Interview with 5FM DJ Sasha Martinengo

One of 5fm's most entertaining and popular radio personalities, Sasha Martinengo reveales his opinion on what makes a good song and how he feels about South African music:

"A good song is measured by it's melody. don't forget that in the radio business, we measure songs on melody more than anything else. If a song is going to sound good on the radio, that's the most important element for radio. In terms of SA Music. Why categorise music; each style is different and each production is unique, but we still need good producers in this country as well as songwriters."

Impressed by their abilities and unique sound Sasha feels that Saron Gas have all the necessary tools to go far and succed overseas:

"I hope they crack it big. I am not Record Executive, but whoever signed them must have heard their potential. I think they create a brilliant sound for only 3 members. I also think the singer (Shaun) has a great voice as well as being able to get a great guitar sound. Whether or not that is enough, is up to the public to decide when they release their material overseas. I wish them all the luck in thw world."

As far as other musicians go Sasha feels that anyone who has raw talent and a desire to succeed can do anything however he feels that many South Africans should take the inititive and make more of an effort to promote our music:

"Let's hope so. Any band has a chance.Write a good song and who knows what could happen. I still think we as South Africans wait for things to happen as opposed to trying to make them happen."

If the public doesn't try to promote SA music at least radio DJ's like Sasha do, they do anything in their power to promote an act that they feel can be successful:

"A radio DJ could plug a record for a period of time and hopefully it will get noticed. A Radio DJ can get behind a band or not. Depends on what the DJ likes."