Speaking Of Seether

Lead singer discusses rock trifecta at Leach tonight
By A.J. Schuldt of The Northwestern

The "Truth" is, Seether is going to hear its new single over and over again as if it were a broken record. The rock band is about to film the music video for its single "Truth," and as a gear-up for the taping of this video next week, will undoubtedly play the single tonight as it headlines the Leach Amphitheater.

The foursome will hear the song dozens of times as it records the video - but when it's a tune they're this proud of, it's no chore.

"You spend a whole day, sometimes two days playing the song over and over," said Shaun Morgan via telephone from a tour stop in Nashville. "We wrote it, so we're attached to it in some way. I'm sure there's cameramen who have left after a day of working and have been seriously sick of the song."

Like its breakthrough hit "Broken," Seether is currently No. 2 on Billboard's mainstream rock list - and marking its 16th consecutive week appearing on the list - with its dark tune "Remedy." The song is No. 5 on the modern rock list.

Following its mega-hit collaboration "Broken" with Amy Lee of Evanesence, Seether struggled with an identity crisis. But Morgan said the soul-searching ended up being a bonus for the band.

"Everyone thought we were having so much success that we were so happy," he said. "But the band and relationships within the band started suffering a little (we were the Amy Lee boyfriend band), and we wanted to prove we are a rock band and can stand on our own two feet."

The relationship continues to thrive between Morgan and Lee. Fresh from a trip to Jamaica with Seether bandmates and Lee, Morgan said the couple is conscious of their need to establish a name for themselves separately.

"She had a lot to prove with the absence of a band, and we had a lot to prove with the absence of her," Morgan said.

But successes like these have not crafted an egomaniac. Just the opposite, actually. As lead singer of a headlining band, he doesn't hesitate to discuss being starstruck by the members of his opening act Dark New Day.

Comprised of members from bands like Sevendust, Creed, Stereomud and Tommy Lee, it's a grab bag of industry pros brought together under a new name.

"They're like a supergroup of sorts," Morgan said. "We have so much respect for the bands they were in before this. It's kind of weird having this band of guys we've looked up to forever open for us."

The band's song "Brother," currently is at No. 8 on Billboard's mainstream rock list.

Joining Dark New Day with opening duty is Crossfade, a relative new kid on the block. The band, like tourmates Seether and Dark New Day, also have a song on the Top 10 mainstream rock list. "Colors" is No. 10.

Morgan said he's steering clear of another collaboration with Lee, but exploring opportunities with other groups.

And with a tour filled with talent, there are plenty of possibilities. In fact, concert-goers can bet on an impromptu jam session.
"We did a great cover of 'Man in the Box' with the Dark New Day lead singer (Brett Hestla) and we've got to get Crossfade to do something," Morgan said. "We do impromptu stuff like that, like including somebody from one of the bands. It makes it a closer tour."