana comparison. We have more than just being a Nirvana knockoff," said Morgan. "Our new album is more experimental. It's good to be playing new music. We spent the better part of three years touring (with) the old songs."

Three years after the release of the band's debut, Disclaimer, Morgan said the band has grown up.

Seether's lineup solidified when drummer Pat Callahan and guitarist John Humphery joined Morgan and bassist Dale Stewart.

"We see (Karma and Effect) as our first real Seether album. Including another guitarist and a drummer in the writing process has actually made us a solid unit," Morgan said. "Pat and John have been touring with Dale and I for the past two years, and I can honestly say that we finally have a band where all four members are in it for the right reasons."

Morgan said he focuses less on his own self destruction and more about increasing public awareness on the issue of domestic violence.

"I don't think I'm cut out to be a political guy. Ours is more about being socially conscious about the atrocities that occur within households," Morgan said. "Growing up as a kid, I've had friends who told me things and I've seen things that never left me. I'm involved with South African charities. It's close to home for me, (but) I know the problem is everywhere. I was raised never to be that way and it's a moral issue for me."

Touring, transience and typical growing pains cause the band to go through one guitarist and six drummers.

Morgan's relationship with Lee also fell under strain with the success of "Broken," which was recorded for the soundtrack of the action film, The Punisher.

"I was defending myself before. I would get blamed for using Amy as a meal ticket. It started wearing on the relationship after awhile," Morgan said.

When the song was part of Billboard's Top 10, the band reissued its first album and dubbed it Disclaimer II.

The reissue went gold and put the band on the road again, playing revamped versions of its debut spread.

Touring with old songs was frustrating for Seether because the band was ready to return to the studio and record a new album before "Broken" took off, Morgan said.

Extended touring helped the band write seven songs, solidify its lineup and build the muscle behind Karma and Effect.

"When you're in an environment when all four guys are playing together it makes it really easy to write," Morgan said. "I think this band is going to be around for years to come."