Guitar One Magazine
April 2003

Revival Of Rock

On Seether's Wind-Up debut, Disclaimer, the trio links the raw intensity of Nirvana and Slipknot with the dense guitar production of Creed. Since the records 2002 release, they've seen the U.S. part of Ozzfest, seen their single "Fine Again" climb the rock charts, and seen themselves become firmly entrenched in the new rock scene.

Seether's Sound - "We just see ourselves as a rock band; we don't like to limit ourselves to a particular niche. We listen to bands from Counting Crows to Slipknot, so we have diverse influences. Lyrically, I try to be honest and have something pertinent to say. We're just a rock band that likes to play the type of songs that we like to listen to."

Defining Moment - "It was the moment I heard 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' I was twelve years old when I heard it, and that was about the time that I started taking music seriously. I was just old enough to start getting into music and girls and all those things."

Seattle's Impact - "It was the first time that I heard musicI could remember and sing along to; it was catchy. The guitars weren't always perfect, there was feedback here and there, and the guy was screaming, but I loved it. had listened to AC/DC and Metallica, but I never got into it as much as when I heard Nevermind. I still can't say why. It seems that Kurt Cobain was really feeling what he was singing. Just the power of the simple drums and simple guitars blew away intricate shredding. It was totally cool to me-just three guys making so much noise."

Ten or Nevermind? - "Nevermind. I would listen to that album like six or seven times in a row. It was the diversity of the whole album and the fact that I loved every single song. I had never actually heard a full album that I loved until this one. his was so angry, and yet tender at the same time. 'Polly' was the first song that I learned to play on guitar."

Alice In Chains or Soundgarden? - "Soundgarden. Superunknown was the first album I got into, and then I went into there back catalog and listened to the rest of it. 'Fell On Black Days' was one of those other defining moments for me, that and 'Black Hole Sun.' Chris Cornell writes really good songs, and just the way he sang-he totally put his soul into it. That's something that I've missed alot in other bands; I need someone to be putting that much energy and that uch of themselves into one song."

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