2015.09.09 VIP Access and the New Forum

Hi, Seether fans. It’s Chris here. I’ve been doing some major updates, some of which will only be available to Seether-Online VIP members. Here’s how you come in:

Join the site. It’s free. You might get an email once a month with news about all the great new things that are happening here at Seether-Online. There are no obligations and you can request to have your account deleted at any time. Invite your friends. Send them the link. Share it on Facebook. Tag a status with #SeetherOnline #SeetherVIP to generate some buzz. Mostly, the more you post about Seether-Online, the more I’m going to post for you.

Secondly, there’s a new forum online. Under the Community tab, click on Seether Freaks Street Team. This is to differentiate it from other Seether forums online. After much careful consideration, I decided to revive the style of the old sites. It is a public forum, so use discretion with what you post. I’ve started one new topic: introduce yourselves. I would love to know more about you, your interests, and what you love about Seether. Facebook has been wonderful for forums, but topics get buried pretty deep and you can’t really search Google for posted content. You can do that here. Have at it. It will be slow, but it will grow. Mostly, if you use it, others will use it.

The Seether is in your hands. Use it wisely!

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