Morales - An Interview With Seether

by Marcos Morales
November 05, 2003

As I stood outside the back gate of the Seether show with a security guard enjoying a beat-up copy of some book about a terrorist infiltrating the United States, I thought really hard about what I was going to do. I was on the verge of meeting this band from another world - South Africa, to be exact - and I had no idea what I was going to say to them.

I could ask them about their rocky past, which includes many touchy subjects of broken families and depression countered by drinking binges and violent outbreaks, but I'd rather not strike a bad note and bring a beating down on me, South African style. Though, I can't hold it against the guys that they enjoy a healthy dose of the magic medicine now and again.

Maybe I could ask them about going from being virtually unknown to playing Ozzfest in record time, but that's in the past.

Finally, after much walkie-talkie debate, I am cleared for entry into the magical world of "Backstage." On the way to the trailer housing my story, I decided on my repertoire: I was going to wing it. In the trailer I was greeted by Shaun Morgan (guitar/vocals), Dale (bass/vocals, whose accent reminded me of Russell Crowe in Gladiator) and Pat (guitar) from Philadelphia, so he had that kind of sound coming out of his mouth.

After some friendly banter with these strange-sounding creatures about skin ink and the common trend among Texan women to be gorgeous, I began to feel comfortable around these burly fun-loving strangers and decided to get down to business before I was run off by walkie-talkie clad backstage Nazis on the hunt for crashers and degenerates like me.

UD: So what do you guys think of Texas?

Pat: We love Texas.

Dale: Every time we come here Pat gets a tattoo.

UD: Really? Where do you go?

Pat:'s a block away from the hotel. Usually we just have a friend come out and he's just back stage hookin' everybody up.

UD: That's nice. Free tattoos.

Pat: Yeah, there's nothin' better than free tattoos

UD: So have you guys experienced the Texan drawl?

Pat: Oh yeah, two of our crew guys are from Dallas.

UD: So you hear it all the time?

Pat: It's like, now on the bus we've got south African, Texan accents, Canadian accents, and Philadelphian.

Dale: And New Yowak.

(Here's where everybody laughs and tries to do their best New York impression, including yours truly)

UD: If you could tell all these people who only know you through pictures anything, what would you want them to know about you?

Pat: I think for me, it would just be how much I love music.

Shaun: Nothing. People who want to know me should just listen to the music

Dale: I don't know.

Shaun: Dale doesn't know what day it is.

UD: How long have you guys been on the road?

Dale: 16 months.

UD: 16 months, Jeebus Chripes!

Dale: You get used to it. Once you get used to it, it's weird when you're not touring. I'm actually nervous when I'm not touring because I don't know what I'm going to do.

UD: So what do you guys do on the road to keep your mind of the fact that you're in a bus all the time?

Dale: Playstation. Movies. Porn.

UD: What Playstation games do you guys play? (I can't tell you readers about the porn, so this will have to do.)

Dale: Actually we just got the new "Contra," which is pretty bad (expletive deleted), and "Grand Turismo 3" - you know it changes a lot. When you get tired of one you just put in another one. We've actually got a 36-hour drive coming up.

UD: Where are you guys going next?

Dale: We're going to New York from here

Shaun: We're supposed to be in Long Island on Thursday.

Pat: We're going to have a Playstation marathon.

UD: So where do you guys call home now?

Dale: We pretty much live on the bus now, but when we do go home we pretty much live with our folks. Pat lives in Philadelphia.

Pat: Well, my mom does. It's pretty weird 'cause I gave up my apartment so I could come on tour; I get home and I'm shacked up in my mom's basement trying to stay out of her hair.

Dale: Trying to score with girls.

Pat: Yeah.

UD: Tell me about your heroes.

Dale: Sevendust.

Pat: I like bands like Pearl Jam that survived the whole death of grunge and they can still play everywhere.

Dale: Pantera.

UD: How did you guys get started in music?

Pat: I was a guitar tech for a band in Philly.

Shaun: I just heard Nevermind for the first time, and I thought it was pretty cool. I learned how to play the whole album, and the more I started playing it the better I learned the guitar, and I started writing songs.

UD: What are you guys listening to right now?

Pat: Breaking Benjamin.

Shaun: A Perfect Circle

Dale: Sevendust, Doubledrive...

UD: If it all ended tomorrow, what would you be doing?

Dale: I'd start another band.

Shaun: I'd build a studio and just start making my own songs so I could do it anytime I wanted.

Pat: I don't know. Probably rehab.

Shaun: Yeah, rehab for a bit, then take a vacation in Jamaica.

Dale: Yeah, because Jamaica me crazy.

Shaun: The only way it will end is if you want it to.

UD: Do you have any pointers for young, up-and-coming musicians?

Pat: Don't be (expletive deleted) holes, practice and spend a lot of money on a good demo.

Shaun: And don't think you're Bono when you get a hit on the radio

Dale: It's better to have friends in the business than foes.

UD: Well that's all I have for you guys unless you want to add something.