7-UP Spring Break Promo CD


In 2003, 7-UP released a compilation of hot new bands. Of these bands, Seether was one of them. It’s a cheesy disc, but well worth the time to download and burn. No infringement is intended, as this CD is currently out of print and was only distributed as a promo. The disc is both an audio CD and a multimedia CD with exclusive content viewable on a computer.

Instructions: download the .cue and .bin files, download and install ImgBurn, load the .cue and .bin files, burn as a multisession CD, and enjoy!

To download, right-click “Save As”
ImgBurn – A utility to burn disc images to a CD

1. Out In Style – Marah
2. Star 69 (Wait For Nothing) – Noise Therapy
3. You Are (Panacea) – Cirrus
4. Beat Me – Custom
5. Fine Again – Seether
6. Rust – Must
7. FireFly – InMe
8. Who Wants This? – Smilez & Southstar

Plus exclusive multimedia content such as music videos, games, and promo photos! No install necessary.