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Seether Remedy

Title: Seether Remedy
Author(s): Bram Teitelman
Source: Billboard.
117.19 (May 7, 2005): p47. From Expanded Academic ASAP.
Document Type: Brief article
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SEETHER Remedy (3:28) Producer: Bob Marlette Writers: S. Morgan, Seether Wind-up (CD promo)

South African band Seether has gotten off to the fastest start of its career with "Remedy," the first single from sophomore album "Karma and Effect." That may speak for Wind-up's job of artist development--or perhaps increased recognition thanks to Evanescence leader Amy Lee's contribution to the group's last single, "Broken." The result is a song that's building into a huge story at active rock and modern rock radio, and it's easy to see why. "Remedy" is a solid, meat-and-potatoes rock'n'roll tune. Uptempo and guitar-driven, it is anchored by singer Shaun Morgan's melodic vocals, which keep the song from getting too heavy and prevent it from sounding too derivative. Seether will play a handful of radio shows in the States this summer.--BT