2015.01.28 – Like Seether-Online on Facebook

There’s some great new content coming your way, so be ready for it. Once Seether-Online reaches 500 likes, we will be posting the soundboard audio from the Union Chapel acoustic concert from the 2013 European tour.

Be sure to “like” Seether-Online to get all the exclusive content first. For example, those who have already liked the page have access to the new image galleries that are being uploaded BEFORE everyone else gets to see them. Just a word of suggestion…

Stay warm, Seether fans. It’s cold out there.

One thought on “2015.01.28 – Like Seether-Online on Facebook

  1. All of your songs are so powerful! Each one has a special meaning….do you know how much of an impact you have on people? You do something you love and it shows through every word and lyric. I am the most committed and loyal fan! No room for any others

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