2015.09.23 Newsletter and Pepsi Smash


Pepsi Smash has returned to Seether-Online. Click on the image to load the video page. More videos to come. Television performances will be coming first, followed by interviews.


As of last week, Seether-Online.com resumed being fully functional. As some of you might know, the site fell into a year-long hiatus. Well, now that’s over! Seether-Online is bringing you several updates each week. Photos, videos, MP3 downloads, and more.

Wanna check out the new stuff? Many of the old TV appearances have returned online, and this time, they’re here to stay! The video section will be getting constant updates to ensure that Seether-Online still has all the goods to feed your Seether needs.


We’ve also updated the forums. They’re here to stay as well. The In-Focus Artist is also where we strive to interview bands and give them a chance in the limelight. Every 1-2 weeks, we will try to have a new featured artist. Have a band? Want an interview? Send an email to Seether.Freak@yahoo.com, or like Seether-Online on Facebook and send a direct message.

Not Getting Enough?

Last week, we introduced the Members Only VIP Access. All you need to do is keep spreading the word about the hottest Seether fan site on the net.


What’s Coming:

  • Triple Threat Tour video for members only
  • Full concert download from Seether’s summer tour
  • More photos and artwork for the image gallery
  • An updated Seether video interviews

Once again, thanks for being the amazing Seether fan you are. Keep playing it loud, and I’ll keep delivering the content.


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