2014.07.02 – A Special Thanks to Matt for Recording This

Seether’s being featured on Octane this week. For the time being, I’ll be uploading all new songs to news before moving them into the audio section. To put it bluntly, my laptop took a dookie a few days ago and I don’t know how much data can be recovered. Click here to help me fund a new laptop for school and work. I’m broke and trying to get a laptop to put me back in business, both with Seether-Online and with my web design freelancing that pays for my schooling. (If you really want to know how broke I am, I didn’t even go out today to buy Isolate and Medicate.) :/

Anyhow, to get to the point, Matt helped out today by recording the whole set and I’ll be putting up songs one at a time over the next week (also, a special thanks to my mother for letting me log in from her laptop). Since I mentioned “Save Today,” I’ll post that one first. It’s a beautiful track that deserves a lot of credit. Usually when a band goes “pop” with their song format, I tear them a new one. However, it really works for Seether. In fact, I’m finding the more melodic songs on the album to be better crafted than the harder songs we’ve all been drooling to hear. Thus far, from the ones I heard on Pandora, “Nobody Praying For Me,” “Crash,” and “Save Today” are my favorites.

Without further ado, please click here to listen. A download link will be provided after Octane has finished airing its last broadcast of the show, so tune in this week for the full set on SiriusXM!

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