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Saron Gas Sign To U.S. Label - October 1, 2001

Top South African rock band Saron Gas have just concluded an exclusive seven-album artist deal with US label Wind Up Entertainment. Wind Up are best known for their success with Creed, Finger 11 and Drowning Pool, and are rated as one of the top independent rock labels in the United States.

Saron Gas will be relocating to New York in late 2001 and will immediately add the final touches to "Fragile", their smash South African debut album. This will include their new hit single, "Gasoline", which was released in South Africa in September 2001.

Saron Gas, and South African label, Musketeer Records, began negotiations with the US label after the South African trio performed a showcase in New York in late June 2001.

Formed in May 1999, Saron Gas emerged on the South African rock scene and rapidly established themselves as one of South Africa's top bands. The band independently released their fist demo in late 1999, featuring the single "69 Tea". The track was greatly received by radio stations nationwide, and climbed to number two on the 5FM charts.

The band signed to Musketeer Records in August 2000. Working with top South African producer Brian O'Shea, the band spent two months at the Farm Studios, rewriting and shaping material. The result is the top-selling debut album release — "Fragile".

Immediately following release in South Africa, "Fragile" was sampled to various international companies. These included majors — Sony and Atlantic, as well as worldwide studios like George Martin's (of Beatles fame) and Air Studios in London.

In April 2001 Frontline Entertainment Management — approached and sampled "Fragile" to US label: Wind Up Entertainment in the hopes of gaining international interest and a record deal. Wind Up was suitably impressed with the band's profile, their music, and business structure in South Africa, as well as the quality and talent hailing from the band. As a result, Frontline Entertainment Management was able to secure a live showcase in New York with the Wind Up A&R team. The result: an exclusive artist deal!

Power, strength and emotion are three words which aptly describe musicians — Shaun, Dave and Dale — and aptly summate their musical creations. It is indeed true that Saron Gas are destined to be South Africa's biggest and most profiled rock success in the international arena!