Blasting Zone Interview

Todd: How was Seether formed?

Shaun Morgan: "We formed in May of 1999 as a five piece band with another guitarist...different drummer, different bassist, different vocalist...I was the backing guitarist. So after about six months, we got Dale in about January of 2000 and Nick in about May of 2002. It's been interesting...we got everything we need for an episode of 'Behind The Music.' (Laughs) We just need some rehab...we just need some sort of tragedy. (Laughs)"

Todd: What inspired the name Seether?

Shaun: ...A Veruca Salt song...that's where it comes from. Many people believe Seether is European slang for female genitalia, but I'd never heard of that until we changed our name. (Laughs)

Todd: What inspired the original band name Saron Gas?

Shaun: "...It just sounded cool. We were doing demos in the studio way back in like '99 and we didn't have a name...there was a sound effects CD laying around and one of the effects was called 'Saron Gas.' We thought it sounded cool so we chose it."

Dale Stewart: "It was memorable, but we got a lot of letters back...a lot of bad press because of it. Letters from White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, was all just a play on words, man, because Saron spelled with an 'O' means music of God. So it was kind of a cool play on words that no one got but us."

Todd: What are your influences?

Dale: "Everything from Slipknot to the Counting Crows...Enya, Beck, Pink. We went out the other day to but a lot of our old CD's that we've lost. I'm buying Beck, Metallica...he's (Shaun) buying Guns 'n' Roses...(Laughs). Anything that makes us react as a band, those are our influences."

Todd: Describe you worst ever gig.

Shaun: "...Wow...for me, it was today..." (August 17, 2002 Ozzfest)

Todd: Really?

Shaun: "...Yeah, I couldn't hide myself behind my hair because it was so windy, the wind was blowing it out of my really freaked me out. I was completely out of my depth."

Todd: What equipment do you use?

Shaun: "...Dale and I use Specter...he (Nick) uses drugs (Laughs) because he's a drummer. ...Mesa Boogie, home, we never got Ampeg or Mesa Boogie and we finally got them like six months ago and it's been so cool."

Todd: What were you playing prior to coming to the United States?

Shaun: "I was using a Line 6 and I has the Mesa Boogie effect on was really cool."

Dale: "I was using Peavey Amps..."

Todd: How does it feel to be involved with Ozzfest?

Dale: "...It's really every musician's dream...I mean, to be on tour with bands that we've looked up to for now be playing with them..."

Shaun: "As far as the whole...'this is the tour to be on'...thing, for me, not being from America, it means that much more to us."

Todd: What inspired the title Disclaimer?

Shaun: "...A drummer leaving, moving to a different was just kinda like we weren't gonna take responsibility for anything that wasn't our fault...with all the different covers available, it's supposed to be a message within the hopefully when you buy the box set, you'll get the message." (Laughs)

Todd: What was it like working with producer Jay Baumgardner? Did his previous successes intimidate you?

Shaun: "Yeah, the first thing you see when you walk into the studio are all there Gold and Platinum album awards...Linkin Park, Drowning Pool...but it was nice...he's really a cool guy."

Dale: "(Laughs) We met him the day we started recording...for us, being in his presence was like being in the presence of so many cool bands...

Todd: What led to the departure of you original drummer?

Shaun: "...It was a family thing, I guess...actually, we're not supposed to talk about that...sorry..."

Todd: If you could tour or record with anyone, dead or living, who would that be?

Dale: "Dead or alive? I would have loved to have toured with Nirvana, Pearl Jam...Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine...all those Led Zeppelin and Sevendust..."

Todd: What are you favorite and least favorite aspects of touring?

Dale: "Not being able to shower when you want to...that's my least favorite...

Shaun: "Finding a place to shit!" (Laughs)

Todd: Where do you see yourselves in ten years?

Dale: "Hopefully, we'll be like the Rolling Stones, living in Mexico sipping margaritas..." (Laughs)

Shaun: "For me, the ideal situation would be...the band is still going, we're still writing music and putting out albums but touring less...but with more arenas...being like Aerosmith or U2 or something."