Rock Hard, But Behave

If there are any citizens left in Los Angeles with a modicum of common sense, they will track down the newly transplanted South African leader of Seether, Shaun Morgan, put a guitar in his hand and get him onstage, pronto. Why should the smog-izens be worried? It's been six months since Morgan and his Seether sidekick, bassist Dale Stewart have played live.

"I stopped playing music for awhile, and I used to go out and get into fights because there was nothing else to do," Morgan calmly states. "I'd get drunk and then fight. That's such a dickhead thing to do. Then I picked up a guitar and played in bands and I was fine."

Seethers fury-driven debut, Disclaimer, is searing in it's honesty. So much so, infact, that Morgan had trouble working on it. Eventually I just went back to thinking. 'This is for me, and this is what I want to say,'" he explains. "When I say something, I don't try to make it pretty, and I don't let punches land lightly. I get it otu as quickly and as deeply as possible, just so I don't have to deal with it again."

The 23-year-old Morgan put Seether together in his hometown of Jahannesburg, South Africa, three years ago; Stewart, 22, joine a year later. The duo are the ultimate yin and yang, "I'm not generally the life and soul of the party," Morgan says, "If we go out, I'd be the guy in the corner with his beer. Dale is everyone's favorite, because he speaks so much. He's great to hide behind."

"I'm the youngest, so I've got to make my presence felt somehow," says Stewart of his outgoing persona. So, what has he done lately? "Wild things--do you want to know their names?" he says before laughing. I can't say. My motto is that I'll do anything once, apart from bungee jumping. I'm all about having fun. You've only got one really short life, and you've got cram as much as you can into it."

All within reason, of coarse. By sharp contrast, Morgan is doing his best to keep his nose clean, even if his actions seemingly border on paranoia. "I don't want to get deported. I don't even throw my cigarrette butt down on the pavement. I'm so scared of getting kicked out of this oppertunity that I'm not going to do anythign to jeopordize that, " he says laughing. "It takes a hell of a alot of time to get in th U.S., I appreciate this too much to go out and lose it all."

-David John Farinella
SOUND BITES Album: Disclaimer Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa Sounds Like: Searing rock songs with a melodic beat. Kindred Spirits: Godsmack, Soundgarden, Helmet