Guitar World

'Tales From The Hard Side'

June 2005

When Seether scored a hit single with "Broken," their 2004 collaboration with Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee, they had good reason to celebrate. The song, a duet version of a tune from there 2002 debut, Disclaimer, elevated the group's already high profile and kept the fans satisfied while Seether worked on their sophomore release. But in an unexpected turn, the band members had to defend themselves against claims that they rode Lee's coattails to success. It didn't help that Shaun Morgan, the group's frontman and guitarist, and Lee were an item.

"The circumstances were abused," says Morgan. "People were saying, 'Yeah, they needed Amy to make that happen.' But Disclaimer was Gold before we even released that song."

Seether tend to set the record straight with there fourthcoming album, tentatively titled Cater to Cowards, (Wind-Up). Slated for release on May 24, it issues a hard-rocking challenge to, in Morgan's words, "the fairweather radio fans" who know the band only from "Broken," and the "corporate cowards" who tried to downplay Seether's grunge influenced sound last time around.

"What put us off most about Disclaimer was that all of the softer stuff was used on the radio" says Morgan from Avatar Studios in New York City, where the group is mixing "Remedy," the first single from the new disc. "It sucked, because we had alot of harder tunes." The band has mooted the chance for that to happen again says Morgan. "We've counteracted that this time around by writing only heavy stuff."

Formed in 1999, the four-piece has been seven drummers and two guitarists since moving to the U.S. from it's South Africa homeland. One of the players influencing Seether's evolution is new guitarist Pat Callahan, whose lead stylings are well represented on the new album. "We didn't do it consciously, but theres a solo in every song," says Callahan, evidently pleased.

"That's why this album is cool," adds Morgan. "We're finally a band of four dudes who are each giving everything they've got."

-Brad Angle.


Guitars: (Morgan)Schecter Double S-Elite (Callahan) C-1 Elite
Amps: (Morgan)Mesa Triple Rectifier (Callahan)Line 6 HD147
Effects: (Morgan) Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor and CH-1 Super Chorus
Strings: (Morgan)Dean Markley (.013) (Callahan)Dean Markley(.010)